Fear and Anger

Creating Gap Between Feeling and Reaction is Real Step
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkC7awQRmRg  15:30 - 20:18

Right away find the way to solve your difficulties within seconds

ANGER: a big problem for health, relationship
No body can get angry - anger is lie

One deliberately brings anger

Anger is like dance - an option

Nobody even think to express anger in front of boss on workplace (loss)

Everyone express anger at home on kids (no loss)

Anger is like dance - an option - more, less, no

Fear is option (thrill, power, taste, pleasure, enjoyment)

Why you watch horror movies

When you are afraid of someone is coming behind you in dark - why you not turn around and look back that nothing is there

If something is there behind, at least you would have better choice to face

Fear is in your mind/ imagination

No need to fight, just look back - same is with anger

To seek for attention - one shows anger / fear

Feeling then prejudgements react at once

Deliverance and contribution matters

Create gap between feeling and reaction

Practice helps a lot

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