Find and Designate the Heroes for Year 2017

With the Help of GTV Having Outstanding 

Commitment to Community

You are invited to share your invaluable capability on GTV  World Channels Network, to the community. 

Based on your experience and vision, you would be one of the best person to speak on issues and challenges the community is facing. 

This is great opportunity to share your views on GTV  World Channels Network. If you or anyone you know are ready to speak, come up with description of what issues you would like to discuss. 

If you know anyone in your circle to speak out - please inform him or GTV  World Channels Network

Introduce yourself, your business and services to the community. 

Make this program of your own, with your friends and family besides you. 

Let's make this world a better place to live. 

No money involved with the intention of community service, only your prayers expected.

12 July to 26 July 2017 in UK = Keynote Speaker = University of Sussex

GTV  World Channels Network Team is invited to visit 12 July to 26 July 2017 UK Community. Please help to utilise this unique opportunity to start, design, initiate a comprehensive plan with the help of like minded people.  

Sponsored by:

University of Sussex, Brighton (18 July - Law Graduation Ceremony - Keynote Speaker - Muslim Students)

University of Manchester 

University of London
University of Glasgow
BBC Sairbeen
Minhajul Quran UK

Building Affordable Homes

Life of New Immigrant

Community Survey Questionnaire

Masjid e Nabvi and Madina Seminary

All Solutions Team
Tel: (647) 951-4130

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