The Best 10 Short Quotes
Don't waste time; never stay doing nothing; do something

Practice makes us perfect; fail or success; let it go, carry on

Keep moving forward; whether successful (don't stick / not ego, grow out of it) or fail (learn)
Adapt to change quickly; according to situation is creative thinking
Be happy in all situations; basic nature works in palace or small place
Honesty is the key to success; good intention; best of communication skills
Attitude is everything; career and profession doesn't matter; enterpreneurs have different vision; scrappers are millionaire
Focus on your strengths; distractions / mistakes are everywhere
Believe in yourself; speaking to others, or showing to others; self talk is important
Never give up; once decided from inside then no stop, no compromise, failure is no option

The Best 17 Short Quotes Of Sandeep Maheshwari In English

Problems are the Real Source of Energy (#1 Air Conditioner)
If we have learning attitude; we can learn from everyone, successful or unsuccessful. We can learn from objects / ourselves - our own experiences. To learn needs uncertainty. Real learning is not cramming / is right braining. Learning attitude; Cap; Chair; AC; back side is hot but cools the world; in every situation be cool.
We need source of energy as AC runs with electricity.
We wish for smooth life; without any problem; we get the needful;
Life gets energy from problems; heat generated inside; provides energy to life.
AC has coolness due to heat; these are two sides of a coin; head and tail.
This wish having no problem in life is obstacle in the way of success; these problems are source of energy / heat.
Big problem; big heat; one day before exam; we study hard.
When some situation is there; there is special energy. Now we are bringing excuses to these situations.
Ultimately we are complaining about energy.
On one side; we are seeking for energy. On the other side; on the same time; we are keeping ourselves away from source of energy.
The more the problems, more energy. No problem, no energy. All destructive; never constructive.
On the other side; with ordinary background; people who faced problems; their personality came out with enhancements.
Adversities make the life story more interesting; the more growth in life. If this AC afraid from heat, I love coolness but without heat; IMPOSSIBLE. If AC wish that there should be coolness but no heat; is it possible? Coolness comes from heat, heat comes from problems. There are numerous problems in life.
Everything / everyone of us have one potential; like AC has cooling potential; then if we try to do something else; that would not be the best.
The world will push AC to be heater because you are from the family of heaters / cheaters etc. AC will do its best but will not successful to satisfy the world. Don't think to become AC, that's not for you. Once you decided to become AC, the whole world would be against you; a big problem / crises arises.

Live Life without Limitation - Zindagi Ko Khul Ke Jiyo 
(#3 Bottle Cap)
Fear of failure; what will people say; cap of bottle as a sign of limitation; Society pressure stops potential / creativity to come out. Failure is part of success. It doesn't make any difference what people will say. Listen to your heart / inner; if you are satisfied; then carry on. We like appreciation and we are afraid of; if people don't like. Both are caps. Greed of appreciation / approval / proof is root cause of fear of criticism. Instead look look for / strive for express / explore / to discover my real potential. Quench the thirst of living life. 

Sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahenge Log

Sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahenge Log - By Sandeep Maheshwari
We don't like to do or listen something which is not according to our dreams or the fantasy world which we created for us with the help of our parents, relatives, friends and other people around. This world is created on mind level and it is based on the information fed in our mind (huge amount of information and we are acting and reacting on the basis of that). If someone abuse us in Japanese language; it will not bother us. 
If these dreams of fantasy world will come true; next dreams would be ready and it's a never ending process. 
Question Mark the Dreams and understand the reality; it will change the thought process. We cannot satisfy the people. People will not stop commenting. 
Maybe we are acting like robot on the basis of information fed to us. 
From love to a child transition into pressure to make some personality. Pressure of parents / Education System. This pressure increases by the time and the situation becomes worse. For experiment; look at the people who have become what we want to become. They are remembering the past time.
It means this time in life is much better than those days when these dreams will come true. [33 Powerful Ways of Overcoming Fear … Right Now
We have to remove motives and preoccupied mindset, fear to access reality. Nobody is interested in studies or learning; hiding degree earning; behind the scene is to earn money. The grade and marks achieved is never sufficient and pressure is continuously going to increase. All environment and surroundings paint fantasy picture of career according to their information, wish and need. 
The way out of it is not easy. We are torturing (physically and mentally) ourselves for years and years to achieve the goal (8-12 hours a day) which actually doesn't exist. Nobody talks about leisure and pleasure. We are living in under pressure fantasy world (psychological). No confusion, no fear; real world. Comfort zone is fantasy (illusory) fear world. Warrior mind is required for this. 
If someone is criticising your brother; you will like it. We only like our praise. It makes no difference to a mature mind. Some people are badly entangled into it. Tide to a small circle. 
After education; now pressure in the working place. After promotion package became better but dissatisfaction increased. But the surroundings is forcing to carry on to make good 'career'. To prove to the world being something is real trap. Whoever once trapped in; has no way out. 
What-if you don't like job and your inner is looking to do something else. But you are not breaking out the shell. It's not easy to get into, but now we are talking about way out; how difficult it would be. But now your dreams, plans would be totally different. You main understanding about life would be changed. 
To observe it; exercise to go out; go on the mountains for 1-3 weeks. Do tracking with some limited resources. How much happiness one can achieve with little things. Taste different, simple life style. Enjoy clean air. You will come to know that we don't need much to live happy life. 
In reality; we don't have dreams but we can do what we love to do. Study and knowledge for skill, information but now drive is not under pressure; now drive is under passion. 
Now you will use education system for better life. Presently we have been utilised by the system then it will reverse. Now you will earn for different purpose. Now you are loving, what you are doing. You are not following money; money is following you. 
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.”

Fuel for Life Vehicle (#4 Car)
We people are afraid to drive our own life vehicle. Because all traffic rules apply on driver. Accident etc. We opted by our own will but we used it as an excuse. Nobody compelled us. It means we have two options; a) sit on the back seat and let control others our car of life b) drive it. 

For short term, it will be difficult but by the time you will become expert of your life. FUEL of car is KNOWLEDGE. An animal has basic knowledge. For human knowledge is FUEL / POWER. If this knowledge is related, what you want to do then that knowledge is worthy. Irrelevant knowledge is useless. 99% in newspaper is irrelevant. 

We can collect unlimited knowledge regarding our own field; it means we have unlimited fuel for life. If this fuel is not pure. We don't know, what we are doing. We don't have knowledge of our own field, irrelevant general knowledge is useless. Now we are blaming our luck. 

We can control our luck by focusing. Limit yourself to few things and master them. Not many topics with little knowledge for each. This is a mistake. We are interested in all information coming to me. 

Petrol, diesel, frustration etc. irrelevant fuel. Get knowledge from expert of that particular field. If you want to become rich; learn from those people who are rich. 

10 Useful Ways to Choose the Right Direction in Life (Without Wasting a Bunch of Time)

Can we live life (#5 Pen)

Ink of pen and time span of life are consuming every moment. They never stop. Body grows, age and die. It's our choice that we can make our part of page a remembrance page. Last 4-5 years with some imperfections, diseases etc. Pen breaks or ink leaks; so there is no point to postpone any moment of movement. The people who take death as dreadful are those who never lived. The person who used his pen with full focus will never afraid of end. I have lived my life completely. Bird's creation is to fly; once it flew; done. But in case he never flew and keep on wishing to fly then its whole life is full of fears. These all fears vanish once it flew. Fully focused life is to forget because next moment you have new challenges and need new focus. If one is focused on past, it means he is not a focused person. We see past photographs and then we remember the happiness we got at that moment and we wish to get back to those moments. Now if that environment comes again, we will not enjoy that as before. IMAGINE when bird is flying; is it has memory of last year flight; obviously NO. That flight was perfect; this too; every flight is new for him. Every moment fully living needs no memories of past; no future fear is there. This is TIMELESS state; now we are ABSOLUTELY here. “Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.”

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