Community Development Survey

Thanks for great support from community for engaging intellectuals and people seriously interested to put forward Community Development Survey for highlighting and seeking the challenges community is facing and strategy to address. Your input and feedback would be highly appreciated. The details of proceedings would be shared timely.

Some sample subjects helpful for analysis of social issues;

1) What are the major issues of community? 

2) Are our kids growing up in satisfactory environment and with good manners? 

3) Are there needy people in our community? If yes, what are their needs? 

4) How can we help them to bail out?

5) Do you think people in our community have family issues?

6) Is any arrangement that they can share and seek for help? 

7) Do you think our community needs social or counseling help 24/7?

8) Is any social or counseling help available 24/7 for community? 

9) Is any help available for new comer professionals to optimized utilization of their capability on community level?

10) Do you think that community should manage temporary residences for new immigrants? 

11) Is there any community arrangement where newcomers can stay temporarily? 

12) Do you think that community should manage matrimonial help for youth? 

13) Is matrimonial help available for community youth? 

14) Are our community centers performing according to our needs?

15) Do you expect more from community centers? If yes please list;

16) Do you think community needs own housing schemes like ideal city plan?

17) Do you think community needs subsidized housing scheme? 

18) Do we need more community schools with excellent education and lower fees? 

19) How can community be economically developed? Your suggestions; 

20) Do you think community should make arrangements of free burial? If yes how? 

21) What you say about community managed student accommodation arrangements close to educational institutes in all big cities?

22) On community basis do you think any need to help a member or family facing disability (kid or young)? 

23) Do you think community needs to take steps to arrange residential with elderly needs?

24) Why/How farmland and developing land acquisition is important for community?

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