Life changing video by santosh nair best training motivetion part-1
Success, motivation, money, luck, depression, marketing, somebody from nobody

KASHS = 5 pentagon success = rules; knowledge, attitude, skills, habits, strategies
1983 B Com = Door to door newspaper, accountant, tuition = 3 jobs
1985 Medical Rep = limited vision
Profession of sales = experience comes with practice
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Lot of patience - rejected 
Ponder and seeing is different
No need to share with other than like minded
Joined the sale by chance selection and joined immediately with advice of 15 days' seniority
11OCT1985 1st day of sale = 3500 sales person = 4-5 pieces per month total = 8-9 / 12-13 = big success
26 sold in 20 days; 32 / 33 / 36 / 39 / 41 / ........
Everyday every month promotion - never looked back
Joined Ceasefire; fire extinguisher co
Joined Team Productivity as VP
Own Smm-art Consultancy - Corporate Training
5000 25000 50000 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 per month then thought every day
3000 per day 5000 10000 ...... 150,000 to 175,000 per day = each day in calendar is fully booked for next 5 months and got paid already
Still water and inactive human is not good 
No income level / no position level satisfy = If you stop you will die
These days dreaming for 500,000 per day; studying books for that; listening audio, video
Bolly in Indonesia  - a person earns 250,000 a day - Roger James Hamilton is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur.
Roger James Hamilton is following a man who earns  1 crore a day
Brain development - knowledge is power
Study and company works
Pen quality increased from Rs 2.00 to 100,000
From Kawasaki M/C to 80 lakh Mercedez
Decide - Target - with Date = no GPS = no goal, no path, no way
Sequence target oriented 10/1200 have no target written
Bad habit of survival living, not wish living
No need to repeat history, make history
Sachin Tendulkar Cricket Player = 16 years champion; Asha Bhosle = 60 year out age 73 year
Amitabh Harivansh Rai Shrivastava Bachchan = 40 out of 64 year of age
Success formula =  150,000 / 100 crore = The common denominator of success = Everyone wants it = Hard work = 27 year rickshaw driver = no success
Hard work - not only, one factor, yes  59:35

Life changing video power of propose by santosh nair best training motivetion part-2
We keep on looking at successful people; we don't ponder what they did
The secret lies in the fact that successful people formed the habit of doing things that failures don't like to do. 
Early rising, prospecting   listing, public seminars / inviting / 1 hour studying / every day shaving / Increasing ability, capability, skill / computer and technology  use / jogging early in the morning / promise and commitment to the boss and proved / do what you don't like to do / go and talk to the people / going to field
Successful people don't like all this but they do; unsuccessful people don't like all this and they don't do
We like TV watching, watch / watch / watch / ..... no / no / no / .... Excuse / ...... / no / no / ..... / Future is habit oriented
Earning and no earning depend upon habits
Makes no difference - Qualification, Education, Contacts, Background, Social Status, Language, .....All are XXXXXX
Only HABITS matter
What are the things that failures don't like to do? Here both failure / successful liking / disliking same
Success only comes to few people = HABIT
999 People did what they like; 1 person did what he doesn't like
Success = not achieved by following our natural likes and dislikes
Suzuki person will not feel comfortable to see Mercedes person
One day one get up early in the morning and he felt dizzy; one told when he tries to study, his eyes automatically get closed, study while laying down; I walk, I wash my face, I take tea.
I'm increasing my knowledge every day but yours not. This is natural one feel dizzy and sleep but walking, watering, teaing helps to wake up
Your future is your HABITS.
Good HABITS bring bright future, Bad HABITS bring no future.
You can become DIAMOND with HABITS.
Make list, call, go to the people, invite them, talk to them; one is reluctant; DON'T LIKE; To call on people who don't want to see us and talk to them about something they don't want to talk about; I will not make list.
See who don't like, talk what he doesn't like
Stick with small bits; BAD HABIT; husband and wife
Obviously this is easy option
This is the main FEAR / DANGER; he doesn't want to see me, he doesn't like to talk about
You find who don't want to see you, You have to talk what they don't want to listen = BIG SUCCESS FORMULA
Let them take every piece of your clothes / dress; successful uses double underwear. 
Let them finish to say everything what they want to say negative
110 doors knocked daily from 6:45; no one wants to see me; BUT I have to see those people who don't want to see me and I have to talk about they don't like to talk about.
They didn't call me, I went 
You don't want my training BUT I have to provide, this is my living
No body wants my training / network; but I've to introduce
110 doors knocked daily from 6:45; 7-10 people talk, call inside; that was my object; this is the only route / path
Why do successful network marketing people develop those habits that they dislike themselves? WHY, WHY, WHY
See People, early morning get up, make list
House, car, 
4-6 hour speaking in seminars, I don't like,
What makes them develop successful habits? CLEAR PURPOSE / GOAL
Power / energy / potential is not in man; IT'S IN CLEAR PURPOSE / GOAL

Life changing video by santosh nayar best training motivetion part-3
If you talk to a routine person about big ideas, he will not accept. Because routine people have made adjustments. We have made ourselves, people of adjustments.
No more big dreams. It's easy option to make adjustments. Big dreams need some decisions / 
We have become habitual of adjustments; living in small house, driving cheap cars, wearing old clothes
You don't go into the market to sell the various products / enrol people; You go into the market everyday to achieve your PURPOSE.
Secure life goes into the networking market and listens few objections / rejections and comes back in failure.
But man of purpose is not focusing on objections / rejections; he is focusing on his PURPOSE.
This is the strength of your PURPOSE that forces you to do what you don't like to do. It is not your strength. It is the strength of your PURPOSE.
Men - Need - Habits; Machines - Need - Momentum.
Lift / elevator has motor; Train has engine. Aeroplane has engine. Men has habit.
You cannot move without habits.
Early rising, jogging, good food, list, call, invite, follow up, books reading, audio, video listening, everyday going into field, no TV watch, no telling a lie, big dream, fulfil the commitment, meeting, training; HABITS
What we are; the product of Habit
Set the PURPOSE, develop the HABIT. Men from HABITS and HABITS form future. If you deliberately (consciously) don't form good habits, then unconsciously (unknowingly) you will develop (form) bad ones.
Everyday make list. Call and invite. Go to sell everyday in the field. Everyday reading, attending seminars to get and remain motivated. Develop and excel capability. Baby doesn't born by itself. Marriage doesn't bring baby by itself. We have to do something to be something. Silver to gold to pearl to topaz to emerald to ruby to diamond is a process.
If everyday people are coming in your seminars and you are winning some achievements; you have to follow some discipline.
Early rising, jogging, good food; otherwise unconsciously you will be entrapped into bad habits.
Anand Thakur, 3,500 recruited in 20 days. One WORD, one FATHER.

Anand Thakur arranged this seminar deliberately. You deliberately do what you don't like; see those who don't want to see you, talk to those who don't want to listen you deliberately.
Never anything happened unconsciously. Every student achieving 90 worked hard and getting 35 was lazy.
The success habits in network marketing (after PURPOSE) are divided into four main groups; 
1) Prospecting (List) Habits; Successful network salespeople say - it's easier to sell products and opportunity to people who don't want it than it is to find people who do want it. Many people follow the difficult path. They try to find people who want their help. It's easy to find those people who don't want training, it's very very hard to find those people who love training; no book, no seminar; you will find majority; no investment on self; the person who need training doesn't exist; not interested in training, everyone. Because those who want ... have already bought it. Those who need ... will always start with a 'NO'. Has NEED but don't has want. Convert NEED into wish / want. Everyone needs car but doesn't have want / wish. This world is full of needy people, people of wish are already settled. Habit # 1 would mean prospecting and finding those people who need products and opportunity ... but don't want it. Who need already bought, I've to look those who don't want. Prospect changed. Everyone alive. Every love start from NO. Don't look for those people who have already engaged. Starting from 'NO' is good progress. I'm not looking for "YES'. Converting NO into YES; here my knowledge, my expertise, my training, my preparation. Every relative, unknown; all are NO people and they are your prospect. Be happy. 5/1200 know importance of fire extinguisher. Totally unwise to look for five, it's wise to look for 1195. If I will find these 5, it's not worth. If I approach 1195, I'll be able to sell to 300.  He don't want but I want. It's your job to educate him about your product, service.  List those who say NO to you right away. Exploitation of your potential is here. Test of your capability. 
2) Calling (Inviting) Habits; unless you develop deliberately the HABIT of calling on people who are able to buy and start business but unwilling to listen. unless you develop deliberately the HABIT of seeing those people who don't want to see. Unknowingly habit will be developed to call those people who want to listen but unable to buy. Then unconsciously you have formed the habit of calling on people who are willing to listen but unable to buy. If someone is ready to listen, not your prospect. Time waste buddy. No benefit. He has enough time. No people are real prospect. You would need to spend a little time but it's worth. Rejection is part of life. ..... 8/73 survey. 44% of all sales people give up on the first rejection. Phone, face to face, seminar. Not dedicated professionals. Now 56% left. 22% of all sales people give up on the second rejection. My name is .... I got Your contact from .... I want to see you today 6 00 pm. "I'm not interested". 44% stopped. 22% say, 'that's the exact reason I like to see you'. My company's product would change your life. How you get benefit out of it. How you multiply your wealth. What are the levels you can achieve. No one has explained to you in detail. This evening when I will come to see you, I will tell you, how it works. This opportunity is very important for your family and your future. When I will come in the evening and will explain to you, I'm sure you will be interested. I'm very busy. Two types of sales person. One asks, 'sir, when you'll be free'. After 20 years, then we'll see after 20 years. Can we see each other; NO. When Can we see each other; NO. Can we see each other this evening; NO. In question, there was potential NO. Never ask anyone, when he will be free. 16% of all sales people give up on the 3rd rejection. I'm happy that I'm talking to a busy and progressive person. In life there come many ups and downs, many opportunities come in life, due to our busy schedule, we should not lose them. Look into New world, New Opportunity during this busy schedule. Check me before coming once again. WRONG. Need a little work more to make appointment. 10% of all sales people give up on the 4th rejection. How can you relax yourself in this busy schedule. This purpose of the meeting this evening. Check me before coming once again. Sir, you are so busy, I don't want to bother you again and again by calling in your busy schedule. Let's make it confirm 6 00 pm this evening. Just in case, something happens, make a small note to your secretary for cancellation. Here is my contact number ...... . I don't have money for this. When money will come. NEVER. I'll consult my wife. Total 92% gone. 8% left. Very, very seasoned. Untiring, have answer to every question. Let me think, I've no money, I'm not interested, I'm busy, have answer to every question. They have potential to recruit anyone to sell. He hires English book reader, read the book and tell me what's there in my language. He is crazy. Has no worry to shame. Listened all audio, video, attends all training programs, Has connected with all famous players. 
3) Selling Habits 4) Working Habits 
You have to do this deliberately. 

Santosh nair motivational speech in hindi
8/73 rule = 8% very powerful, 44%, 22%, 16%, 10%; where you put yourself; in 1985 started from 44%; then studied a lot; on calling / sales / marketing / objection handling, 425 books, 1290 audio / video cassettes of sales experts; put a lot effort on yourself; invest on yourself; regular service yourself. Tune like vehicle service. Attend training programs. 
It is process of servicing; from 44 to 22 to 16 to 10 to 8% (it needs 24 hour tuning). 
Learn skills of leadership / communication skills; physical movements, voice rhythm, how and when look into eyes; study about public speaking; don't stay on surface, go into depth; work hard on yourself and win 8% position; full success; you can handle any situation / objection, fully seasoned 5 00
44% brings 2 in a month with a lot pain; this is 8%, brings 2 everyday very easily; he was 8% not by birth; he worked on himself. Serviced, tuned himself.

Now 73% are potential buyers and future affiliates and they all are common to put min 4 objections; when they get satisfactory answer; they buy and come into network. 

In life when you buy, you put objection and rejection. Even small items. To buy a suite or piece of cloth you see the whole lot. Even banana Rs 20 - cloth Rs 20,000. Necklace, Bike, motor cycle, car buying is next.
Buyer put objection others just listen and talk. 14 00
The objection raising people are interested people; yes yes yes are not. Who is questioning, is trying to know about you, how seasoned / deep you are. Whoever is willing to buy will ask too many questions. 4 objections. Service excellent within 4 hours. Compressor made in USA plus 5 years warranty. Price Rs 42000 (M97), 40,500 (M87) quoted from customer. Excitement on Qs, he is running out of his quota. He has total 4 objections. Develop the habit of getting rejected. Prospecting, Calling (Inviting), 
3) Selling (Showing the Plan) Habit; Your will to sell should be greater than his will to NO buy otherwise it will turn around and you will end up with the habit of No selling will. He may have 5 reasons not to buy, you have to have 6 reasons to sell right away. This is wrestling of selling and buying. Objections and answers. Objections and answers. Objections and answers. This is habit of winning consciously otherwise you will be unconsciously in the habit of losing. 
3) Selling (Showing the Plan) Habit; Unless you have deliberately formed the habit of calling on prospects determined to make them see their reasons for buying your product and opportunity. If the buyer is strong in reason not to buy, you will come back without selling. 
4) Working Habits; if you take care of the first three habits, the Working Habits  will take care of themselves. This is nothing but study and preparation (planning etc). Organisation of time and effort, Records, analysis etc, etc, etc.
Sub-Habits; Getting up early in the morning; Jogging / Walking (Health); Physical fitness (energy); Energetic healthy food; Daily calling (18-30); see at least 4 people (for full time), see at least 2 people (for part time); Farming (Territory Working); 3 doors (home) / Office (Upline) / customer; your own; get out ASAP, Office and upline (Avoid); Customer (Max time); One close a day. Best of clothes / Accessories; Sacrifice (Involve) Family; Delegate (All work except selling). 
Delegate all non-revenue generating work. Asha Bhosle (singer), Santosh Nair (Trainer) have expertise to sell. Use your expertise, leave the rest for others. The whole day we spent for penny work and in the evening there will be no competent presentation. Ticket, video, etc etc. M Business Card Mobile. All petty work is delegated. Opposite dressing; during selling excellent; in events, simple dress to get focus. Study, organise, sell. No Limits Belief; So many training programs, seminars, motivational pep talks ... So many promises to improve and so much desire to be successful. And so many Resolutions ... and so little achievement in life. We get very emotional after each training program and we have desire to be successful. After 24 hours forget. Promise is one thing, fulfilment is another. Very few people are committed. Most people are not people of commitment. Don't promise. If do then prove. 45 30

Within two days, forget about all. Everyday you commit / promise, then go for action. If you missed action then you come back to zero. Because any resolution or decision you make today, has to be made again tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next and so on ....... Study, Hard work, listening audio / video. Do continuous the activity which brought you success. If you missed one day, the sharpness of action will go astray. Resolution can only be made and kept in the first place if you link it to your purpose. People have no purpose who don't fulfil their commitment / promise. Purpose must always be big / sentimental / emotional / continuous. PURPOSE; Sales Representative, Group Leader, Sales Supervisor, Head of Location (Branch Manager), Deputy DSM, DSM, Sr DSM, ASM (Regional Head), Dy (GM), GM, Vice President, Director, Getting my elder sister married, Getting my younger sister married (1988-89), Start a Training company (10FEB2010), Fiat Car (27JUN1992), Maruti 800 (01JUN1996), Maruti Esteem (14SEP2000) Wedding Anniversary, Hyundai Sonata (18DEC2002) 3rd daughter's birthday, keep both the cars, Mercedes Benz (29SEP2007) Birthday, Keep all three cars, New home (16AUG1998) 26.5 Lacs, Enter New Home (08DEC2000) 15Lac Renovation, Buy Dad's home (16MAR2000) Wife's Birthday, Bought Dad's House in Half Price, He gave money to 2 sisters, House is still in his name, In one day bought Honda Accent for wife. Office 26.5 Lacs (16AUG2001) Elder daughter's birthday, Enter new office (Renovated 10 Lacs) 24Feb2002 Ahmadabad -2004, 30MAY2007 New Mambai Office 45+15 Lacs, Travel All Over World with Family, Insure Myself for 4 crore (1997-2004), Make 5 Lacs in a day, Retirement Fund 5 crore, Saving 1 Lac, 2 Lac, 3 Lac, 4 Lac, 5 Lac in next 5 years and making 1.8 crores, Raheja Classique Club Membership 3 Lacs (05JUN2002) 2nd daughter's birthday, Become a National Company, Become an InterNational Company, Farm House, SMM-mart Salesman Club, Four BHK (14SEP2006), NO STOP, NO TIRING, 1 hour delivery to father. PURPOSE must be smart and not visionary (Imaginary). SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound. 
VISIONARY; next 2-3 years I want to buy a house (no specific date, price, location, NOT written). PURPOSE must not be logical. There is no inspiration in logic. There is no Courage in logic. There is no Exploitation of Potential / Capability / Capacity in logic. There is no Happiness in logic. There is only satisfaction in logic. The only logic is that the more I do for my wife, my sisters, father, mother, staff, my business partners, upline ....The more I shall be able to do for myself. Unconditionally surrender yourself to your PURPOSE. Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, House, World Tour. Conditions are obstacles. Mahatma Gandhi's PURPOSE was freedom. PURPOSE requirement is complete unconditional surrender. Fight for your self freedom (future, financial, business, family, wife, kids. Spirit of a fighter is needed. God's will was to get the human for success / win. Human made himself failure with conditions. Fighter always win. Life is with dream. Dream has destination, destination has distance, distance has ways, ways and paths have difficulties, difficulties need courage, courage has Confidence. NO TIRING, NO STOP, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually; Firey emotions take you higher. Put kerosene on fire. Equip yourself with knowledge / capability / good habits. Then with this inner fire you will become role model. Everyone is able to do this. I'm sure.
15) Self Evaluation / Self Analysis; 16) Be in company of performers; 17) Have Role Model; 18) Work form Day 1; 19) Use IT (Information Technology).

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