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There were detailed discussions with different groups and factions of society. Some of them especially a group from UK expressed keen interest in the activities of All Solutions Team.

Topics for discussion;
Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim;

All Praise for Allah SWT and His Blessings for Holy Prophet Peace be upon him and his progeny.

It is easy to understand that our community is perhaps one of the most organized communities but there is always room for improvement in every setup and our community is no exception. We are living in a rapidly-changing era and need to adapt to the changing realities of the time.
As a community, we have already initiated and completed some wonderful projects such as big centers, neighborhoods, businesses and others. Now let's talk about the concept of affordable housing for communities.
The concept is very simple. If we build a house on a lot purchased, rather than buying it from a builder, we save almost 1/3rd of the market value. Although it's rare, yet, anyone who has built a house on a privately purchased lot could easily testify to this.
So if one house in the market is valued $1 million today, and if someone buys a lot and then builds a house, it costs somewhere around $650,000, and this will be a great help (or service) for our community.
Now let’s expand the concept a little further. Suppose we buy 100 acres of land, and then build houses there for 1,000 families, our savings would considerably be higher. For 1,000 families the saving figure is touching $350 million, for 10,000 families we are looking at a saving of $ 3.5 billion. And then if we give it to our community at cost basis, just imagine the level of savings for each family. The related synergies – those are a cultural impact, interfaith harmony - are at-a-top.
In this era of rising prices in a hot real estate market of Toronto and other cities, this provides affordable housing for each one of us.
The list of benefits do not end here, that also means, that while living in this community project, we would be living amongst like-minded people too – with same cultural and religious leanings.
What more could one ask for – in a new, adopted countries?
This is an idea to ponder upon it. Let's work hard on it and hopefully we would be able to pass on something concrete – affordable housing concept to all human beings. Let’s use this practice to foster interfaith harmony.
All Solutions Team need your help and support in achieving this great goal, and rest assured, it will be a tremendous help for our community. Please pray for all those who need our duas. May Allah SWT bless and guide all of us towards the right direction.

A) The team would request your honour to allocate some time for your speech on this most important topic "Importance and Need of Living in Ideal Society", Steps to Develop an Ideal Society", "Loss of Not Moving in This Regard". 
B) Invitation for Revere Message to Community - Affordable Housing - GTV World Channels Network – Consultation

The cost of a house has been rising in the GTA (Toronto), making it very difficult, if not impossible, for a new immigrant in the country to have a home, a roof over his head. In this very hot GTA market, affording a house had become an uphill task.
As AST (All Solutions Team), we have been working on this project for some time - to reduce the cost of building a house. By the Grace of Allah SWT, we have now succeeded in developing a technology that minimises the cost of building a house.
Once the technology was in hand, our next step was to find out a personality on whom we all could rely. Alhamdolillah, Janab Sibt-e-Yahya Naqvi Sahib, Pakistan's former envoy to different countries including the Netherlands, has accepted our request to lead the project.
The first phase of the project entails building houses on 100 acres and to offer them to the community on a cost to cost basis. The estimated cost of each unit in this project would be surprisingly low as compared to the current market prices.
Please join us in welcoming Ambassador (Retired) Syed Sibte-e-Yahya Naqvi 
Sahib and his team to head and execute this project. Sahib

Comments from Syed Rashid Hussain (26years plus working for BBC Urdu Sairbeen, Globe & Mail - an Eminent Economic Journalist and Analyst)
From: Rashid Husain Syed <> 
 February 7, 2017 3:12 PM 
 Mujahid Hussain 
 Re: salam - my blogs
 Walai Kum Us Salam Mujahid saheb, 
It was wonderful to get acquainted with you. Have been considerably busy for the last couple of days, hence a delayed response. Health wise I have had some issues recently. Hence my wife keeps on insisting me to keep slow. And yesterday needed to send a column for Toronto Star too. Hence a delayed response - my sincerest apologies. 
Keep up your wonderful work. It has an intellectual aspect. There are people in this society, who keep on working against Islam, Muslims, and Pakistan. And you know, whom I am talking about. Those need to be countered at an intellectual level. 
Thanks for bridging up and would love to stay in touch. 

On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 4:02 PM, Mujahid Hussain <> wrote: 

All Solutions Team

D) Some questions helpful for character building;
1) How will you spend most of your time if there is no lack of money and time
2) For which you will feel proud to be known after your death
3) Which problem you will solve if you get a magical power
4) Your ideal personality

1. What’s your philosophy in life?
2. What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
3. What was the best phase (achievement) in your life?
4. What was the worst phase in your life?
5. Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?
6. What makes you feel accomplished?
7. What’s your favorite book of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
8. Who is that one person you can talk to about just anything?
9. Did you ever write a journal?
10. What are you most thankful for?
11. What’s on your affirmation list for this year?
12. If you are granted 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?
13. What’s your biggest regret in life?
14. What do you think about when you’re by yourself? 
Community Development Survey

Thanks for great support from community for engaging intellectuals and people seriously interested to put forward Community Development Survey for highlighting and seeking the challenges community is facing and strategy to address. Your input and feedback would be highly appreciated. The details of proceedings would be shared timely.

F) Some sample subjects helpful for analysis of social issues;

1) What are the major issues of community? 

2) Are our kids growing up in satisfactory environment and with good manners? 

3) Are there needy people in our community? If yes, what are their needs? 

4) How can we help them to bail out?

5) Do you think people in our community have family issues?

6) Is any arrangement that they can share and seek for help? 

7) Do you think our community needs social or counseling help 24/7?

8) Is any social or counseling help available 24/7 for community? 

9) Is any help available for new comer professionals to optimized utilization of their capability on community level?

10) Do you think that community should manage temporary residences for new immigrants? 

11) Is there any community arrangement where newcomers can stay temporarily? 

12) Do you think that community should manage matrimonial help for youth? 

13) Is matrimonial help available for community youth? 

14) Are our community centers performing according to our needs?

15) Do you expect more from community centers? If yes please list;

16) Do you think community needs own housing schemes like ideal city plan?

17) Do you think community needs subsidized housing scheme? 

18) Do we need more community schools with excellent education and lower fees? 

19) How can community be economically developed? Your suggestions; 

20) Do you think community should make arrangements of free burial? If yes how? 

21) What you say about community managed student accommodation arrangements close to educational institutes in all big cities?

22) On community basis do you think any need to help a member or family facing disability (kid or young)? 

23) Do you think community needs to take steps to arrange residential with elderly needs?

24) Why/How farmland and developing land acquisition is important for community?

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Topics of Discussion

Don’t let any myth to limitize your potential.

We need to keep on working on ourselves continuously.

Is there any difference between reading the history and making the history?

If we feel somewhere stuck, we have higher court (Supreme Court) to appeal; think big, pray for big success; and luckily the Higher Authority (the Chief Justice, the Creator, the Almighty) is in our favor.

We can see very easily that sometimes one has no apparent resources and achieving big success and sometimes vice versa; this is not by accident, this is not by chance.

We have to differentiate between knowing the information and the scholar who has deep knowledge and to the extent has practice accordingly (repentance).

There are no +ve results on the way of -ve thinking.

When we're feeling sorry for ourselves, the best thing to do is to help someone else.

Avoiding facing challenges; and developing habit to attach to comfort and good times; we human beings are habitual of it. In reality it’s impossible. No human being is special in this case.
O our Sustainer! Make us not bear burdens which we have no strength to bear! Al-Baqara (The Cow) 2:286
Efficiency; 80/20 rule; 80% outcome of 20% effort (especially at the very beginning); 20% effective time.
Tough at the Top; every difficulty has a lesson and needs more endurance and resilience.
Resilience is about bouncing back from crisis. Endurance: The Resilient (flexible) Virtue (good feature).
We are waiting for God; we seldom think; God may be waiting for us. Sometimes God is waiting on us.

What impact as a community we may generate if we launch and lead Affordable Housing (35% margin at least) on other communities?

What you say about community managed student accommodation arrangements close to educational institutes in all big cities?

Ideal City Living - Still Possible, Economic Journalist and Analyst Rashid Husain Syed

Ideal City Living - Steps - Dr Hashmi

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