Himmat Aur Hosla (Courage) -Guftgoo Qasim Ali Shah K Sath -By 7News Tv | 10th Program | 22 Dec, 2016
Courage is like oxygen
Despond; become dejected and lose confidence, a state of unhappiness and low spirits
is natural, everyone face it - sooner or later
Motivation is necessity
Hope is not to lose
If hope is lost then a lot is lost
Internal motivation is more important

Great people don't depend on external motivation
They find inner inspiration then they share
People affect each other
If it is +ve then it is leadership
They are gifted
Need perfect wish you will get it
People are stuck in basic needs
People's Nature: lion, sparrow, goat, beer, snake
Honesty is important
Friend's definition; decrease sadness, increase happiness
Friends are wealth
Musa AS's mother's death
Listening suffering is providing courage
Advisory not needed
Material became more important than human
In 24 year dead then buried in 60
With your ice make others water cold - ice has to finish anyway
Movement is success - walking is success; destination is not 
Courage and happiness is not conditional
Courage needs self esteem

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