Can we live life (#5 Pen)
Ink of pen and time span of life are consuming every moment. They never stop. Body grows, age and die. It's our choice that we can make our part of page a remembrance page. Last 4-5 years with some imperfections, diseases etc. Pen breaks or ink leaks; so there is no point to postpone any moment of movement. The people who take death as dreadful are those who never lived. The person who used his pen with full focus will never afraid of end. I have lived my life completely. Bird's creation is to fly; once it flew; done. But in case he never flew and keep on wishing to fly then its whole life is full of fears. These all fears vanish once it flew. Fully focused life is to forget because next moment you have new challenges and need new focus. If one is focused on past, it means he is not a focused person. We see past photographs and then we remember the happiness we got at that moment and we wish to get back to those moments. Now if that environment comes again, we will not enjoy that as before. IMAGINE when bird is flying; is it has memory of last year flight; obviously NO. That flight was perfect; this too; every flight is new for him. Every moment fully living needs no memories of past; no future fear is there. This is TIMELESS state; now we are ABSOLUTELY here. “Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.”

Kill past, Build future
Be always futuristic; forget about past; in both cases; successful or struggling. Close the past files. Current day is new day. It doesn't matter, I did something in last 54 years or didn't anything. Now onward 3 days valued. Next year 368 days valued. After 5 years; great 5 years' past. After 7 years people will forget about wasted 54 years. These 7 years will remain as your legacy. No grudges for people. Forgive them. Apologise, don't hold the things. Holding things will finish you. HOLDING a small, weightless item, unnecessarily for long time will make feel the whole body heavy. JUST leave it. Leave negative people, get rid of those who are not supportive. Only deal with two type of people; supportive and silent. Holding acts like virus. Paralyse the hand and body. These non supportive negative people are same.

Determination, Focus
Be more stronger than before. Exercises; Dieting for few days, eat once a day; stand in your balcony, don't see below; Drive car for half hour and don't listen radio, don't look around; one day no face book look; will control vulgarity and help to focus. Self will learn to be controlled. I can do this. Be forwarding in life. Commit, decide and prove; his confidence builds up. It improves determination. If one rejects, you have to hug him. If one becomes angry, you show kindness. 40 days transformation. Gurukul; a special religious school system; for admission, at the age of 7 one have to leave alone 7 am, cannot see back; on the gate have to sit on the gate of school with closed eyes for 12 hours; people were kicking him but he didn't open eyes. Now he was qualified to get in.
Concentration; Focus; don't mix; be where you are; be in the current moment.
Defocus; Doing something else and thinking something different. Communication system must serve you; not vice versa. Focus at work.
While dinner with your family; no business around. No one enter my home. Focus at Home.

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