Pain is Manageable

Some Food for Thought
All Solutions Team has successfully proved its worth to address the flashing issues of community. It is all with the help of community for community.
Below are limited firsthand knowledge true scenarios around us in the real world - a moment - to stop and think what is going on. These situations can emerge to anyone anytime.
Ø  A respectable Family – Daughter – 14 Y – physical Growth is well, no mental growth – even she need help for washroom and eating, both parents gone through severe heart attack with survival.
Ø  A respectable Family – Daughter – 20 Y – physical Growth is well, but no mental growth – even she need help for washroom and eating, the family got broken with 6 children as total - after 20 years distress.
Ø  A respectable Family – son – 25 Y – physical Growth is well, no mental growth.
Ø  A respectable family – son – 10 Y – wife left, now he is taking care of his son, he is engineer and has P Eng Licence, has no job, just taking care of his son.
Ø  A respectable family has a daughter – she got married – due to marriage break – she got mentally disturbed – her mom left the house, her brother, and her father are taking care of her - her father had a good business but due to problems now he is just taking care of his daughter.
Ø  A respectable family – son – 14 Y – physical Growth is well, no mental growth.
Ø  A respectable family has a daughter – she got married – marriage broke, has a son qualified Doctor from North America – no practice sitting at home – due to mental and psychological distress.
Ø  A respectable family has one daughter born deaf-blind and unable to speak age 3 years. Had second child (son) born deaf-blind unable to speak and mentally disturbed. Stayed in hospital for 10 months (his whole life). Son passed away in hospital after bearing born-to-death discomfort.
Ø  Two youth lost their families after suffering a chaos illness.
Ø  A young couple is facing long chaos illness with one child with nobody taking care for them - living in an apartment building.
Ø  A young engineer is living with his old mother after family break.
Ø  An old mother was forced to leave Canada; after her two sons and daughters-in-law refused to support her. The community arranged ticket for her to back home.
Ø  A patient needs help and company from community.
Ø  A reasonable number of community people is distressed with their credit problem for little money.
Ø  In some cases community members shared their situation when they were thinking to make an end to their life.

The above mentioned few cases are according to first hand information and some of them resulted into marriage breaks and severe mental distress and heart attack.
Being a proactive community please move forward, take the ownership – a lot of work is ahead to do.

All Solutions Team is a movement striving for:
HELPING a number of job seekers shifting from ODD jobs to PROFESSIONAL jobs.
MOVING FORWARD to establish businesses for eligibles.
SUCCESSFULLY motivated a number of graduate newly immigrant professionals for their professional skills enhancement.
SETTLEMENT in disputes on win win basis for all parties.

I hear how adopting one of our elderly dogs all of a sudden has gotten the father to start walking and getting to know his neighbors. He has something to talk about, he's getting exercise, and he has somebody that sits and watches TV with him at night. Everything from their social skills to their actual health has changed. They have a community now of other dog lovers.

CNN: Why is soccer such an important component of your work?
Mufleh: Soccer is that universal language. When you have a kid that has fled their country, has had a horrible experience, comes to this strange country, the one thing they understand is soccer. It's always been an escape for them. In the refugee camps, some of them would bundle up plastic bags to make a soccer ball so they could play.
You see kids that don't speak a word of English, who have been struggling for months. And when they come here, their faces light up when they're on the field. For kids that were robbed of their childhood, this is one place they get to be kids again. They feel comfortable. They feel confident and happy.

You see the transformation begin when they're around a group of kids that have shared similar experiences and they help each other adjust to their new lives.

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