“The most learned of men is the one who gathers knowledge from others on his own; the most worthy of men is the most knowing and the meanest is the most ignorant.” 

Speaking Means Contribution
In short term; yes; louder would be listened easier / clear. Then after a while; next thinking comes; what he was talking about; content / value. Content becomes valuable with experience. Important quality of speaker is clarity of voice. How much we think / speak; is not important; clarity of thought / understanding is important. Clarity comes from passion about topic we are speaking. Otherwise it will be noise. Essence of extraordinary communication skill is how to relate his topic with audience. First he has connected himself with the topic and now he is connecting others with his topic. Then every word will have different strength, clarity and power. Speaker (Mic) has adaptability; music, speech etc; it transmits with no interference. We, in general, interfere a lot to our thoughts. If speaker adds noise, interference; then that is not good speaker. Speaker is based on clarity. Basic nature is to speak truth. From childhood until now we got a lot of conditioning, pollution, noise. 
Telling a lie starts from lying to others, then it comes back to ourselves. We think that we are betraying others; in actual it's betrayal with our own-selves. Any bad habit is bad habit. Truth is the real power in this world; it's helpful in growing clarity. Mirror / speaker (mic) don't add from them; it delivers as is. 
Adapt best habits; it will help you. Understand the philosophy of truth and lie. Liar loses trust and confidence. Start to tell truth to self; by doing this, we will be able to control ourselves and we will not lie to self and others eventually. Become absolute straight forward; now if we will lie; the motive would be not negative and bad. 
People spend twenty years of their life; and became able to walk on water; it's useless exercise. Boats (very cheap) are there to serve. If a man flies like birds; what is here noticeable (nothing). Rainbow, colours on water are fact but is temporary; depends on few conditions. On the background of rainbow is colourless light. We cannot see light until it strikes a surface. It reflects or pass through the surface. Now it depends upon the quality of surface; reflection or transmission. Light has infinite possibilities; some visible, some invisible. We cannot see the whole light. We have limited senses. No tool can reveal us every thing. Instruments and tools have limited capability. 
Same is for everything; we cannot see the whole thing. Lie is perfect / shallow, with no contradiction; it's based on illusion. Truth has a lot dependencies. Light has no colour by itself but now we are seeing many colours of light in rainbow. This is all about truth. Truth has contradictions / depth; this is the beauty of truth. You change the instrument / crystal; you will see different colours. 
Same is the case of universe. We are seeing, hearing, touching, feeling; with a source, with an essence. This has nothing in it and has all possibilities in depth; both are fact. 'The power to speak FEARLESSLY can come only from the TRUTH,'

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Focus Makes Things Easy atch?v=zG4YO6Ebkls
In this environment of plenty of distraction; how can we focus / concentrate. There are two ways; 1) change external environment. Look at Olympic athlete; You will never found him playing cards, sitting at home watching TV. He will spend maximum of his time in stadium. Sometimes he has to do it against his will. Then there will be no distraction there in the stadium. He will many over there in the same race and mentality. Practically it's not easy for everyone; home, family, office, office politics etc. 2) Make changes internally; then external distractions will not affect us. How can we do it, changing illusion into reality; in three steps; a) why (CLEAR WHY), purpose, focus is needed or not. Don't go for unnecessary focus. Listen inner voice from your heart carefully. b) What to focus on, where to focus? Taxi, bus, rail, plane; all need destination. Losers have a long list of excuses to convince others for their failure. But they have nothing to convince themselves. Winners have longer list for not doing but have only and only one reason to go ahead; they have no time to focus on too many distractions. They are focused on only one reason to do it. c) How to focus; I found my strength to focus on but how. Creation of a zone where you find the hard as easy. Now you are strong enough from inside to face every challenge. Now you got the peak state to do anything you want. Select illusion, focus on it so complete before even starting. When picture will be clear, now start it; now it will be done easily. 

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