Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim;

All Solutions Team would request your honour to allocate some time for your speech on this most important topic "Importance and Need of Living in Ideal Society", Steps to Develop an Ideal Society", "Loss of Not Moving in This Regard".

All Praise for Allah SWT and His Blessings for Holy Prophet Peace be upon him and his progeny.

It is easy to understand that our community is perhaps one of the most organized communities but there is always room for improvement in every setup and our community is no exception. We are living in a rapidly-changing era and need to adapt to the changing realities of the time. 

As a community, we have already initiated and completed some wonderful projects such as big centers, neighborhoods, businesses and others. Now let's talk about the concept of affordable housing for communities. 

The concept is very simple. If we build a house on a lot purchased, rather than buying it from a builder, we save almost 1/3rd of the market value. Although it's rare, yet, anyone who has built a house on a privately purchased lot could easily testify to this. 

So if one house in the market is valued $1 million today, and if someone buys a lot and then builds a house, it costs somewhere around $650,000, and this will be a great help (or service) for our community. 

Now let’s expand the concept a little further. Suppose we buy 100 acres of land, and then build houses there for 1,000 families, our savings would considerably be higher. For 1,000 families the saving figure is touching $350 million, for 10,000 families we are looking at a saving of $ 3.5 billion. And then if we give it to our community at cost basis, just imagine the level of savings for each family. The related synergies – those are a cultural impact, interfaith harmony - are at-a-top. 

In this era of rising prices in a hot real estate market of Toronto and other cities, this provides affordable housing for each one of us. 

The list of benefits do not end here, that also means, that while living in this community project, we would be living amongst like-minded people too – with same cultural and religious leanings. 

What more could one ask for – in a new, adopted countries? 

This is an idea to ponder upon it. Let's work hard on it and hopefully we would be able to pass on something concrete – affordable housing concept to all human beings. Let’s use this practice to foster interfaith harmony. 

All Solutions Team need your help and support in achieving this great goal, and rest assured, it will be a tremendous help for our community. Please pray for all those who need our duas. May Allah SWT bless and guide all of us towards the right direction. 


Building Affordable Homes

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  1. Hello Salam Alaikum.

    I like the idea of this building a community houses. What help we can provide.
    What is the procedure if we would like to have one.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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