All Solutions Team: is helping community by community to progress and establish with mutual aim for improvement of quality of life - Bringing community members close together, knowing one another and finding ways to help each other. In the recent months was able to help many families to find suitable matches within the community and they have successfully the bonds.

Ar-Rum (The Romans) 30:21

And among His wonders is this: He creates for you mates out of your own kind, so that you might incline towards them, and He engenders love and tenderness between you: in this, behold, there are messages indeed for people who think!

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:
“Marriage is my sunnah. Whosoever keeps away from it is not from me......"
With this aim in mind a function is arranged which would bring around many families together. The participants would be encouraged to come to the podium and introduce themselves and speak for 2-3 minutes each (OPTIONAL).

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The Prophet stated: “If I were to bestow all the good of both worlds upon a Muslim person, I would endow him with a humble heart, a tongue which continuously utters his praises, a body patient enough to withstand all calamities, and I would give him a pious spouse who, when she sees him, becomes happy, and protects his property and her own honour in his absence.”
"The Holy Prophet (S) stated: 'There has not been created any institution in Islam which is more favoured and dearer to Allah than marriage'."

Indecent woman are for indecent men and indecent men are for indecent woman. Decent women are for decent men and decent men are for decent women. The decent people are innocent of what people allege. They will receive mercy and honourable sustenance. 024:026 Al Quran

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  1. MASHA ALLAH very good step/is maqsad mn KHUDA ap ko kayabi dy