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Annual Report

Introduction: An initiative was taken a year ago with a clear vision and direction of serving the community. In less than one year, the work has expanded to a good number of affiliates who all believe such endeavors are a true need of the community from the core of their hearts.

Affiliates: Consulting a number of experts revealed this common thread: their quest to build an ideal community, a community blessed with the holy and pure faith. In the background of this zeal is the light from Minaa (Sacrifice of Hazrat Ibraheem – AS and Hazrat Ismaeel – AS) and especially and lives of all Prophets, Shuhada, Siddiqeen and Saleheen.

Overall Expectations and Results: All Solutions Team is experiencing success in awakening the community to address the environment of isolation and lack of communication among the community members in general. The response received is far beyond the expectations. In some instances, the community level conflict of interest, in different factions, was successfully resolved. People are able to advance in their professional careers with nominal verbal guidance and network. It is very encouraging that all Islamic Centers are very much excited to come close and are very positively joining hands together to address community concerns.

Community Concerns:

1. Some individuals who were not able to present their feasibility of their projects to the Government in some events, with help from Vigilant Team members, they became successful and were guided throughout this process of submission.

2. This exposure and interaction with the community helped 30-35 years old community members changed their decision to end their life with a little help of only few sympathetic words and they shared their feelings and were helped. The level of desperation and the severity of problems some of our community members are going through are unimaginable and we are consciously planning to address these acute situations. 

3. By getting closer to the distressed people and by sharing with them and by having a helping attitude towards them is working and has an immense impact on reversing these situations.

4. Real Estate working group expressed and concluded that the real estate sales community need to restructure the business style because our community is not familiar with ongoing business style.

6. Buying houses together strategically in one neighborhood – forming ideal city feasibility is almost ready to launch.

7. Property buy and sell with affordable commission on community level

8. Groceries on wholesale rate

9. Free Burial Plan.

10. General help in case of emergency 24/7 helpline and members of the community with some sort of disability needing help will be addressed on a priority basis according to the plan.

11. A group of experts is putting a lot of efforts in compiling very valuable recommendations – of how much important and beneficial it is for the community to live together and how dangerous and poisonous it is to hide oneself from the community. 
12. Professionals with various expertise – IT, Project Management, Engineering, Technology joined hands to help and get help from network in training, resume writing, interview skills to make the struggling compete better in the job market.
13. A number of community members are facing credit problem and the range is only between $ 10,000 to 20,000.

14. A number of community members are living in the environment which is below standard recommended health level.

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