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Life is full of uncertainties; we leave behind only memories. Positions, achievements; nothing is permanent. Death is a big reality. Any moment can come and will leave behind everything. All business will be left behind (short term business) but something will accompany me; would be myself (long term business). We are ignoring long term business. We have to take care for both businesses. Much attention deserving business should be long term one. We easily become ready to earn profit for short term business at the cost of long term business profit. Lie, mockery, try to leave others behind. We got material gains but lost happiness, satisfaction, relationship, love, health. This is result of focusing on short term business. People will call it success. Self is not happy. Needed balance. Earn wealth but not at the cost of happiness. Taunt, anger, all negative attitudes are being used to earn worldly gain. Soul power battery is the measure of happiness. The negative energy will come back. 5-6 to 10 people will create negative energy for me. 

Now when soul power battery is lowered in power, I will be angry on more small things. Same will be the result of lying, jealousy. Hard work didn't worked; now I worked on his dragging back. Our focus is on short term business. This is equation. Outside is high level but inside is empty. 

Now I need balance. If our inner (will power, positivity) is strong, it can help our outside business but vice versa is impossible. Coach him, discipline him but no taunt. Now he will think good about us. Generate positive energy. 

What wealth brings; big house, 1-3 cars, doctors, treatment etc (a list); physical; wealth cannot bring; happiness, peace, health, love (a list); energy, prayers. We make happy one person and earned prayers of many people and charged our soul battery and vice versa. When these people will have free time; they are sending +ve or -ve energy / vibration for us. If someone somewhere is upset due to me then my happiness is impossible. We are using tea, coffee, smoke but still mood is not good. I forget but I triggered the process. Same is when we feel happy; someone somewhere is happy due to me and sending +ve vibration for me. It's very easy to strengthen soul. Earn prayers; he did wrong, deceived but still talk softly and lovely and positively. It's in my advantage. We do opposite in routine life and unknowingly I was loser. Then we suffered with diseases, lack of relationships. Now spent money to reinstate. 

The empty we are from inside, the more we need outside to make this up. We keep on buying properties, dresses etc. but still there is no happiness. Life is getting more complicated. Vacations, holidays remote areas, abroad. If we are happy from inside then we would need very little money to live happy life. Look at Ads. Buy more and more. Comparison and competition should be in happiness; not in show off. 

Owning big business but without any worth of life. Fights, doubts, conflicts, concerns. Why we are rushing to follow each other. Please spend some time on yourself and think whether these people are happy. I don't have time; is cheating to ourselves. I spent 50 years and all earned went to some one else in a moment. We are thinking that we don't have time. 
Successful is one who balance between health, worship, love and will do business at the same time. This table has 4 legs then it's in working condition. If one leg of table is taller then it will not be a good table. Our life is facing the same challenge. Allocate two hours every morning; one hour for physical health and one hour for soul empowering. In the evening, spend time with family. Otherwise stress level will increase. 
We are jealous; how someone got more successful. Race rule is that starting point must be same. We are not considering all parameters; we are just looking at the current moment. We are looking at the same hard work but not considering the rest parameters. One student was playing the whole day and the other was studying the whole day before exam; possibility that later failed and the first passed with high score. He studied 364 days but last day he was playing and the other did opposite. Life is like that. 
Our family tree, environment and many things work to get result; not only current day. We notice in life that we were about to become successful but something happened. Then at sometime for someone we did to stop some one's success. We would have to care for our focus. Last day and days activities work for today's. Competition is not possible but considering ourselves a contender we ruin our current day too. We have to take out of belief; the competition; my business, my hard work, my honesty. 

How to Deal with Irritation
Whenever maid not comes, we irritate

We have given liberty to ourselves for this

We expect maid to change herself

Kids hide their activities; in the beginning they were telling truth

Why people lie; to make the listener happy but the liar get upset the whole day 8:00

We Like Cleanliness
Not only listen, take action. We try to find happiness outside. We observe scenes. Those scenes leave photos on our mind. When we are in front of camera, we become conscious. We believe that this photo will remain for a time. In the same way, there is another camera in our mind. Every thought in our mind, every talk is recording in our mind. Once some memory recorded, will never be deleted. We have to take care of this every moment recording. We have smile for our photo session. Same way we need to smile from inside. We don't feel bad anything from inside. We are adjusting ourselves from inside; forgetting about past memories. Sticking with past memories in our mind is hurting only and only to us. 
You are drinking tea with a friend; tea dropped on sofa. Immediately we clean it. We don't wait for tomorrow. Same way we have to clean our mind. We like cleanliness. We don't like clutter. Clean your brain too. Why we tolerate this bad memories clutter of mind. Creation is based on clarity, purity, peace, relax. 
Someone did something, said something; it started staining. With anger, unhappiness, jealousy, fear, pain; now we accepted it as nature. We reshaped the nature. Now we are there wandering around to find happiness. 
We are begging love, respect, honour, follow me, obey me. They are demanding same. So both sides are beggars. Everyone is begging. When we get nothing on begging then we got hurt more. We people are fresh in morning, a bit tired in the noon and deadly tired in the evening. Rested in the night and again fresh in the morning. Same is life cycle. God is giver, people are taker. Giving hand is better than taking hand. Prayers - supplication.
New Toronto - in the same way new Personality.
New is not only outside development - new roads, new buildings. New may mean new way of thinking. New communication skills, new way of dealing. New world. New city.
This sadness, this unhappiness, anger, jealousy, insult, deceive; from where it came; we did that.
Positivity we will bring.
There was time; we were ready to help strangers. Now we are not aware about our neighbour. Next we will be unaware about within our own house. 
To eliminate negativity, we have to work on positivity. 
Thinking builds the personality.
By changing our way of thinking, we can change the world. New city, new world.
Anger controlled; giver, praying for others; anyone coming; doesn't matter. 
When we go to mosque, holy places; even though we are sinners; we have weaknesses; we pray to make up for the weaknesses.
Our weaknesses would be removed and we will be changed. Can we do this for each other? Creating great thought for each other, praying for each other is a big help. Sometimes we do opposite of it.
For example; one person in one house has anger in nature; now people all around are introducing him with anger distinction. This type of behaviour help to grow this type of nature. He was born like this. This is his nature, will never be changed. These comments are detrimental. 19 43
Whatsoever we think in our mind, it reaches the other person and put impression. Relationship is not which we declare, is what we think for each other. 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts we create everyday. 1) Every thought creates a feeling. Quality thinking quality feeling. 2) Every thought we create affects our body. 3) Every thought we create affects the person for whom we think. 4) Every thought we create affects environment. House, community centre, holy places (every where people create the environment). We can make same environment in our homes with same attitude we have in the holy places. No anger, no taunt to others.
With changing way of our thinking we can change the universe. No need to stick with past in our mind. How many days we can have trash in our house. Same is the effect of past memories in the brain. These past memories are affecting our health. Every problem starts from the mind. Anger, insult; we remember for whole life. Purify your mind, cleaning your body from diseases. 
Why we don't forget our past? WHY they did with me? I did so much for them but even then they behaved like that. As you sow, so shall you reap. Thinking, speaking, doing is seed (energy and vibration; we generate). Same comes back to us from other people. Seed = Luck. We don't apply it in our routine life. Pure Seed = Pure Luck. Through and strike a ball to a wall (seed); with the same force it's coming back (Luck). Some body insulted you in the public; it's luck / reaction. Why am I insulted? What's my fault? What I'm doing during this time; I'm sending negative energy. At some point of time I did something negative, so now I'm getting the reap. First it was started from me. I through the ball, now it's coming to me. It doesn't matter, when, how etc. Sometime I did that. Now what can I do. Can I change them? Then why I'm burning so much myself. I this anger and emotion; we again do something wrong. They will do what they think is right. You can do whatever you want to do for them. 
Why they are not following me? They think, they are doing right thing. They even don't know what we are doing / talking about them. Everyone lives, behaves according to their own thinking. We have the ONLY option. Don't spoil yourself behaviour due to someone else. Suggest, suggest, suggest; but don't expect that others would must follow. With expectation / anger; my thinking started distorting. They are acting according to their thinking. Due to others are not following our suggestions, we have no right to feel hurt. We have to generate positive energy; no anger, no feeling insulted. Especially when we are in position that people have to follow us. Then we got hurt easily. And we will create something negative. We can control ourselves. Let them do their part. According to their understanding they are doing right. If we don't like their way, we have to save our right part. What is coming back is reaction (reap). What we are sending is seed.
Lie, wrong, anger, misbehave, bad deal; is reap. Sometime it was seeded. Today what we will do is new seed. Past we are unable to change. 40 00 shivani
New ball is in our control. Can we pray for those who do very wrong to us? I will seed, I'll reap. My seed others will not reap. 41 39

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If we think that others will follow our thoughts, they will not. Others will not change themselves with your thinking. Which type of thoughts I need to create so that myself become satisfied. As baby cries, mom need to tap / pat. Otherwise baby will keep on crying. 
If we will not do it for ourselves, ourself will keep on crying. Then we will accept, crying is nature. Cannot be controlled. Whose is self? Mine, who will control me. Only myself. 

If two kids fight and we go to our neighbour, please control your kid because I can't mine. 
We are doing the same with ourselves. We are looking others to control ourselves. We are forcing other people to control their babies. When insulted or misbehaved, ourself will become hurt and start crying. 
Now I would have two choices; control myself or go to other to request to control himself. Which option we are choosing. We are going to our neighbour. It was much easier to control our baby.
It was their mode / role / behaviour, why you are crying my baby and that's it. Which one is easy?
What we do the whole day?
We literally beg for love, respect and happiness the whole day. It's up to them whether they act generously or miserably. And we receive opposite to our wish / demand. 
Why we are doing this stupidity? Where chances of success are more; other's kids or our's own? We gave up try on ourselves. The whole effort we put on others. Only ourself is only ourself. We left it and gone to others for nothing. Sit back and connect ourself from now and onward. 
How many people we helped to make them happy?
If we see some one sad, ask what happened, they insulted me; forget about, leave it, it's normal in life. Let's have a cup of coffee, relax. 
Will not say; they are mad. 
We have power, if we spoke in the right way, we can help him to become normal. Why the same technique, let's try for ourself.
We suggest them forget about but in own case; I can't forget / forgive / leave / normal. We love others, we help them to become normal. We don't love ourself. We torture ourself the whole day. 
No other cheat / torture / hurt / insult us except our own self. 
How easy it is; forget about, leave it, let's have a cup of coffee. Let's practice / work on our own self. This is MEDITATION. Sit and talk sweetly to own self / to the Creator. No need to become dependent on others. We have all power to do this. To keep ourself happy. Right thinking is the solution. People are not to follow us. Quit expectation. 
FLOWERS; all people like but I don't. How it comes? WHY; 
Why you like? They have fragrance. Is this fragrance? I can't even sit here. Why you like, you have reasons. Why I don't like, I have reasons. 

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