Few years back – discussions – list of problems – (cultural, social, economical, religious)
People are confused – clarity may be through central resource pool – new immigrants stuck in low paid jobs and this results in a sequence of complications.
Youth automatically follow the course of sufferings and most of the time not able to pursue the right action plan in professional careers.
If we take MARRIAGE as a subject and look into details – we may be able to find countless cultural, economical, social and religious details as specific and particular. There are verses of Holy Quran and traditions of Holy Prophet (pbuh) which provide guidance in this regard.
If we are prepared and able to communicate benefits and advantages regarding precautions in selecting the right spouse, it will become easy to understand that how lucky we are with this treasure of helping material and guidelines.
When we get data of low esteem and with proof we came to know that our youth has problems and not able to face the stress posed through family crises and 30-35 year youth collapsed, it is an alarming situation. It needs a lot of training and education.
In this modern world with plenty of advanced resources – there are institutions, independent bodies and groups who are there to provide communication training skills and old and new use of terminologies.
Same words and same phrases reflect totally different meaning in different cultures and societies. There are SEMINARS, computer based trainings, workshops to resolve this problem.
REALIZATION:  Youth is a Great Asset . When we are helping our youth, we are going to optimize the utilization of our resources and this guidance will be advantageous for our youth for this world and hereafter.
Youth has maximum learning potential but at the same time we see youth on low paid and laborious jobs. It’s not a problem to go for hard work but if it is mixed with some bitter background of some sour experiences of matrimonial crises of parents and limitation of financial liberty, then nature of problem becomes different.
There are many differences to be noted as thinking pattern of old age and youth way of approach. Fast media, improvement of information propagation, changed living standards are the source of different ways of thinking.
HOW can we help our youth in confidence building: educating them, sharing knowledge and expertise, develop better mutual understanding between parents, kids, families and saving them from false temptations of environment.
One can easily notice the temptation and false satisfaction through media and surroundings. How we can address these needs through education with seasoned cultural based satisfactory logical cementation.
Our youth need platforms where they can confidently /boldly express and share their creative and innovate mindful thoughts. At the same time these forums can provide them the opportunity to learn communication and public speaking skills.
We can arrange and prepare them to dialogue on interfaith and multicultural forums to present themselves as representatives of rich culture and heritage.
We can address the isolation way of thinking, way of living replacing it with a living full of interaction, trust and confidence.
In case of any crises / mishap / accident – physical, moral, economical, family – no one feel alone. Sharing small kindnesses, helping each other with the clear and light of teachings of Allah swt and Holy Prophet pbuh will help us to build an Ideal Society.

Community Special Network‏‎ - 1st Year Convention
Community Youth Network‏‎ - 1st Year Convention

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