Anchored to Hope

Hope is anchor to our life.
Like Captain anchors the boat and it doesn't drift in the way of wind, storms or unwanted places. How long, how big is the difficulty. You have your anchor down. God is there to restore. Disappointment, discouragement, bitterness. Bad breaks, tough times. Prayers won't answered. Self pity. Explosive blessings. Expectancy to accomplish the dreams, break the addiction. Mediocrity, not expecting anything good happening. Family restored. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. David felt overwhelmed by life. Meet the right person. Don't put your hope in the circumstances. Temporary set backs. You will come out better than you was before. Joseph. Betrayed by his brothers, thrown into a pit. They sold him into slavery. He was falsely accused. They put him in prison. 
He had a good reason to be sour. People don't determine my destiny. He was vindicated, promoted, put him in-charge for the whole nation. You will become prisoner of the hope, God will double what you lost. Obstacles look bigger. Galaya looks stronger. Nothing could snatch you out of the God's hands. Instead of dwelling on those negative thoughts; you will never get well. Healing coming. Right people are coming. Favour is in my future. Ibraheem AS and Sara will have baby. No logical reason. Tempted to think. You will fulfil your purpose. Shake off the self pity. For twenty years Ibraheem AS and Sara had to wait for promise. For twenty nine years a couple had to wait for baby. She was not saying if I have it. She was saying when I have it. She had twin baby. What he has started, he is going to finish. Slowly drifting when we youth playing. If you are not filled with hope, you start drifting. God is behind the scene arranging the things in your favour. 
When those difficulties come, you don't move. Storms, waves, tides they may change. When playing on the beach there was no storm to drift. Normal currents of life are enough to drift. Not a major sickness or divorce. Lost your passion. Drifted into drought / woory. Somebody did you wrong. You used to faithful. You can be back where you used to be. Life is too short to go through drifting. Negative, worried, no passion. Stir up your gifts / hope. Otherwise you will be drifted towards negative. There is enemy of your soul that keeps you from your destiny. The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you. All the forces of darkness cannot hold you back. Keep your soul anchored to the right thing. If you are not anchored to hope, by the time, you will be anchored to something else. You will be anchored to discouragement / the wrong thing / bitterness. So focused on bad breaks, who hurt them. Now that bitterness is poisoning their life. God created us to be anchored to hope. Keep the right perspective. 
Galaya was not there to defeat David, he was there to promote David. He has not met to stop you, he has met to move you. Instead of being negative, why this is happening to me. Turn it around. You get me where i am supposed to be. Hope deferred makes the heart / spirit sick. When we are not hopeful, something is wrong inside. We all go through the seasons which are not exciting. 

The enemy doesn't want you to be free. He doesn't want you to go through life. Cut the anchor string of fear, negativity. Cut some lines.

When life throws you out of curb, don't pull up your anchor.

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