685, 651, 623, 540, Running Your Race: how to deal with people, 654, #646, The Right People
#665, The Secret Place: a young lady was pulled over by a police officer. She tried and tried but couldn’t find driver’s license. Officer asked what you are looking for. The lady answered – it is a square like item with a photograph like yours. At the end she found one and showed. Officer told sorry – o you are a police officer. Are you ready to experience more peace and joy in your life? Then let Joel teach you in this empowering message how to guard your heart. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.” Many people live life allowing everything on the outside affect their peace and joy on the inside from stress, hurt, people’s words and attitudes to even simple things like traffic. But there is a better way to live. Jesus said in John 14:1, “Stop allowing yourself to be upset.” Learn how to shut the door on the negative so you can protect your secret place. As you do, you’ll live with more vision, expectancy and faith, and you’ll see God work in your life in greater ways! Water around ship is not problem, in the ship will sink it. Don’t let outside get inside. We may protect our inner sanctuary (place of safety). Joseph was sold by his brothers. Mary (mother of Jesus)’s sufferings. Protect your inner sanctuary. Joseph’s sufferings, David’s hardships. Don’t allow anger to soar inner.
#686, Be a Barrier Breaker: A kindergarten teacher asker her class, anyone who finds self dumm, stand up. No one. After a while little Johny stood up. Mam you are dumm. Many people today are living below their potential because of their environment. But Joel wants to show you that God didn’t create you to be average. He created you to stand out, to go beyond the norm, and to leave your mark on this generation. It doesn’t matter how you were raised or what has been spoken over your life, God has put seeds of greatness in you, and you have potential that’s waiting to come out. It’s time to break past the barriers in your life! You weren’t created to just get by, survive, or stay at the same level year after year. You were created to excel. Let this message remind you of who you are in God and the exciting plans He has for you! Oak seed in 2’ pot cannot grow big. It needs different environment to grow. You can set new standards. Low esteem, poverty, normal, where we are, not who we are. People make us limited, mediocre. Believe in yourself. Don’t put conditions. Flies were researched. Some time lid was there, even after removing lid, flies were not trying to fly. We become contained. Become reconditioned. Life follows your thoughts. You are not at risk, you are at possibility. We accept average. We are destined higher. Joel’s family start. Don’t be easy with average. In jails / seniors. Rise higher, full of joy, blesses, opportunities looking for you. Don’t settle. Possibility is there. Old gentle man, in broken residence – Joel’s father’s friends. Life of defeat. Don’t miss destiny. In a fire accident; a boy who was declared disable to walk, broke world record in fast running. Quit excuses / blame / negatives. Nothing will happen until you change your mind. Don’t adapt environment. A mile under 4 mins. One did. Now many did. Start thinking better. Pave way for your children. 8,000 seat stadium (father). Joel got much more. 5 armies against Juda. How you start is not important – how you finish, matters. The last words of Jesus Christ on the cross was "It is finished." If you're going to start something, finish it. There is a lot of satisfaction in finishing a book, a movie, a play, a song, a sermon, a business, an assignment. If you're not going to go all the way, don't go at all. Zig Ziglar said, "where you start is not as important as where you finish."
Be creative. It's a way of life. Accomplish dreams. F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything and Run' or 'Face Everything and Rise.' The choice is yours. Zig Ziglar. Announcement: Tired of feeling stuck?
#685, Living at Rest: Satan once was found in church. Everybody was afraid except one lady. Satan asked her, are you not afraid of me. The lady replied, no, I have been married with your brother last 30 years. Are you living a life of peace? To live in peace is to live a life of rest. Hebrews 4:11 tells us to make every effort to enter into the rest of God. What this means is that we have to actively guard our peace. You see, life is full of peace stealers. Every day there are people and circumstances that can pull you out of rest. But Joel will show you in this message how to put up boundaries and not allow everything in. You’ll identify the peace stealers in your life and learn how to take care of your emotional energy. Even in the midst of difficulties and trials, learn how God wants to fight your battles for you! All you need to do is rest in Him! Deal with challenges, interact with other people. News, events, bankruptcies, repetitions. Feed your inner with positive, encouraging feelings. Beware what you are inhaling. Comparing with other people is peace stealing. Success is focus on your race. False sense of responsibility. Don’t make yourself a garbage pan. Listening all negatives. Don’t be out of balance. Right /stable / happy /consistent people in your life. If you hang around negative friend, you will get 20% - wrong and right 5 will make 100%. Our energy is limited. Helping people has some limitations. LET me take rest. God is helping everyone. Victoria was hiding car scratched in car wash but son rushed to inform Joel. He didn’t see sign ‘don’t disturb. Remote control in purse but looking everywhere in house. Israelites and Moses on Red sea. God will fight your battle if you behold yourself at rest. Stress results when you carry, you are not supposed to carry.
#662, It's the Heart that Matters: An old lady forgot her car keys inside, she found a boy on motorcycle, who helped her to open the car door. She thanked him, you are so nice. He told her, I am professional car thief. She thanked God for sending professional to help her. All of us have made mistakes and have areas that we struggle in. But many people live life feeling disqualified thinking they don’t match up to God’s approval. Let this message inspire you to discover just the opposite. You see, God looks on the inside. Take another look at the Bible and discover the men and women God chose to use greatly. You will discover how we all have weaknesses and areas to come up higher in. The key is to have a heart towards God and to be willing to grow as He takes you from glory to glory. (2 Corinthians 3:18) Instead of feeling discouraged by your weakness or past mistakes, put on God’s approval and press forward into greatness! This message will teach you how to do just that! God is looking (likes) for right heart with mistakes, not wrong heart with no mistakes (perfection). Look good outside (very religious, good performers) but dark from inside; sometimes you observe opposite (labor people). Not live guilty (which makes you worse), learn to live hopeful. Human is not a finished product but it has good connection with Creator. Potter (Creator) is continuously working on you. Sometimes you are disciple of Jesus (Peter) but imperfect. Sometimes ordinary people have better belief. Not focus on your negatives. He called human Masterpiece of Creation; approved (accepted) by God. Failure is an event, not you. You do, not who. Shake off disapproval. God approved us before our birth. I’m growing / improving / +ve / happy. Quit remembering what God has forgotten. God is not recording our mistakes. He is looking for hearts having dependency on Him. Get highest potentials. He is only looking at our good moves (even few). God is will to please with us. With nice heart 4 years kid made dirty the clean car with wet towel, it was hard but my (Joel) son did innocently. Bad fame lady came close to Jesus for repentance with true heart. God is not judging recording past mistakes, He is focusing on right heart. Prefect behavior is impossible. Only one good move can help to please Most High God.
#684, Peaceful On Purpose: Are you waiting for your circumstances in life to line up just right before you’ll have peace? Well, you may be waiting your whole life then! Because the truth is, life is full of ups and downs. Every day we have opportunities to get upset, be worried and live offended. Many people live life worried each day, but most often, these worries never even happen. Instead, all worry does is rob us of our joy, creativity and focus. But Joel wants to show you that there’s a better way to live. Jesus said in Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have enough worries of its own.” We’re not supposed to go through life weighted down by worry, stress and anxiety. Let Joel show you how to make God bigger than your circumstance in this practical message. As you release your cares to God and enter into His rest, you will live life with greater joy, ease and fulfillment. Pastor lied to police and told that Jesus changed water into wine again. God is fighting our battles. Our minds need some relaxation. When we leave / relax, God works. God did this for David. Frustration robs sleep / joy / peace. We make problem / sickness / affliction as our God. Good thoughts need to get in. Turn your worries into worship. I came across Professional worriers. Speed humps in street. 4 months got gone in worry, planned planting tree. 2 years later hump was stalled on some other place. No what-ifs. Today is gift. 2 years battle with city; got a law suit for this location. We can only do our part. Worry damages our immune system. God may change situations. Save your creativity, energy. Herald (king) was about to kill Peter. One night before angel caught him in deep sleep. Hit the problem down the throne. Put your God on throne. God, you already know, what I need, I only praise you. Quit worrying. Sheep always at peace; 300 sheeps. Not fast runners; Shepherd takes care; sheeps believe in good shepherd. Let mind at break. SARS changed his mind with one voice when he was on the way to kill Jesus people.
#651, Blessed by Your Enemies: Are you facing something that seems unfair? Is there opposition that you’ve been praying would lift but it’s still there? Let this message remind you of the sovereignty of God in your life. What you think is a disappointment—that person that left you, that coworker that’s trying to make you look bad, that friend that betrayed you—can teach you to trust God and His plan through every unfair and unjust thing in your life. Take a closer look at the scripture and see how God uses our enemies and affliction to make His glory known and bring about His plan in our lives. You’ll be inspired to trust God no matter what you face! Not setback, it is setup. God uses enemies to promote you, not your friends with your determination. Knowledge is power. A cold day in hell. Don’t give chance of joy to your enemies with your defeat. Sometimes opposition pushes us forward. Don’t complain betrayals. Sometimes people cry in enmity but God uses in other way. Galaya enemy of David, Juda for Jesus. Jesus healed a disable. Thank God for your promotion. On radio critic but opposite happened. In 1900 peanut crop worked well as compared to cotton due to insect. God makes your enemies your stepping stones. Joel as peanut. Don’t give place lies of enemies in your mind. Backup backup. Don’t be intimidated with –ves. Israelites and firos. Enemy puts you under pressure, you prepare yourself to shoot like nozzle of water. Friday Jesus was on cross, Saturday he was buried, on Sunday he was out back.
#683, Balanced Books: In accounting, the phrase, “balanced books,” means to make up for a loss. If an account is low and there is a deficit, revenue is added to equal everything out. In the same way, God desires to balance the books on the broken pieces in our lives. We all go through things that put us at a deficit in life—a rough childhood, the loss of a loved one, a broken heart, an illness. But Hebrews 10:30 says, “God is a just God. He will repay the compensation owed to us. He will settle the cases of His people.” You may have been through things you don’t’ understand, but get ready because the Creator of the universe is adding up all the deficits. If you will allow Him to work in your life, He will bring you out increased, promoted, vindicated and better than you were before. You can trust God to balance your books!
#656, Who's The Boss? The people that reach their highest potential in life are those that are good at saying no to their flesh. Every day, there is a battle that takes place inside all of us. It’s the battle between the flesh and the spirit. The flesh is our natural, carnal desires that we were born with. It includes things like pride, selfishness, impatience, compromise, and operating in life by the way we feel. But Galatians 6:8 tells us, “He who sows to the flesh will reap ruin, decay and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will reap life and life eternal.” If you want to step into new levels, walk in God’s favor, and become everything God has created you to be, then it’s time to choose discipline and self-control today! Allow the Holy Spirit to lead your life each day. Let this message teach you how to do just that! #661, Remember Your Dream: When God gives you a dream and puts a promise in your heart, most often, there is a delay. A lot of people give up in the face of opposition and let their dream become buried under discouragement, past mistakes, rejection, negative voices and failure. But that doesn’t have to be you! Your dream may be buried, but the good news is that it’s still alive. It’s not too late to see it come to pass. God promises in Joel 2:25 to restore to you the lost years. Joseph’s dream came true. It’s time to remember your dream and believe again!
#682, Your Set Time for Favor: In the Old Testament, the Israelites had several different feasts that they had to observe each year. These were special times that God had set aside to bless His people and show His favor. In the same way, there are set times God has already ordained to show out in your life. Sometimes when we’ve been waiting for a long time—for a healing, a dream to come to pass, or for a problem to turn around—it’s easy to get into a wait mode and not really expect anything. But Psalm 102: 12-13 says, “But You, O Lord, are still on the throne. You will arise and have mercy on Zion, for the time to favor her, yes, the set time has come.” Let this message create a new expectancy within you that will refresh your spirit and cause you to live life with a new spring in your step, knowing that there is already a God-given, set time for favor in your life!
#681, Ask Big: When we pray and release our faith—when we ask God to work in our lives—our asking opens the door for His great work in our lives. But, we have to ask. Jabez prayed a bold prayer to God in 1 Chronicles 4:10. Despite his upbringing and surroundings, he dared to ask God for His blessing. “Oh, that You would bless me indeed.” Are you asking big prayers, or are you letting your circumstances, how you were raised, how impossible it looks keep you from big prayers? Don’t let a lack of asking keep you from God’s best in your life any longer! Let this message inspire you to ask big so you can walk in the fullness that God has for you and become everything God has created you to be!
#680, Distinctive Favor: You’re not doing life alone. You have the greatest force in the universe breathing in your direction. When you decide to live your life for God and honor Him, He places something on you that causes you to be different. It’s His favor. This distinctive favor causes you to prosper when others are struggling, you recover from difficulty when others are stuck, you see acceleration when others are plodding along. You see, it’s not just up to your skill, talent and connections; there is a force behind you breathing in your direction, protecting you, guiding you and favoring you. When others are worried, stressed and afraid, you’ll be at peace knowing that you’ve been set apart, and there’s a hedge around you that the enemy cannot cross. This exciting message will inspire you to pray bold prayers and believe for your dreams. God wants to show out in your life in new ways.
#657, Don't Waste Your Pain: We all go through difficulties, setbacks and loss. In fact, pain is a part of life. Many people allow their pain to cripple them and keep them stuck, causing them to miss out on the next level that God was preparing them to go. This doesn’t have to be you. Let Joel teach you in this empowering message the comforting fact that nothing is a surprise to God. He wants to use your pain to grow you and prepare you to give birth to a new level of your destiny. If you’re dealing with a painful situation today, you will find encouragement. That pain is not there to stop you; it’s there to develop, prepare and increase you for the greater work God wants to do in your life. A new level is coming! No pain, no gain. He knows; what you need, when you need. Bees have no resistance but life only 4 days. Champions club for special need children – 1st few months 300 families joined church. Now 30 Champion clubs in 7 nations.
#679, Sooner Than Expected: There are many miracles in the Bible that happened very suddenly. Suddenly, against all odds while Peter was imprisoned, an angel of the Lord delivered him. Suddenly, David became king right after the worst defeat of his life. Suddenly, Jesus healed a boy, and He wasn’t even in the same town as the miracle. No matter what your circumstances may look like, God has a sudden breakthrough with your name on it. God is the same today and operates with the same miracle-working power. Do you have something you've given up on? Don't stop believing. Let this message inspire you to hold on to your faith. Jesus said, “When you believe, all things are possible!” 72 hours David took from ruin to throne. Not Setback, setup.
#678, Acceleration:  Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine, a phenomenon of acceleration that demonstrates God’s supernatural power in our lives. It takes years to make the perfect wine, but in an instant, Jesus turned the water in the six stone pots into the best wine at a wedding. Do you have situations in your life where, in the natural, it looks like it’s going to take years to happen, years to get out of debt, to overcome an illness, or build a better relationship or business? The God we serve is a supernatural God. He can take what we have in the natural, pour His blessing on it, and speed things up. God wants to take you further and faster than you ever thought possible! Let Joel show you this wonderful nature of God in this inspiring message.
#677, Drop It: God wants to do something new in your life and heal your past wounds! But, you have to be willing to let go of the old. Are you carrying around baggage from the past? Maybe there’s someone who hurt you, an unfair situation that you can’t stop dwelling on, or a mistake you wish you hadn’t made. Today’s the day for freedom in your life. In this powerful message, you will learn the principle Jesus taught His disciples in Mark 11 about “letting it go.” Learn to trust God’s vindication (justification) in your life and receive His mercy for every mistake. If you’ll let God heal your pain, He will give you beauty for ashes, and a new season of joy and favor will arrive in your life! Pitiful or powerful, product not prisoner, setback has come back, disappointment has new beginning, and failure has restoration. James Abram Garfield (1881 president USA) was shot, died not with shot but by probing.
#676, Use It or Lose It: Romans 12:6 tells us everyone one of us has unique gifts and talents that God has given us to do well. It’s our responsibility to develop and use these talents. Are you using the gifts God has given you? Jesus said in Luke 19:26, “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given. But to those who are unfaithful, even what little they have will be taken away.” Let this message show you how to stay passionate and grow in the gifts God’s given you. You will learn the importance of using your gifts so that you won’t lose them and how to let go of fear so you can stay fruitful. The more you use your gifts, the more God can trust you with more!
#675, Celebrate Partial Victories: Many people go through life feeling wrong on the inside about their faults or unsatisfied because a goal isn’t met. But if we are to stay encouraged and motivated, we have to learn to celebrate the partial victories. Joel will show you how to do that in this faith-building message. You may not be where you’d like to be right now, but as you learn to celebrate along the way, you will find the strength and encouragement to keep going and flourish into all God’s created you to be! You will live your life in greater fulfillment.
#674, It's Coming Together: Have you given up on something you’ve been believing for and praying about? Don’t give up! God promises us in Hebrews 13:5 that He will not in any way fail us. Let this faith-building message teach you how to prophesy God’s Word into your future and give you fresh faith to believe for greater days ahead! Learn how to replace worry with a confident trust in God’s timing and faithfulness. Even in the face of trials, false accusations and unfair setbacks, God is working behind the scenes in your life right now, and it is all coming together for your good!
#638, Covered By Mercy: Do you ever feel disqualified from God’s goodness because of past mistakes? Well, you're not the only one! We all make mistakes in life and do things that we know we shouldn’t do. It’s easy to live in guilt and regret and not feel worthy of God’s love, favor and blessing. But the good news is, God has you covered. Discover the merciful goodness of God in this faith-building message as you explore the stories of men and women in the Bible who made mistakes but still saw God’s goodness, and not just His goodness—but His overwhelming flood of favor. You’ll be inspired to believe for this same mercy in your life as the spark of hope is ignited once again. You can and you will see God’s goodness again when you dare to believe again! Let this message teach you how.
#673, Just Remember: None of us like difficulties. If we had a choice, we probably wouldn’t go through them. But our past challenges have a purpose—they prepare us for our future! Discover the importance of remembering God’s faithfulness in your life and see how this will enrich your faith. Psalm 34:2-3 says, “Let all who are discouraged take heart. Come; let us talk about God’s goodness.” When you’re always thinking about God’s goodness—how He’s promoted you, vindicated you and protected you—not only will faith rise in your heart, but that attitude of expectancy is what allows God to work in greater ways in your life! What you say in tough times; will make you or break you.
#672, Pregnant with Possibility: Did you know that God has placed amazing potential in you? There are gifts, talents, ideas, dreams, businesses, health and freedom right now, in you! Just like a pregnant woman in her early months does not see any physical signs of a baby, you too may not see any signs, but all sorts of possibilities lie within you. In fact, God promises in Ephesians 3:20 that His power is working within us. Let this faith-building message reveal to you the ways in which God is working in your life right now. What God has promised you is on the way.
#671, Keep Your Crown: You are a person of great value! In fact, God has crowned you with His glory and honor. Revelation 3:11 tells us to hold fast to what we have and not let anyone take our crown. Our crown represents our destiny, authority in Christ, and God’s blessings and favor in our life. Yet, many people have let other’s words and actions knock off their crown. But there is a greater, more empowering way to live. Jesus said in John 5:41 (TLB), “Your approval or disapproval means nothing to me.” He was saying that it doesn’t matter what others say, think or do, He had His approval from God and so do you! Let this message build a godly confidence and faith in you to know who you are in God so you can do all that He’s called you to do! 
#670, The King is Looking For You: When you’re bruised by life and hurt, it’s easy to get stuck and feel forgotten. But, you’re never forgotten! The King is always looking for you. Take a look at King Saul’s grandson in Second Samuel. He was next in line to be king but was unfairly dropped as a child, and consequently, became crippled and forgotten and lived in exile. He faced a life of hardship, but God’s restoration came looking for him. The wealthy prodigal son who squandered his inheritance found himself living and eating in a pig’s pen, but God’s mercy was waiting to restore him. You will discover that it doesn’t matter if it’s your fault or not for being off course, God still loves you and wants to bless you in spite of any weakness and set back. No matter where you are or what you may have done, God is looking for you today. He wants to heal you of your pain and make you whole again!
#669, Continual Joy: We weren’t created to endure life; we were created to enjoy life. You can live life happy and joyful no matter what’s going on around you! A lot of people base their happiness on outside circumstances. But there is a better way to live. Let Joel show you how we may not be able to control what happens to us on the outside, but we can control what happens on the inside. Learn the importance of praise and being thankful and how this keeps your joy bubbling on the inside. You will be shown how to continually be filled with the spirit and joy like Ephesians 5:18 teaches us. Don’t put off your joy any longer! You can live life happy today.
#634, Blessed in the Dark Places: We all go through things in life that we don’t understand, but did you know that God uses the dark places in our life as part of His divine plan? Take a journey through the scriptures in this inspirational message and see how many people that did anything great went through a dark place but developed new potential in that valley. See how God enlarged David and adopt his faith-filled declaration in Psalm 4:1, “God enlarged me in my time of distress.” The dark places are where you really grow. That’s where your character is developed; that’s when you learn to trust, to persevere, where your spiritual muscles are getting stronger. Take a new look at facing dark times and discover the God-given growth and potential inside of you that you never knew you had as you learn about the plan of the valley and our trials. ? ! through valleys (dark areas) with good attitude, new beginning, new people very very nice will come into your life who you never imagine. Broken times multiply you. You have to plant the seed; seed goes through adversity (germination) before becoming blossom – dark places, sickness, divorce (potential released).
#668, Keep Strife (Trouble, Conflict, Discord) Out of Your Life: One of the biggest challenges we all face in life is getting along with people. After all, we have different personalities and temperaments, and we come from different backgrounds. But if we are to live a life of peace, victory and full of God’s anointing, we have to learn to keep strife out of our home and relationships. Mark 3:25 tells us, “A home filled with strife and division destroys itself.” Let this message teach you how to make and maintain peace. When you go to the extra effort to keep the atmosphere in your home loving, kind and peaceful, you’re going to not only have God’s anointing (with perfumed oil) and blessing, but you’ll have His protection, and He’ll keep you from unnecessary trouble. Compromise and being at peace is victory, not at right and living alone. 10 times power and influence. No more arguing, no more pity things. Condemnation not good, conviction (confidence, passion) lifts us up. One peacemaker has more power than a dozen trouble maker. Avoiding the fight is honor.
#667, Be Real: It’s easy to go through life wearing a mask, concealing the parts of ourselves that we would rather others not know about. Maybe it’s an area we struggle in or thoughts we wish we didn’t have that’s polluting our spirit. Maybe it’s just a little thing that we think isn’t hurting anything. But if we are to reach our full God-given potential and live a life of freedom and power, we have to be willing to take an honest look on the inside and deal with the areas that are keeping us from God’s best. God promises us in Matthew 5:8 that the pure in heart are blessed! Let this empowering message give you the courage to take inventory of your heart and identify the areas where God is showing you it’s time to come up higher. As you do, God will make you and mold you into a vessel of honor to be used for His highest purposes!
#664, A Nevertheless Person: We all face situations that seem impossible, and it’s very easy to want to give up. After all, if it’s taken a while, sometimes it’s easy to settle, get discouraged and think nothing will ever change. But that’s where our faith kicks in. So many men and women in the Bible who were used greatly by God knew a secret - they were “nevertheless” people. They knew that if they were going to see the thing they were believing for, or see the thing God had promised them come to pass, they had to hold on to their trust in God and daily persevere and release their faith. Don’t give up on the promise God has placed in your heart. Instead, let this timely message by Joel teach you and equip you with faith-building Scriptures to confess over your life as you find inspiration from others in the Bible who persevered in faith and saw their miracle! You, too, will see the same thing happen in your own life if you do not give up! Peter followed Jesus and went back for fishing in the morning opposite to the logic and successfully caught fish. David with simple string and stone defeated big enemy army.
#663, The Second Touch: Do you feel like you’ve reached your limits? Have you stopped believing for something in your life? Well, get ready; a second touch is coming. Let this exciting message reveal the miracle Jesus performed on a blind man and how it applies to your everyday life as you explore what the second touch of God means. The second touch will not only strengthen you and give you a new passion for life, but it’s going to push you into the fullness of your destiny. Remember, God didn’t come just to make you better and help you get by. He came to make you totally whole, and He desires that you to live an abundant, healthy, happy, victorious life.
#662, It's the Heart that Matters: All of us have made mistakes and have areas that we struggle in. But many people live life feeling disqualified thinking they don’t match up to God’s approval. Let this message inspire you to discover just the opposite. You see, God looks on the inside. Take another look at the Bible and discover the men and women God chose to use greatly. You will discover how we all have weaknesses and areas to come up higher in. The key is to have a heart towards God and to be willing to grow as He takes you from glory to glory. (2 Corinthians 3:18) Instead of feeling discouraged by your weakness or past mistakes, put on God’s approval and press forward into greatness! This message will teach you how to do just that! The action doesn’t matter, inside heart matters. We human are not perfect, full of defects, flaws; God is all the time there to work on. God expects us to try, keep on trying. We human are clay, God is potter. He created us for as His image. Who is different, do is other. Prince! Be positive, who you are. Our performance is not perfect, but we are on the way to improvement. God is not fault finder, He cleans up mess, made by us. Many years poor performance, only one right action made everything good. One step towards God, He rushes to us.
#661, Remember Your Dream: When God gives you a dream and puts a promise in your heart, most often, there is a delay. A lot of people give up in the face of opposition and let their dream become buried under discouragement, past mistakes, rejection, negative voices and failure. But that doesn’t have to be you! Your dream may be buried, but the good news is that it’s still alive. It’s not too late to see it come to pass. God promises in Joel 2:25 to restore to you the lost years. It’s time to remember your dream and believe again! Royal blood in our veins. Do our part. He removes dirt.
It is important to restore belief. God is moved with our faith, not with our faults. We are like child. We have to stir our dream. 35 years addicted quit drinking, 51 years he went to school and became a writer. He can restore the stolen time. Joseph’s dream – brothers envy not celebration. Seed of greatness. Don’t note distractions. People don’t approve our destiny, God approves. Quit temporary worries. Not settle in weeping valley. Grass becomes green in right season. Adversity is temporary, glory is permanent. We are on detour, which is temporary.
#620, Nothing is Wasted: Do you ever feel like you have “wasted years?” Years defined by events that broke your heart or were filled with disappointments and setbacks? Maybe you are facing a slow season or a difficult situation and wondering where God is and what is His plan. Then this message is for you. Let Joel bring hope to your life in a fresh, new way in this inspiring message that will remind you of God’s restoration power and His divine plan for your life, even in the midst of difficulties and pain. Be encouraged with what David said in Psalm 4:1, “God enlarged me in my time of distress.” He didn’t receive increase in the good times; God increased David in the tough times. Even through difficulties, God has a plan to strengthen and prepare you for an exciting, expansive future. Stingy stuff like fertilizer not work on you, it works for you. Flowers blossom after stingy fertilizer. It is learning process. These sickness/ broken heart/ injustice/ difficulties are manure/ fertilize. Not defeating, promoting. Not victim, victor. Not keeping from destination, it’s toward destination. 13 years in prison – Joseph for no fault. Got most prestigious position. Boss jealous, - ve attitude. Not stop, not pushed down. Woman with bad fame started working for Jesus. Mother praying for her son – who was under different addictions. 19 years shooter – a woman hiding talked to him telling last year she was divorced and passing through same situation of depression. A city was built on trash for poor people. They searched cheap things to sell and found small pipes for music, provided worldwide entertainment.
#660, Stored Up Blessings: When God laid out the plan for your life, He put in it everything you need to fulfill your destiny. He’s already lined up the right people, breaks, favor and increase. Psalm 31:19 says that You have stored up great blessings for those who honor You. Find out in this exciting message how to see these blessings released in your everyday life. You’ll be inspired to release your faith in greater ways, raise your level of expectancy, and trust in the goodness of God for your life. It’s time to receive ALL that God has for you! Single, spouse. Newly married, baby. We behave like God has limited resources. If he has granted something to someone, He is not able to promote us too. Celebrate other people’s success. Morning fishing with advice of Jesus. Center Foundation. Big fish / breakthrough. Net is empty for some better reason / time. A singer throat surgery. Missions trip to Africa surgeon. Peter fishing. Moses for long time in desert. Ibrahim and Sarah got son in very old age. Don’t worry if your net is empty, your fish is stored. Don’t let accusing voices to influence you. Big fish/success will find your net.
#659, The Blessing: Parents and Children; There is power in the spoken blessing. Its impact shapes and changes destinies. Yet, many people today live with a void inside from not receiving the adoration, love and affirmation from their earthly father. This lack of approval leads many people to find validation in activities and people. But, the good news is that you have a heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally and wants to affirm and bless you. Psalm 68:5 promises that our God is “a father to the fatherless.” Find the biblical inspiration to speak blessing over your children and loved ones to activate God’s greatness in them as you discover greater depths of your heavenly Father’s love for you. Parents, mothers for family. Fathers especially carry blessings. Blessings, security, appreciation, affirmation. Be a difference maker. Sow seeds of greatness. Express feelings, hugs. No acknowledgement from father of accomplishment matters a lot. Call children, express love for them. Appreciation, I proud of you. Approve, validate, honor. Love for daughters important. Father is first male partner for your daughter. Model of integrity. But this must not be an excuse. Even you don’t have caring father, God is there. Don’t feel insecure. Be Child of Almighty God.
#658, Unlock Your Destiny Genes: Did you know that you have the DNA of Almighty God? This means that God has already preprogrammed in your DNA the gifts, talents, favor, opportunities and ideas that are just waiting to be released. Let this exciting message give you the biblical knowledge and understanding to unlock these genes so you can walk in the fullness God has planned for you! 1 Corinthians 2:9 promises us, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has in store for those that love Him.” As you keep yourself in the right atmosphere physically, spiritually and mentally, your destiny genes will be activated, and you’ll see God do things in your life you never knew were possible! No hair on the head (bald) of a thick hair youth. Seed of greatness, ideas, innovation, break of addiction. A small security device idea presented by a traffic police guy. In 1999 Joel became minister. Became writer.
Setback into come back. Pre-Programmed genes. Feel excitement. Live with expectancy. Genes are affected by our decisions. Keeping away from one environment deactivate or activate genes. Some we cannot change, some we can change. Listening changing genes. Turn on victory genes. Turn off pity genes. External environment can impact internal genes. Keep away from negative people. Pregnant with destiny genes. Don’t deactivate by company of critical. Hang around people who leap your baby, not sleep. Feed your spirit. Inspirational sayings work. Joel’s father poor. Good break, right people. Don’t be limited. Thoughts of faith. 90 year old lady started opera singing. Don’t die with locked up destiny genes. Stir / shake / discover talent.
#629, Dropped, But Not Forgotten: You can’t live very long without being dropped in life—dropped by an illness, a divorce, a friend that turns on you, or an unfair injustice. Many people let these moments define who they are and how they will live the rest of their lives. But Joel wants to inspire you in this encouraging message of God’s restoration power. He will teach you about how God used King David to restore a crippled and forgotten royal family member who knew what it was like to be dropped, abandoned and ashamed. Discover how God restored him to more than he could ever ask or dream and be inspired to believe in exciting, new beginnings in your own life! God has justice for you and a place of blessing and promotion that will restore everything that has been lost in your life! You are not forgotten! It’s time to get ready! New beginnings are coming your way! 25 years job, laid off. A school boy’s father died in a road accident.  Trouble paid back twice. Israelites were mistreated. David was nice with his enemy Sars’ relatives (grandson).  His life started in lavish. He was supposed to successor on throne. He was dropped by nurse and his legs were gone. His father was killed, he was not even recognizable. David granted him everything back to him. Permanent dinner was offered him every night with David. No self pity. There is slot waiting for you on king’s table. Sometime summoned for royal palace. Place of blessing, integrity, honor. Don’t settle for less. Still be Royal blood, with glory. Some dear one died, no baby, infertility, or walk away; you be paid back. God makes way where there is no way. 3 teen age children adopted with no pregnancy pain. Sickness, depression. Not down / up by own. When there is none to care, someone is there care. Jesus on cross. Simon caught him up. Alone but with high soul. He supports with angels. Restoring back. Oil of gladness. Heaviness / joy. A young man was on death bed, he called God, please help me how can I die? A college student (S Korea) knocked at door and asked anything she can pray about the house. His mom opened the door with tears. He is famous doctor (David Yonggi Cho - Founder of World's Largest Mega church).
#612, Have A Positive Mindset: Are you ready to live a more fulfilling, faith-filled, prosperous life? Then let Joel inspire and teach you the importance of having a positive mindset and learn how to stay in control of your mind. Scripture teaches in Colossians 3:2 to set your mind on the higher things and keep it set. The higher things are the positive things. You see, you control the doorway to your mind. Yet many times, people live on autopilot, letting their thoughts just roam free. But if you want to become everything God has created you to be, you have to choose the right thoughts. Remember, when you believe, your faith is released for God to do all things! Study 20 positive and 20 negative persons attitude for same circumstances. Positive will find opportunities. Be happy right now, not conditional. Set your mind on higher things (positive) and keep it safe. Right people, right opportunities are on the way. A reporter put a negative scenario. Be hopeful and expect things turn around. One good break counter many negative ones. You cannot think negative and live positive life, you are against the flow. Your life follows your thoughts. Control your thoughts. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts. Just think victory. Thoughts are like magnets. Thoughts control metabolism. Be in jet stream of God. It is well equipping. Daniel made the whole country worship the real God. He was put in front of 100 hungry lions. Lord is bigger than difficulties. God is able to do everything. Thank God for another great day.
#623, You're Coming Out: We all face situations that look permanent in our health, relationships and careers. It’s easy to think that’s the way it will always be. In this exciting message, let Joel give you the faith tools to move into that next chapter in life. You may be walking through a valley, but know this: it’s not your destiny to stay there. Build your faith with this motivating message. Psalm 84:6, says, "Passing through the valley of weeping, you will find pools of blessing." When you’re in the valley, if you’ll stay in faith knowing that God has something better, He’ll take those tears and turn them into pools to refresh you. You’ll have the strength you need for every situation. You will come out! Legal trouble, chronic sickness, loneliness, addiction 14 years stopped, weeping, crying, mediocrity, family crises, weather, borrow, temporary valley, friend’s betray, difficulties, stolen car with installments replaced with high end paid off better car. Acknowledge, call God, smile on your face, coming out, and lend, new friendship, ticket of joy, and one step further, glory, and favor of God. Our character is tested in tough times. Blind man in the time of Jesus. Joel’s Center Foundation. Lord’s Might. Life threatening event on road. With greater substance coming out. Shark’s jaw stuck with rays released from victim fish of Moses. Away from fire or make you fire proof. Enemy cannot finish. Living testimony example.
#541, The God Who Closes Doors: The same God that opens doors will close doors. Maybe you prayed and didn’t get the job you really wanted or a relationship didn’t work out. It’s easy to allow rejection to lead to discouragement and think that God is not working in your life. But God sees the bigger picture for your life. He knows where every road is leading and where the dead ends are. Proverbs 20:24 says, “A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?” When you realize you are in the palm of God’s hand and that nothing happens without His divine purpose, then you will begin to see and realize that the closed doors are just as important as the open doors. God sees big picture. Knows the road around big circle. Right time is awaited. Closed doors are for promotion. David example. Sometimes for testing closes doors. Not get frustrated. Our thinking is narrow. 100 acres for sanctuary didn’t get through. Basket ball facility came in market. Door closes for better option. Not hindering, helping.
#655, Defining Moments: It’s very easy in life to make decisions based on how we feel in the moment and give into our desires. But if we are to reach the fullness of our destiny, we have to pass certain tests and learn to flee from temptation and choices that we will regret long term and can compromise our character. First Corinthians 10:13 says, “With the temptation, God will make a way of escape.” Temptation will always be there—and not just the temptation to compromise, but the temptation to get discouraged, to give up, the desire to make our wrongs right. But with God’s help, you can run the other direction! Let this inspiring message help you live your life on purpose, in victory with uncompromised focus, and free from the destruction found in giving into temptation. 26 YEARS old smoker and junk eater. Temptation ruins. Yousuf (as) was slave. Not compromised with owners’ wife. Defining moment. She falsely accused, sent Joseph to prison. Run from bad. Destined to Egypt throne. Run from junk food. Run from negativity. With every temptation there is run away. Defining moments decide where you would be. Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food, they bowed down. Creates legacy behaving in difficult times. Defining moments are of heavy importance. 65 year old Pastor apologized his son Joel and his friends (20 y) for his harsh words 11 pm. Use defining moments of escape.
#540 Running Your Race: how to deal with people, friends, family, nears and dears; 2 famous baseball players’ discussion, heaven, yes, next Thursday – you will be here to play. People drag /push / play / trust / approval you in their way. You cannot please everyone. Think to please God. 20 y, 40 y, 60 y different thinking. Death bed regrets. Tried according to expectations of people, not God, lessen God’s favor. Hopeful message delivery. Don’t fit others’ box. Disappoint few people to please God. They please people as compared to God. Do your assignment / destiny. God doesn’t like imitation, likes uniqueness. Joel’s start, critics. Some left the place. You will find new people / opportunities. Everyone has right of opinion, you have right not to listen. Optimistic and pessimistic difference. Don’t let people run your life. Push from wrong people for wrong purpose doesn’t mean anything. Be strong and run your own purpose of life. Differentiate between people’s ideas (distraction, lame excuses) and God’s idea; follow God’s idea. God orders, He pays for it; He doesn’t pay for people’s orders. People use spiritual language to express their own wishes. God directs you better than people. At the end we will stand in front of God; He will question about His opinion, not people’s opinion. Don’t be people pleaser. They are not interested in you; they are interested, what you can do for them. Don’t get trapped. Some so-called friends are joy stealers. Value your time. Let the people dream their own goals. People will be jealous, fault finders, belittle, discredit. Grandson, grandfather and donkey. Don’t share your dreams with everyone. If Joseph did this, he would save him a lot of his miseries. Brothers got jealous. Mary made the right move with message to her. She didn’t share with all. Don’t see left right focus straight for your purpose in life.
#654, Separated For The Better: Jesus save and Satan lost; both were using computer; storm came. Sometimes you have to lose something to gain something better. If you look back over your life and recall the times you really grew and came up higher, most often, it was the times of difficulty where your faith grew, and you were stretched beyond your limits. Did you know that these growing times—the threshing floor—are all part of God’s plan? These ordained seasons do not show up in our lives by accident. They are placed there on purpose to grow us, equip us and prepare us for our future. Take another look at these seasons of growth in this eye-opening message. You’ll be inspired to stay in faith and be equipped to go through the pruning seasons. It’s time to go to a new level and flourish into your destiny. Gain wisdom in this faith-building message so you’ll be ready and prepared in every season. Axe and cattle walk on wheat to take out valuable grain. Uncomfortable, annoying. Moses killed a person and 40 years took him on backward to refine. Threshing floor. David was crying for 3 months on losing his friend. Good man falls 7 times and God picks him up. What you lose give birth new one. To rise much high. Expert gardener – cut, prone – plants, on right time; so they blossom. Bumps on the road, adversity, separation, loss, drives us to higher level.
#624, I'm Still Standing: Adam talking to God about Eve’s beauty, why she is dumm (not smart); so that she love you.
Being a person of faith doesn’t exempt you from difficulties. Matthew 5:45 says, "Rain falls on the just and the unjust." No matter how good a person you are, no matter how much you honor God, there’s going to be some rain in your life. But the good news is that God's strength will equip you every step of the way, and you’re not alone! Let Joel remind you in this powerful message of God’s never-ending strength that’s always available to you. Psalm 18:39 says, "You have armed me with strength for the battle." So don’t be afraid of storms and trials. Be inspired and reminded that you’re coming up higher; you’re reaching a new level! The storms may come, the winds may blow, but with God by your side, you will stand and thrive! 1999 when Joel took over from his father, some senior fellows left. 3 years lawsuit. House built on rock, not on sand. Get back not setback. Pine tree bow down to the ground in stream, it was safe bounced back. Be victorious, not victim. Righteousness will flourish like palm. It becomes stronger after storm – research shows. Hurricane strengthens the root system of palm tree. God makes enemy to pay bringing the trouble. Good man falls 7 times and God picks him up. Not be with defeated mentality. Hard winds not defeat you. Break up in relationships. You may be down, but it is temporary. Bad break has good bounce back. Enemy comes like storm / flood / sickness. Joel became angry with the lady in a grocery store when his son was making mess. God acts in the same way. We need warrior spirit / mentality. 5 sets of heavy weight lifting exercise (hard). More difficult battle, more strong you come out. Do what you can do, God will do what you cannot do.
#653, An Expected End: $ 10 million, pastor was to inform a member of his congregation with heart condition; will pay half to the church; and the pastor died.  Like any good movie, our lives are filled with twists and turns. There are seasons and situations that happen where it looks like nothing is going to work out. But, did you know God has already planned your final scene to end in victory? When you understand your end has been established, you won’t go through life discouraged because of a disappointment or bitter because of a loss. Let this inspirational message give you the biblical tools to face life with courage, hope and great faith, knowing that God can even use what seems to be a setback in our lives as a grand setup, an unexpected end. You may have had a rough start, but you’re not going to have a rough finish! And best of all, God promises in Philippians 1:6 that He will bring you to a flourishing finish! You stop yourself with negativity. Taller the building the deeper the foundation. Trust in God works. One scene not last one. Joseph was set to lead a nation. Detour, Joseph betrayed by his brothers, sold in slavery, put in prison. Setback is setup. In the end it will work. Game had 4 quarters different, with known the end, recorded replay. 1970 a teen age white with black pregnant. She was kicked out of home. Beginning does not destine end. Odds, breaks up, disadvantages, mistakes, twist of life, sufferings, turns, detours, divorce, addiction make way. Joel’s father poor. President of USA. Israel. Explosive blessings. God’s plans gracious. Job’s life. Discouraging wife. Thanking God all the time. Doubled his fortune. 140 years after affliction he lived. Stronger with more courage. Jesus was buried but he knew not to be there for long.
#538, Accept People For Who They Are: Interviewing the candidate son-in-law. Son-in-law was trying to show, he was Bible scholar. Expected father-in-law summarized that candidate young man is considering father-in-law as God. It’s easy to focus on others’ faults and what we would like to change about them. But, God is the one that put the talents, creativity and strengths into each person. Isaiah 64:8 says, “We’re the clay and you’re our potter: all of us are what you made us.” (The Message) Our job isn’t to change people. Learn to accept that God is the one directing their steps, making them and molding them into who He wants them to be. If you’ll learn to love, honor and accept people for who they are right now, your relationships will go to a whole new level. We are not potter. We cannot change people. People cannot think alike. Joel and Paul are brothers, different. Joel and Victoria – two different course of life. People are created with different strengths / weaknesses. If we accept each other, we will get rid of frustration. Leaves of plants are not like. Same type plant but different color leaves. Kids perfect in different ways. Different personalities, different strategies. We can just encourage people. Some people are traditional, some are creative. Different talents. Don’t try to constantly change each other. Make allowance for each other. Don’t fit others in our mold. 25 years of marriage and trying to change – accepted whatever. Faults of your wife made her you husband. Not good communicator but hard worker. Don’t compare other husbands other wives. Instead of complaining, appreciate strengths. Core in a bottle which rises with water – appreciation is same like water. When we try to fit in our mold, problems start from there. Other people’s time table may be different. 80/20 rule. Nobody is 100%. Dark / light green leave. Do your part.
#652, Shame Off You: young lady came back in sad mood, that he husband (to be) is atheist. He even doesn’t believe in hell. Mom said, marry with him anyway. We both will prove how wrong he is. Are you carrying around guilt, shame or heaviness? This is your day to be free. Shame is one of the enemy's favorite tools. He's called the accuser of the brethren. He'll remind you of every mistake, every failure, even things that weren't your fault. He'll try to deceive you into thinking you're to blame. But if we're going to live in victory, we have to learn to silence that voice of shame and tune in to God's abundant voice of victory! Let this motivating message inspire you to transform your heart with the powerful Word of God. God has removed your shame! You may have had some bad breaks, but those setbacks were really setups for God to bring you out with double. Not shame on you, shame is destructive. God forgives, we don’t forgive ourselves. Do better next time. Go for repentance. When God is not remembering, why we do. 430 years Israelites were suffering, God reproached them. God rolls away negative right away. Quit listening negatives. Shake off negatives. Happened to you, not who you are. Have some failures, but not you. You are masterpiece. Sometimes people make by labeling. Many people repented from very bad name to pious fame, invaluable to valuable, disgrace to grace. We count ourselves perfect, confessing mistake is the right way. Sometimes you are in church, very nice but on the street different. Forces supporting you are stronger than opposition. You may become helping others through struggling. Enemy twists the facts deceiving you. God is there to pay injustice. You have crown of favor. You get paid double. God is observing all very closely. Our value comes from God, not from people. Doors are open, just walk out of shame.
#622, Reprogram Your Mind: Our mind is like a computer—how it is programmed determines everything. God, your Creator and Programmer, designed you to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life where you can do all things through Christ! But the reason we don’t always live this abundant life is because we’ve allowed viruses to contaminate our software and influence our thoughts with things such as our environment, how we were raised, the people we are around, and hurtful situations. This message will teach you how to hit the delete button and get back to your original software. As you take a look inside and examine your thought patterns, you’ll be inspired to upgrade with God’s Word and let go of what no longer serves you. Don’t let your thoughts limit you anymore. Let God’s Word empower you to live a life of victory! New program (S/W) according to hardware. Another masterpiece, right software. Original S/W great. We get viruses. Infected, low esteem. Listen Creator. Don’t be limited. When negatives come, just delete. God is Restorer. I’m favored from God. Family history is not precedent. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts. Otherwise you are watering seeds of defeat. Puppies dragging their back following their mom. We are following wrong models. I’m where I am, but not who I am. 33 years with terminal cancer still alive, Lakewood church are examples.
#650, Unexpected Sunshine: 2 famous baseball players’ discussion, heaven, yes, next Thursday – you will be here to play. Have you ever asked yourself, "When am I going to see the sunshine again?" Maybe you've experienced loneliness, hurt, lack, or a health struggle that is holding you back that seems to follow you around like a heavy cloud. Well, get ready. Let this faith building message remind you of the faithful promise that God has unexpected sunshine for your life! Psalm 30:5 promises us, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." His rays of restoration, hope, healing and abundance are closer than you think! It's time to have faith again! Learn to live in cloudy time. God is bigger than problems. Clouds are defeats, mediocrity, negativity, unlikeness, darkness, legal situation, addiction, stubborn environment. Spirit of Most High God. Time of abundance is there. God has authority to move in a moment equal to years and years. Obnoxious supervisor transfer and resign. Rehab in short time instead of years. 4 days in hotel, not payment. Few youth helped him. In past he had helped them. Don’t wait to thank God. Believe and see. Diamond necklace lost and found in ocean.
#649, The Valley of Blessing: for God million years equal to 1 sec 1 million equal to 1 penny. We all go through difficult times in life and things we don't understand. When we're in a valley, it's easy to get discouraged and think that it's never going to change. But Joel wants to remind you of God's promise of His blessing. David proclaimed in Psalm 23:5, "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." Right in the middle of trouble, God will prepare a table of abundance for you! Let this message build your faith to trust every single season God has in your life. Nothing is a surprise to Him. You can relax, enjoy your life and trust God's delivering power and His blessing for you while in the valley. Juda were surrounded by 3 armies.
#616, It's Not Over: old man was driving 80-100 at 4:00 am. Officer pulled him over. The reason; few years before my wife was run over by state officer. I was thinking, you are again bringing her back. Is there something you've given up on? A dream? A relationship? Your health? Then this inspiring message is for you. Let Joel remind you of God’s resurrection power and the hope that’s available to you right now! No matter what you’ve been through, God wants the rest of your life to be more blessed, more rewarding, more enjoyable than what you’ve experienced in the past. Find out how your greatest victories are still in front of you and learn to move forward with God so you can experience a new season of life! Death (loss, slow, discouragement, bad breaks, legal situation, own mistake), burial, resurrection (promotion, victory, mercy). 3 times more business, the competitor company quit. Cain (shepherd – killer and hided himself) and Abel (farmer – was killed) two sons of Adam and Eve. Eve was deceived by the serpent and then she convinced Adam to eat forbidden fruit. God is watching very closely. Brain tumor patient cured. Please be seeded. Hope for good final report from God. Jobe’s 9 month test. Double dose of trouble / healing / promotion.
#648, Pushed into Your Purpose: YOUNG couple driving, 30 mins arguing on pronunciation of new city name NACTRICS. Stopped on a place and requested a young lady – to slowly pronunciation the name of the place – she looked at couple – and said – BURGER KING. God created us to grow, expand and flourish into greatness. But sometimes, this isn't always the easiest or most exciting thing, especially when we face hardships, disappointments and loss. In this encouraging message, Joel wants to help you take another look at your life and see the places where God is trying to grow you and take you to a new level. Let this message fuel your faith and inspire you to keep pressing forward. Remember, God has you right where you should be. As you trust Him and are willing to go through the process, He will take you to a place of abundance, promotion and victory! FRIENDS move away. New supervisor not friendly, doors closed. Loss in business. Not comfort, purpose. When things are fine, we feel comfort, no stretches, no struggle. If God doesn’t close the doors, we would be satisfied where we would be. Too much potential / talent / in you and stuck where you are. Situations (uncomfortable, difficulties) are not to stop you, they are to push you, make you stronger. Push me to new level. 17 years Joel with expert media personnel coach. When he left, Joel in challenge. Always enemies are not closing doors, God does it on purpose. History of David. Difficult pathway. 17 years Joel was media producer. Then (1999) his father died. Comfortable behind the scene. Now he is on front. Jobe’s history. Adversity, challenge, loss works, betrayal as push better. Pain is sign – birth is closer. Steve Jobs – a brilliant. 21-23 successful. On 30 he was fired. With new skill Apple brought him back as CEO. Birth pain. Push is there on right time. 9 months in womb, growing, maturing but not more. Pushed in new life. Protected place, comfort zone has some limits. John Osteen’s successes with difficulties. Limited environment – has to resign after long time. He started in 1959 Lakewood with 90 people. One very honest, hardworking employee fired from job. He was very upset but he got new position in a big corporation. Paul’s boat destroyed to go to Caesar. Paul was able to preach the faith the whole Iceland.
#647, Your Words Become Your Reality: Ohio bridge, 4 marriages, How I am insensitive. 2 lanes, 4 lanes. Did you know that your words are like seeds? In fact, you are where you are today because of what you've been saying about yourself. That's why Joel created this powerful, eye-opening message to help you take a closer look at the words you are saying. Proverbs 18:21 says, "The tongue can bring death or life." Learn how to reprogram your words with the life-giving power of God's Word and speak your God-given authority to change your situation and ultimately, your life! As you let go of the voices of defeat and fear and pick up the voice of victory, your life will never be the same! You can bless your future with your words. I am blessed / successful. Mostly people do opposite. Words are seeds. Prophesize with good words. So best seeds and reap accordingly. With our tongue, we curse our life, we bless our life. Sometimes enemy doesn’t defeat us, we defeat ourselves. A smart player prophesized himself as fatty. Lady all the time says in the mirror, looking good today. Wife says tired, I say looking beautiful. A family history Alzheimer’s guy cured himself with good memory. Joel’s daughter told him; don’t prophesize negative. Don’t snare / trap in your words. I’m talented. No chain, no barriers. Don’t describe situation, talk about change. Basket ball arena to renovate this place; 4 years service, $100 million budget. Don’t tell people the situation. Right people are searching for me. Talk about God’s promises. God is restoring my health. Voice of faith / defeat. You have option. Job interview – 2 voices. Don’t say, listen negative. I’m victor, not victim. David was very positive to kill Goliath. A stone with string finished Goliath (was a giant). Goliath with large army more weapons was defeated with faith of David. Do you know my Boss/origin? I’m from God. Addiction, bad lucks. Great mountain became molehill. "What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of 'God bless it! God bless it!'" Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones came to him after God had directed him to prophesy the rebirth of Israel. Tongue sets the direction of our life.
#646, The Right People: on Valentine’s day; wife wished a dream of diamond. Husband brought her a gift package in the evening – a book titled DREAMS. Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live. In this edifying message, Joel shares what the Bible has to say about who you allow into your inner circle. Proverbs 13:20 says, "He who walks with wise men will become wise." Make sure you're hanging around the right people, the type that will inspire you to come up higher and be all that God has created you to be! Learn how to make the necessary boundaries and changes necessary so that you can thrive in life. Associate with people you like you be after 5 years; dreamers not chickens / draggers. Shouldn’t hang around slow people. Set boundaries – hot temper, angry. Don’t waste valuable time with wrong people. Worthless friends bring shame. Gossip with low esteem people ruins. Too many people are stuck with worthless ones. Spend time with inspiring eagles / big dreamers. Law of group – flock with successful people. Disciplined, shining, bookworm friends matter; not mediocre. Iron / friend sharpen iron / friend. Not inbox, out of box. Ibrahim left his place, relatives. Let God bless us by taking good / right choices. Not be always giver. Not let others control you. Don’t carry over loading. Care for your own happiness. You need people who encourage you, carry you. You should spend with them. A dog came in the life of a disable child to cause big name of boy – dog show.

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