Jim Rohn - Best Life Ever Full Length

Jim Rohn Quotes
Ideas can be life-changing
Sincerity test
Attitude Past Failures
Goal Settings
Don’t change the world, change yourself
Activities – Disciplines
Do what you can, plant the seed - miracle
Could, Should, would
Don’t postpone
Take action
Do the best what you can do
Read books
Improve your skills – take classes
Result is the name of the game

Make measurable progress in reasonable time.
Grade 4 - 1 year – not more for kid – additional attention otherwise

Success – is numbers game

Life Style – how to live
Personal Development
Change yourself – personal changes
Lack of discipline
It takes time
Pay is not for time, is for value

Treat your body like a temple
Why should I treat my body like a temple?
People Look Outside; God Looks Inside
Jim Rohn- Don't be a follower, be a student
In the world of opportunity mixed with challenge

Labour well
Discipline well
Only 3-5% have library card
Walk out of 95-97%, join 3-5%
Lay down and do push ups – max 5 – rest and do 5 more - rest and do 5 more – keep on doing - rest and go to 50
Rest little not too long – as necessity not objective
Share with others your findings

Setting Goals
Your bank balance will rise
You don’t plan yourself, others will plan for you
Others will plan for you – not much
Life will dramatically change
Certain steps everyday
Promise is clear – very powerful
Simple disciplines – following – tremendous
Economical – health – spiritual
Decide what you want to be – simple, important - write it down
List of goals
Set a goal and become a millionaire
31-33 lost everything
Not too low –
Don’t compromise, don’t sell out
2 pennies of an old lady more – amount not important but representation
Starts with preparation
Knowledge – notes, learning, say well
Gravity – not many words
Jesus – follow me
Vocabulary – see, say, express
Mistakes in judgement – can’t see well
Expression - can’t say well
Everyday master 2-3 words
Read your audience - Kid, old man, who, man, woman, pick quicker, strong,
Wolves wear like sheep
Women wear different
Intensity – courage, incredible effect
Don’t be lazy in learning and delivering
Not be rabbit
Measured words with measured emotions
More you care stronger you would be
Hell fire sermon with tears –
Cry well, laugh well
Ants never quit
Don’t build house on sand in summer
Learn to be mastered
Health – not following health discipline
Disgust – abated –
Never get to college
$10 demanded from husband – for what?
Never ask again – enough is enough
Confrontation with enemy, discuss with
Baby start walking – never give up until he learned
Book by book – word by word
Parenting – is most important leadership
Learn to help people to live with their lives not with their jobs
Touch people with book/poems/words/meaningful/goals/dreams/errors/mistakes/
If you work on your gifts they will make room for you
"Your gift will make room for you" by Dr. Myles Munroe

Jim Rohn Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life Full Seminar From 1981
Personal development
Success is something you track success is not something you follow
On job – question – not what you are getting – what you are becoming
True happiness is not contained in what you get happiness is contained in what you become
Basic laws – if you are not happy – make changes
Bible principles – practical and spiritual
Setting goals – list of goals – it helps drastically changes
Diseases of attitudes
The Day – emotions – life turn around
Major key to your better future - is you
2 persons – same company – same length of service – one’s salary is double
Everyone has same 24 hr time – value makes the difference in the results
You get paid for value, not for time
Life is a big gift
Work for yourself – above average performance
Work hard on yourself than job
Summer, fall, Winter, spring
Opportunities are mixed with challenges
4 Majors – 1. learn how to handle the winters – they come right after fall with regularity
Handle night, they come after day
Handle recessions, they all the time follow progressions
Handle disappointments
Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills
2. learn how to take advantage of the spring (opportunity) quickly – they are only a few
Life too short
3. learn how to crop in summer, protect the good, all good will be attacked, every garden will be invaded
4. learn how to reap in the fall without complaint/apology, take full responsibility what happens to you
List of reasons for not looking good – blame government, taxes, prices, weather, traffic, car, manufacturer, company, company policy, training program, negative relatives, neighbours, economy, community,
Me and lord standing for prayers
It’s not what happens (same), it’s what you do (different)
6500 recorded history
People are major in minor things
Life and business is like the changing seasons
You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself
Life is better for you not by chance but by change
Rain/weather is not for the rich
Change – no, yes, how
Find out how things work
Be curious – childish curiosity – read – people’s experience
Excitement – child -
Faith - child
Trust - child
Keep on getting hurt
Don’t use, lose
One can’t save energy
Today’s energy today’s energy
Law of Sowing and Reaping
Whatever you sow, you reap
Whatever you reap is whatever you sow
If you sow bad you reap bad
You get much more –ve or +ve
We are buying other’s plans
If you don’t sow, no chance to reap
Reason for doing well – personal or other, family
Money, joy, journey
Budget finance
Reason to turn life
Form job to sale
Best revenge is massive success
Long range goal – dream
Short range goal – dream
Goals – economic,
Celebrate your achievements
Congratulating oneself is sign of maturity
Seeking congratulations is immaturity
25 Signs of Maturity: How Mature Are You?
Work on your goals
List of goals
Rearrange priorities
Everybody hopes things get better
Art of asking – clear/powerful, with faith, with intelligence – like child
Success is like an ocean — it's not in short supply
Ask with intelligence
Strive for success and remember you won't get what you want unless you want what you get.
Desire comes from inside
Desire can be
Welcome every human experience
Resolve – I will do or die
Promising yourself you will never give up
Baby learn how to walk – how long
Action – don’t be listener be doer
Too cautious – risk – language of the poor
Trying, investing, marrying, business all risky – never do
Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure
Pessimism: poor – false, wrong, not sunset, only window, empty glass
Optimism – full glass
Better thinking habits
Poor thinking habits make one poor
As you think so you become
I want to be a great leader – check his library
Select the right ingredients – for good life, for any life – everything starts from thought
Watch your door of mind
Complaining/crying/murmuring/economic cancer

Children of Israel – complaint of everything

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