One can easily notice 
and Economical problems un-addressed on community level. When we see HRDC, YMCA and other institutions working in the title of Human Resources development. They do their great work to some level. Still there is noticeable number of new immigrants and even local qualified youth stuck in odd jobs or no jobs. This causes huge psychological impact overall. If one community has no arrangement of FOSTER homes, instant responding crises management 24/7, it doesn't necessarily mean that the community has no need of it. While on the other hand with fairly proved claim of crystal pure faith, some less lucky children, women and youth are in the shelters of other faiths.
Books are a proven source of guidance. As time moved other fast track information TOOLS like Google, Youtube are also taking place. On community/faith level the competition of utilization of this fast media propagation approach may be one point of consideration due to time limitation/ constraint of an ordinary individual. As usual other people benefitted more and our people tried but still it is a lot of room.
Khan academy and other examples to be noted.
Facebook - Linkedin
How the people used the tools - fast media
every topic - they covered
Books are still important
100 pages book - 5-10 min video clip (more impressive presentation)
Social Network is coming into being
Every country / every city needs networking
Ladies/ children in crises and problems need to be addressed properly to save resources.

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