Services on Agenda
Handyman Services

1. Repair Jobs
Siding, Fences, Cracked Ceilings, Sink Leaks, Roof  Leaks, Broken Tiles, Painting, Stucco Removal
2. Maintenance Work
Electric Bulb Replacement, Electric Wiring, Doors, Windows, Sliders, Fences, Decks, Dead Bolts, Tubs, Sinks, Replacement of  Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet
3. Blocked Drains - Unclog / Unlock Toilets, Sinks, Tubs.
4. Carpentry Services
Cabinets, Cupboards, Shelves, Railings, Ramps, Wood Work, Stair Steps, Polishing / Repaint Furniture
5. Other Jobs
Demolition, Caulking, Weather Proofing, Pressure Washing, Furniture Assembly, Interior and Exterior Painting, Carpet Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning
6. Honey To Do List
Make us your list of fixes and we will get it done
7. Spring Clean-ups
Junk Removal, Garage Sale, Landscaping, Driveway Work, Grass Cutting / Lawn Moving, Windows Cleaning
8. Winter Clean-ups - Snow Removal / Snow Plowing
9. Maid Service
Cleaning Kitchen and Washrooms, Vacuum, Mopping, Dusting

10. Car Shampooing and Detailing on Your Own Premises

Other Services

1. Investment Planning / Business Planning Facilities
2. Old People Home Cares
3. Baby Sitting Facilities Chain
4. Kids with Disability Cares Chain
5. Rental Properties Management Facilities
6. Paying Guest for Students/Professionals Ladies/Gents
7. Call Centers
8. Students Male/Female Residences Close to Campuses (Islamic Environment)
9. 24/7 Helpline

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