Learn Economics
Culture sophistication - differentiate between animals and others
Spirituality - study and practice religion (very important)
Keep journal - don't rely on your memory, write important points, valuable collection, buy an empty book
Three treasures to leave behind - 1) Pictures - take a lot - picture worth a thousand words, don't be lazy to capture the event, don't miss the event.
2) Library - to develop philosophy to become healthy and powerful, sophisticated and unique, conquer poetry, feed your mind and soul, stepping stone from darkness to light. 
3) Journals - notes, ideas you picked up, collection of valuable ideas, repetition is mother of skill, read it one more time. Let it coach / inspire you one more time, words are inspiration. Hear your favourite things again and again.
Seasons of life - book - first time in church - a powerful / classic sermon was there, only one took the notes, be sincere and committed to your cause, get the answers of your questions from every where and make the journal, let your hearts be stirred from words you captured.
Develop 5 abilities
1. Ability to absorb; 2. Ability to respond; 3. Ability to reflect; 4. Ability to act; 5. Ability to share
Most people are just trying to get through the day. Learn to get from the day, don't just get through it, get from it. Learn from it. Let the day teach you. 
“Wherever you are, be there. Be there to absorb it up”.

1) ability to absorb, be like a spunch, don't miss anything - not only words - the scenario, environment, colour, atmosphere, don't just get through the day - like most people do, learn from it, join the university of life, some people are extra ordinary gifted - where ever you are, be there to absorb, take picture, let your soul and heart take the picture. Don't be casual, casualness leads to causalities. 
2) learn to respond - be touchy, don't let it kill you but let it touchy, be sad/happy, let emotions / feelings strike you - not only words. Our emotions need to be educated as our intellects, it is important to know how to feel / respond. Good movie - make you laugh / sad / scary, take high / low, touchy / teaching, training
See Doctor Zhivago on big screen (in Australia) - Russian revolution story 15:00
Absorb and respond

One big priest came for lecture, until time no body showed up, only a cowboy. Big empty tent, the cow boy sat on front seat. The preacher asked why people not showed up. The cowboy answered - if I had only one cattle - I would have to feed. After 1.5 hour lecture with full capacity the preacher came to cowboy - how was my sermon. If one cow is there, I would feed her but not dump the whole load on it. Pay attention - absorb and respond.
3) Reflect - go back over notes, watch clip one more time, study again, go back over your day again. A day is a piece of mosaic
 (Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior decoration. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae. Some, especially floor mosaics, are made of small rounded pieces of stone, and called "pebble mosaics". Others are made of other materials) of your life.
A day is a piece the Mosaic of your life. 1. Don’t be at casual. 2. Get from the day. 3. Go back over the day, reflect so that it will locks in the experience, knowledge, the sights, the sounds, the panorama, the color emotion pictures of the day, so that it will serve you for the future having that day.
1. Take a few minutes at the end of the day. 2. Take a few hours at the end of the week. 3. Take a half-day at the end of the month. 4. Take a weekend at the end of the year. “Time to act when the idea is hot and the feeling is strong.” Kids don’t lack of capacity, they only lack teachers. If you share, it makes you bigger on who you are.
Don't treat casual; Firm the day; Go back over the day
Take few hours at the end of the week - appointment book review, capture that week
Take half a day at the end of the month - go back whatever you read / heard / saw / feelings - capture it so that it can serve you.
Take a weekend at the end of the year to establish this year with your consciousness, review your experience bank. 
REMEMBER: the thoughts / ideas / experience / occasion / day / weather / emotions / complexity / highs / lows - Lock the day / week / month / year in
A unique scenario unfolded according to the law of diminishing
Solitude - whenever you reflect somebody; Solitude - shut out the outer world for a while
Parents reflect on the children - how past year we did / didn't
Colleagues can reflect each other
Learn to reflect with yourself - alone
Very few human beings, desert, mountain - go away from public life
Treasure your solitude - alone, ponder 
(think about (something) carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion), read, study, absorb, soak in
Go to the closet (go away, close the doors) - meditation / prayer, thinking time, let things move in your consciousness; Take the past more valuable to serve the future
Gather up today / this year and invest in tomorrow / next year
Turn more valuable in terms of father / mother / colleague / neighbour / brother / contribution to society / community / church / mosque / office /commitment / partnership / marriage / franchise / corporation / enterprise / nation; Work on yourself to bring more value - self development
Not self sacrifice (is only contempt - 
worthless, is not noble), self development / investment is noble; 
Let me take care of me for you and you take care of you for me
Let's bring more value for the next day / week / month / year 
Gather your 53 / 15 years and invest in the next year / day (absorb, respond, reflect)
4) Develop the ability to act - ability for action - not hasty but not too much time to wait.
When the idea is hot and the emotion is strong, clear and powerful that's time to act - act immediately, ASAP; 

Law of diminishing: Intend to do something but making late drags everything - set up a discipline (how to capture the emotion / wisdom and translate into equity); start the process, action, exercise for health otherwise the wisdom is wasted, the emotions get slow
All disciplines affect each other, everything affects everything, nothing stands alone, everything matters, somethings matter more, nothing doesn't matter
Every let down affects the rest performance of your life
You don't walk around a block, you don't take apple a day, no library building, no journal, no picture taking, no relationship building - 6 years passed
Every new discipline affects the rest of your disciplines. That is the reason; action is so important - the least, the smallest; When you start action, your value starts coming from that action, it inspires you for the next ones
Same is walk, apple, book, journal, grow, develop some skill
Every lack affects the rest, every new discipline affects the rest
The key is to diminish the lack and set up the new and start the whole new life process
Value of Discipline: self worth, self esteem
Least lack of discipline; erode our psychy; Greatest temptation - ease up a little bit
Slightest lack of doing best - affect consciousness; philosophy
Problem of least neglect: neglect starts as an infection, if you don't care; it becomes a disease / cancer; One neglect leads to another
Worst of all; when neglect starts - it diminishes our worth / self confidence / value
How to get back everything - start the smallest discipline that correspond to your own philosophy that - I should / could / will
No longer let neglects stack on me, no sorry scenarios, giving some excuses instead of celebrating my success and progress
Join a new crowd / group, 3-5% do, don't stay with 95-97%, they don't / won't. 
Wisdom of the world - library, transform your life - health, wealth, wisdom - only 3% have library card. The Richest Man in Babylon Story form - easy to read - I read this book on same day when I came to know:
Blame; government / company / policy / pay scale
Walk away from 97%, don't talk / act / specialise like they talk / act / specialise in
Through away blame list - Start new life
Affirmation without discipline is illusion
Miracle of seed, soil, season and God - sunshine is available with labour
Labor / learn / discipline yourself well - you can have all the treasures you want - it is simple
Let's teach our kids the simple ways to transform their health/ economics / ability to communicate / their life and treasure in life style / spirituality / .....
Simple is start - committed change in life - you will join 3-10%
Plan of retirement - for only 5% - 95% dependent, take charge of your own retirement - through personal development
Exercise of push ups: start from 5 with small breaks multiply by 2, 3, 4, ... 20
Take charge of your life / day /conversation/ family / possibilities / learn skills / develop strategies / life will open up for you - Join 3%, 5%, 10%, walk away from 95%
Find out what poor people read and don't read it, don't talk like they talk, help them but don't fall into their philosophical scenario, don't blame what they blame, don't use excuses they use, it's called the language of the poor - Switch gear / language / ideas / strategy
Start with simplest of disciplines, don't be mean, smallest of discipline start the process of life change - invest in discipline - beginning of miracle - Do the best you can
Push up on the floor - right now - as many as we can - may be 5, rest a little bit - you can do 5 more, rest a little bit - you can do 5 more, rest a little bit - you can do 5 more, rest a little bit - you can do 15 more, rest a little bit - you can do 20,
How we moved from 5 to 15, it's a miracle; How we moved from 5 to 20, it's a miracle
How we moved from 5 to 50, it's a miracle. Is it possible to move from 5 to 50? of course.
Do best, do push ups 5-50, rest very little (not too long), why - the weeds take the garden
Kids got that figure out - not rest too long; Make rest necessity, not an objective
The objective of life is not rest, the objective of life is to act.
Think of more discipline / ways and means in which you use your own wisdom / philosophy / attitude / courage / commitment / desire / excitement
Investment in discipline is not waste; the smallest of discipline thereby transform your life
I read the book "The Richest Person of Babylon" on the same day - I heard about it.
Some do, some don't. Numbers don't change, only the faces change
Those who participate in informative seminars, listen a dynamic sermon, read a book, listen some good clip, take seriously the next conversation of the friend who wants to level with you and do something about it
You can walk away from 97%, not live there anymore, because if you don't, the next 6 years of your life will be like the last 6
Take advantage and start making these personal changes, I made the changes to revolutionise my life
Your next 5 years will be same as past 5 years but If you change, everything will change - Join the 5%. The number will be the same, some faces can change and start showing up in 3%, 5%, 10% and thereby dynamically affecting your life / future.

Develop the ability to share: pass along someone else (if you got an idea)
If a book impress you, good for health / thoughts, pass it along,
If you pass to 10 people, you get hear 10 times; everybody wins, when some body shares
Share your ideas/experiences / knowledge
Recommend the book - turn the brain lights "on", got me thinking/pondering, and I am on track - Share with your children / colleagues / people you may grasp
Sharing makes you bigger - If a glass is full of water, you can put more water into it but you have to pour some out of it - If you are full of ideas, pour out - more will poured inin
When you pour out, it becomes bigger; Human being has a capacity to grow - consciousness - Kids don't lack capacity, they can speak 5-6 languages
Learn more languages - Human don't lack capacity, we lack teacher
Expand your capacity by sharing - share and get bigger, conscious grows
If I will share, I will hear it again
Pour out what you got, so that your capacity grows; why you want to grow capacity - to hold more for the next experience; Absorb - take in, share and grow
Some people are not very happy (they are not big enough), you pour out happiness for the whole world
If you are small, you don't get much - small in comprehension / appreciation, small in thinking in wonder
No matter how much is poured out, prosperity is poured throughout the country; Some people are small to share
Some people don't get much because they have turned their cup up side down, couldn't put anything in - Learn to share - glorious experience; Learn - how to set goals - do you have list of goals; Without list of goals - you are going nowhere; With setting goals list - every thing will be changed
Your vision of the future - two ways - 1 with apprehension 2 with anticipation
Apprehension - no clear design - they leave it to some body else; If you don't have plan, you will be working on someone else's plan; In this case if all -ve become +ve, prices low, economy boosts, weather better - matter not much; 10 years from now most of the people will be driving / living / thinking / have / become - which they don't want
Because They are counting - matter not much to count; uncertain steps - ends to empty life
How to change; Count on yourself - your ability to design the future = PROMISE - demands price to pay;
Has an awesome effect on your life - price is easy to pay if the promise is clear and powerful
Price seems high, too much to pay/accomplish; Kids can go for discipline if they see the promise of the future; Price is a few simple disciplines to practice every day
If they don't see, they don't want to pay; Same is true for all of us - we are ready to pay the price if we see PROMISE of the future; Handle your future by yourself, not let anyone else
Goals - health, financial, spiritual; What you want to see, be, have, share; where you want to go - design your own future with your hands/ capacity; Decide what you want and write it down, list it - what project you want to support, what skills you want to learn
Some extraordinary / ordinary / silly little / very important things you like to do - private list - simple / foolish things = list; My first list - I have revenge on it; Budget - finance
Big bills in a small brief case = paid all in one shot
Year by year my philosophy changed - old list replaced by new list
It will your ability to grow / change / philosophy / capacity
Decide and write your goals - involve your kids/spouse/ colleagues

Setting goals - become a millionaire
is not value what you get - value is what you become
25 years age learned lesson - 30 year age millionaire - 33 year age broken again by committing mistakes - what changed in you during this process of achieving goals
Goals not too low - Don't join easy crowd - you don't grow
Go over - where demands / expectations are high, where there is pressure - go read / study
I belong a group - who do business around the world = you cannot believe the expectations of that level > 5:00
What we expect each other for excellence, far beyond the average - why? so that we each grow, we can contribute to the group
Go where expectations are strong; so they can provoke/push you urgently insist - so you don't remain same for the next couple of years - 5 years to grow for change
Don't set your goals too low; When one says - I don't need much - then you don't need to become much; Don't compromise, don't settle out - COUNT cost, COUNT cost, COUNT cost; Judas traidor got the money - Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus; Was unhappy - source of happiness is inside; Doing a little less than you could - from there erosion starts, infection of unhappiness starts, not feeling good of yourself; Don't let that happen; Judas throw money away - was unhappy - he hanged his worthless self - which all traidors should do; He sold himself out, he paid a bigger price
And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Don't sell/compromise your values/virtues/ philosophy
Behold the positive word/possibility/opportunity/awesomeness/ uniqueness / majesty /
Beware; don't sell out - set goals which transform your life - which make far better / stronger - what you are
$1.00 kids never spend more than 70 cent, 10 cents charity (generosity), 10 cents active capital, try to show profit (not always money), touch something, leave it better than you found it, that's profit - profits are better than wages, wages/living, 10 cents passive capital
Profits/fortune - kids pay taxes when buy at 7/11
Jesus disciple caught fish - got coins - paid his and Jesus taxes; Jesus and kids should pay taxes; some profits are intangible / tangible
When people leave apartments, they leave the trash - what if you touch something, turns into trash - Living life of quite desperation, that's where it begins; become profit minded
Borrower is servant to the lender; power position - not spender; a lender
Be lender - earn interest/profit; Buy a car and sell it for more; because you leave it better than you found it; Touch something, add value and leave for a profit
Not the amount - it counts, it's the plan, that counts; If I have more money, I would have better plan; The true is reverse - if you have better plan, you have more money. 20:00
Philosophy is set of sales - own plan / concept
Don't borrow - cross the fingers and hope for the best
Keep strict accounts - I don't know where it all goes - it just gets away from me - it may be good for 97% but not good for you.
A new attitude - new concept - I hate to pay my taxes - TAXES - how to feed the goose that laid golden eggs - that goose eat too much - we all do eat too much - not accuse each other - hate / love pay the bills
Reduce your liabilities - increase your assets; My picture changing / improving
Every body must pay / share
Jesus watching treasury by church - all people were contributing - big, moderate, small amount - an old lady put 2 pennies - Jesus asked his disciples - look at 2 pennies - she gave more than every body else - she gave most what she had; It's not the amount, it's what represents of your life, it counts; Jesus didn't went after old lady to return her 2 pennies, if it was occurred - she would feel insulted. Why you are not allowing me to contribute?
This is the most, what I have. MEANS every body has to pay, even little.
Spend, profit, invest, charity - practice splendid economic philosophy
Communication - how to affect other people - 4 KEYS
Words can work miracles / are powerful / almost Godlike / first word from God - light, it means words create light
How can one make his life successful / transform / future / spiritually or any other way
You tell your story or other people's story and prepare a person to make his success - it is a new thing for him; It is possible to create light with words 30:00
Talking some person to another has a lot of power; A father to a son, a sales person talking to a client; inspiration, magical effect on futures
Become good communicator - have some thing good to say, communication starts with preparation, get ready to speak, attend classes, read the books
INTEREST - develop new interest into people, economics, social structure, possibilities, opportunities
Fascination - kids learn a lot, look at these answers, look at how big he is - turn frustration in fascination if you can, you learn more; getting late from your flight - don't be frustrated, be fascinated
SENSITIVITY - from where people coming from, where they been, where they are going, what they are thinking / like / dislike - be sensitive to that
2 things about Jesus; he was touched and moved by the misery; not by your own drama of life but by the other people; father (40) talking to his son (12) - go back, remember when you was 12 - it will touch you again - every day problem at that age; one person before becoming Apostle was killer of Christians - why he was effective with his words - he gave his own account of life - I remember pit I came from; if I want to touch other's difficulty - I have to remember my own difficulty
To become a good actor / actress - emotions close to the surface - remember - the events passed and choose the words of emotions
Knowledge; exercises of attending seminars, taking notes, work hard, roll up your sleep, go to work, gather the knowledge in journals / note books / library / youtube clips / don't be lazy in learning
Major part of communication is preparation; SAY it well - sincerity, repetition (mother of skill); GRAVITY - no need of many words, brief, short - JESUS - what he was, he didn't need much to say - few dynamic words can change one's life (a child, colleague, client)
VOCABULARY; work on your vocabulary, there is relationship between vocabulary and behaviour. More limited vocabulary, the more tendency to poor behaviour; words are a way of seeing, with poor vocabulary - you can't see very well. Then mistakes in judgement when you can't see very well. WORDS are a way of expressing - what's going on in your head / heart; POOR seeing / expression = tragic scenario of future
20 years from now BEHAVIOUR become a major problem
That person's world become smaller, smaller; can't see / express - finally no need for bigger place - STRUCTURE vocabulary; make post cards, sticky notes, work on it
FOR the kids - word for the day and its meaning - superficial - on the surface = SEE / EXPRESS better - Put out in words what's in your heart / soul / mind 40:00
PREPARE something good to say; SAY well; READ your audience, read what you feel - if child (change the gear - soft / strong), a lot to work on. In the start - absorbed in the notes too much. READ what you see - BODY language tell some of it, stop, change the gear; READ what you hear; child impatience - tell you every thing, listen for the RESPONSE - make New illustration, soften, extra ordinary stories
Women pick up emotional signals better than men - read the emotional signals
Very easy to make mistake in the language; what's meant to say
Especially signals of danger, women pick more quickly
There are shepherds and there are sheep and there are wolfs; some wolves are so clever, they learnt how to dress up like sheep
Don't ignore signals - INTENSITY; words mixed with emotion / hate / love / faith / courage = have incredible affect 46:00
New shirt pins - take out and pinch on hand / face - wire around an iron bar - pin is the word and iron bar is emotion
Put more of you what you say, don't be casual in language / words
Casualness leads to casualties; on the free way and in communication
Don't be lazy in learning good communication and put more of you
Emotions must be measured
Well chosen words with measured emotion the basis of affecting people with good communication
The more you care, the stronger you could be = parent, leader, friend, colleague
Minister tells me hell fire for my soul for my sinful life - with tears ok but with joy not ok. Heart breaks - tears in the eyes; not with dry eyes
Otherwise we all will dismiss it
There are conversations which are not mixed with emotions - don't mean anything
LEARN measured emotions; remember draw from well chosen words, expanded vocabulary, be under fascinated; put all this together - your ability to touch other people grow day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year
It's best time to laugh, once you learn to laugh, keep on laughing = NO, NO, NO
There is time to laugh, and a time to cry - you got to become so sophisticated / educated - that you don't laugh when time to cry
LEARN to cry well, how can you identify with some people if you don't cry with them 

50:00 ANT philosophy - ANTS never quit - they are going somewhere - you stop them - they found alternate way - till they die or find it, Ants think - winter/ summer, summer thinks winter
Don't build your house on sand during summer; it's easy to fake out; think summer / storm; negative is normal; you can't dismiss itNegative not to be ignored, learn to master it, better to wrestle / be alert with it; better than we are; procrastination rob our fortune; poor health legacy who neglect their health discipline, do battle with enemies outside and the inside
LEARN how to handle negative

POSITIVE emotions: disgust is negative emotion - has a very positive effect
NOT much education - a lady VP in a big corporation = asked $10 from husband, he asked for what purpose - SHE decided to never ever ask again
Started looking for opportunities, now she makes a lot of money
LIFE changing day = when you say = enough is enough
A guy shot 100 bullets on his old car = saved it - not any more driving this car 
After deciding: decision making day is important; cleaned up list of decisions; this is inspiration of change for next 5 years - 55:00
Desire; sometimes desire waits for a trigger; wait for something happen - a song, a movie, a seminar, a sermon, a book, a confrontation with an enemy - WELCOME all experiences - anyone can turn everything on
Don't put up walls, take down the walls, go for experience, LET it teach you, don't let even small experience to go
RESOLVE; I will do or die, never give up, baby learns to walk, your skills change, never give up, don't miss the chance to grow
Achieve life's best treasures when you pay the price
LEADERS, PARENTS, learn to help people with their lives, not just their jobs / skills
TOUCH people with the book / poem / words; don't fail to say something that could be meaningful.
LEARN TO HELP people to set their goals, help them with their dreams / future / errors / mistakes
HELP your kids, not just hang in there, not just hold the family together, TRY to build life with communication / with setting goals
HELP kids with their lives / not just with their homework
IF you work on your gifts, they will make room for you
Be Humble: Be humble & never think you are better than anyone else even when you know you are!!! “Proud goes before fall” for dust you are and unto dust you shall return (Genesis 3:19 biblical quotes) 
An Advice: Advice is like an offensive treasure, depending on whom you give it to. For some who appreciate it, it’s indeed a treasure. And to some who don’t, it’s an offensive speech.
Advice Is Not All: People don’t always need advice, sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a heart to understand them.‎
Hard Work: It is absolutely crazy to think that there are people destined to be rich, nobody has the monopoly of making money, don’t let your believe or thinking, limit you.
Gossipers: Spend less time gossiping about problems and more time helping yourself and others solve them.  Stay out of people’s needless drama and don’t create your own.‎

7 Habits of Incredibly Successful People

  1. Rise early, go to bed early: There is an old adage (saying) that the early bird catches the worms. Using the adage in the context of habits, incredibly successful people know that when they rise early, they get more uninterrupted work done, which makes them highly productive. They also know that if they want to operate at peak, they have to get enough sleep, so they go to bed early.
  2. Exercise: Successful people tend to exercise first thing in the morning to get the energy to take them through the day.
  3. Focus: Incredibly successful people know if they try to do too many things, they end up doing none of them well. So, they focus on doing only one or two things very well, and delegate the rest. This intense focus enables them to create something special and worth talking about.
  4. Delegate: It’s a well-known fact that no one ever succeeds alone. And there is no self-made man. We all rely on others to succeed. The most successful people have this knowledge, so they surround themselves with people who have complementary skills. They delegate to others, so they can focus on what they do really well, accomplishing more every day.
  5. Plan: Although the saying is very cliché, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” there is a lot of truth to it. A plan is a big picture of what you are trying to accomplish, but you can deviate from it when the environment changes or when opportunities arise. When there is no plan, you are unsure of what to do, which hampers your success. Additionally, planning also means planning ahead what you intend to accomplish each day.
  6. Review the day: The most successful people review how their day went before they go to sleep. They also take the time to celebrate the little or big wins they have each day. In reviewing the day, they also express thanks for the things they are grateful for.
  7. Ongoing Learning: Incredibly successful people know that learning never ends. They love to learn, and they often read books for information or to further their knowledge on a particular topic. They find ways to stay current in their field.
Jim Rohn
Do you know someone who should Change their life? They KNOW how to change their life but they still don’t do it.
Knowledge is not enough. Knowledge is not POWER. Knowledge is information, power is something else.
The #1 Key to all Success is Personal Power.
To take the steps that are necessary to take an idea and translate it into reality.
Keys to Unlimited Success
1. Personal Power
2. Changing Your Core Beliefs. Duplicate the beliefs of Successful people.
If learning leads you to KNOWLEDGE, it’s a FOOL. If learning leads you to ACTION, you will become wealthy.
“I’m not alone, YOU are always WITHIN me.”
“God is able to make it up to you by giving you everything you need and more, so that there will not only be enough for your own needs, but plenty left over to give joyfully to others.” – 2 Corinthians 9:8
Time is more valuable than money. You can get more Money, unfortunately you can’t get more TIME.
One IDEA can be Life Changing for YOU.
Don’t be a follower, BE A STUDENT.
Make what you Do is product of your CONCLUSION. Not to do someone else says. Take someone else says, process it, think about it, ponder it, if it makes you wonder, if it makes you think, then it’s Valuable, then when you go to take ACTIONS, make sure that your actions is not what someone else tells you to do, make sure that your ACTION is product of your OWN CONCLUSION.
5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle

1 – Philosophy
2 – Attitude
3 – Activity
4 – Results
5 – Live well

Jim Rohn: He is my mentor. He wants me to live the life. He wants me discover myself. The giant within me that needs to manifest that will benefit the people around the world. He’s mentor of Anthony Robbins. He’s great. I want to duplicate his strategies. He will help you to know your capability as man. He’s a great speaker.
For more than 40 years, Jim Rohn honed his craft like a skilled artist—helping people the world over sculpt life strategies that have expanded their imagination of what is possible. Those who had the privilege of hearing him speak can attest to the elegance and common sense of his material. It is no coincidence, then, that he is widely regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, and thought of by many as a national treasure. Jim authored countless books and audio and video programs, and helped motivate and shape an entire generation of personal-development trainers and hundreds of executives from America’s top corporations.
Born to an Idaho farming family in the mid-1900s, Jim was ingrained with a work ethic that has served him well throughout his life. At 25, he met his mentor Earl Shoaff. And over the next six years he made his first fortune, yet didn’t get into speaking until he moved to Beverly Hills, California, when a friend at the Rotary Club asked him to tell his success story, which Rohn titled “Idaho Farm Boy Makes It to Beverly Hills.”
His speech went over so well that he received more invitations to share it, and better yet, they started paying him for it. In the beginning, he spoke in front of college and high-school classes and at service clubs, before moving on to seminars in 1963, which launched him into the personal-development business. From then on, Jim Rohn became a trailblazer in the self help and personal development industry, impacting the lives of millions through his life-changing material.
Jim Rohn focused on the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect personal and business performance. His is the standard to which those who seek to teach and inspire others are compared. He possessed the unique ability to bring extraordinary insights to ordinary principles and events, and the combination of his substance and style captures the imagination of those who hear or read his words.
Jim is known as one of the great wordsmiths of our time. Here is a sampling from Jim’s Treasury of Quotes that reflect on his philosophy on life and business:
Skills: Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.
Growth: Don’t join an easy crowd. You won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform and achieve are high.
Change: We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.
Activity: The few who do are the envy of the many who watch.
Success: Success is what you attract by the person you become.

DAY 10: Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
SUCCESS is JOURNEY, NOT Destination.
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
1. Law of Pure Potentiality
2. Law of Giving
3. Law of “Karma” or Cause and Effect
4. Law of Least Effort
5. Law of Intention and Desire
6. Law of Detachment
7. Law of “Dharma” or Purpose in Life

3 Ways to get in touch with Pure Potentiality
1. Practice of Meditation and Silence
2. Communing with Nature
3. Practicing None judgment

3 Ways to Practice Least Effort
1. Acceptance
2. Responsibility
3. Defendslessness

“To have more we must first become more”
“THINGS don’t just HAPPEN, things happen JUST.”
“You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.”
It is our personal philosophy that establishes our individual attitude. It is our attitude that determines both the quantity and the quality of our level of activity. That activity produces a final and proportionate result, and the result provides the lifestyle that we live.
The results and the lifestyle are the effects – the conditions we inherit — but it is our personal philosophy, attitude and activity which are the ultimate cause of the effect.
To change the effect, we must alter the cause, and yet most people curse the effect but continue to nourish the cause.
FAILURE is nothing more than a few errors in judgment repeated every day.
SUCCESS is few simple disciplines practiced every day.

It’s not what happens that determines; the major part of your future, the key is what you do about.
What you had at the moment, you’ve attracted by person you become.
If you will change, everything will change for you.
How do you get more money? Become more valuable. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
If you work hard on your job, you can make for living. If you work hard on yourself, you can make fortune.
Life and business is like seasons.
You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself.

4 Major Lessons in Life to Learn
1 – Handle the Winters
2 – Take Advantage of the Spring
3 – Nourish and Protect in the Summer
4 – Reap the Harvest in the Fall

The 5 Abilities to DEVELOP
1. Ability to ABSORB; 2. Ability to RESPOND; 3. Ability to REFLECT; 4. Ability to ACT
5. Ability to SHARE

Most people are just trying to get THROUGH the DAY.
Learn to get FROM the DAY, don’ts just get through it, GET FROM IT.
“Wherever YOU ARE, BE THERE. Be there to ABSORB it up.
Our EMOTIONS need to be educated as INTELLECT.
Take a few minutes at the END of the DAY.
1. Who do you SEE? 2. What did they SAY? 3. What HAPPEN? 4. How do you FEEL?
5. What went ON?
So that you can CAPTURE that DAY.

A DAY is a piece the MOSAIC of your LIFE.

1. Don’t be at CASUAL. 2. Get FROM the DAY. 3. Go BACK OVER the DAY,
REFLECT so that it will locks in the experience, knowledge, the sights, the sounds, the panorama, the color emotion pictures of the day, so that it will SERVE you for the FUTURE having that DAY.


1. Take a FEW MINUTES at the END of the DAY.
2. Take a FEW HOURS at the END of the WEEK.
3. Take a HALF-DAY at the END of the MONTH.
4. Take a WEEKEND at the END of the YEAR.

“Time to ACT when the IDEA is HOT and the FEELING is STRONG.”
Kids don’t LACK of CAPACITY, they only LACK TEACHERS.

GOAL is your VISION of the FUTURE.
2 Ways to FACE the FUTURE.
1. with Apprehension
2. With Anticipation.
If you don’t make PLANS on your OWN, you’ll probably fall on somebody’s plan. Their plan for YOU is NOT MUCH.


“The PRIZE is EASY if the PROMISE is CLEAR.”

Kids will pay the DISCIPLINES if they can see the PROMISE.

The Prize of few SIMPLE DISCIPLINEs PRACTICE every day.

Decide WHAT you WANT and MAKE a LIST.
“For WHAT it will MAKE OF YOU to ACHIEVE it. “

The greatest value in life is NOT WHAT YOU GET.

The greatest value in life is WHAT YOU BECOME.

Major Questions to ASK in your JOB, is NOT what I am GETTING here. Major Questions to ASK in your JOB, is WHAT I am BECOMING here.

Set a KIND of GOALS that will MAKES something OF YOU to ACHIEVE it.

1. Don't set your GOALS too LONG.

1. Self-determination is always a MATTER of CHOICE.
2. Self-esteem always PRECEEDS PERFORMANCE.
3. The MIND is always DOMINANT on THOUGHTS.
4. WINNERS are busy DOING WITHIN not doing WITHOUT.
5. Self-dimension: Getting out of yourself and IN of the world.

“If the belly is empty, you start to THINK.” – African Tribe
Don’ts give everything in MONEY on your KIDS, because you can’t give EVERYTHING.

Life is a CHOICE and NOT a CHANCE.

Talents are what you like to DO and what YOU do WELL. Bring this to WORK and as a HOBBY.

“The people that READ the MOST are the MOST SUCCESSFUL regardless of their occupations.”

When you READ, you save 5 to 10 years because YOU don’t have to make MISTAKE from yourself.

“You lead yourself, you understand YOURSELF, then YOU’re capable of LEADING others”- Jim Rohn


COURAGE is a the ABILITY to GET OUT of YOUR COMFORT ZONE and base mostly in TRAINING, EXPERIENCE, and KNOWLEDGE to be able to make a decisions to INTERNALIZE personal RESPONSIBILITY.

Words can make miracles. 4 Steps of Good Communication
1 – Have something good to say; 2 – Say it well; 3 – Read your audience
4 – Learn how to deal with the negative

4 good words to help you to say something good
1. Interest; 2. Fascination; 3. Sensitivity; 4. Knowledge
Gather knowledge, don’t be lazy in learning. How to Say it WELL?
1. Sincerity; 2. Repetition; 3. Gravity; 4. Vocabulary
The more limited the vocabulary, the more tendency to poor behavior.
If you don’t have good VOCABULARY, you can’t SEE very WELL.
And that person’s world become smaller, smaller and smaller, why?
They can’t see, they can’t express.
Read what YOU see.
Read what YOU hear.
Read what YOU feel.
Words have a certain effect but, words mix with emotions had incredible effect.
Put more of you on what you say.
“Well-chosen words mix with measured emotions, the basis of affecting people with good communications.”
The more you care the stronger you can be.
Ant’s philosophy: ant’s never quits.
4 parts of the day that turns your life around.
1. Discuss; 2. Decision; 3. Desire; 4. Resolve
Resolve – Promising YOURSELF that you’ll NEVER GIVE UP.
Welcome ALL EXPERIENCES, you never KNOW which one is gonna TURN Everything ON.

Concentration of POWER: If you FOCUS on something EVERY single DAY and You ask YOURSELF, how can I IMPROVE it and you DEMAND from yourself that somehow it has to get BETTER. You’ll MASTER that AREA of FOCUS.
2 Reasons that SHAPES our BEHAVIOR
5 Lessons of LIFE MASTERY
1. Master your EMOTIONS
2. Physical MASTERY
4. Master of MONEY
5. Mastering TIME
80% of Success in LIFE is KNOWING WHY TO, 20% is HOW TO.
“It’s not WHAT HAPPENS that determines the QUALITY of your life, it’s WHAT we DO about on what HAPPENS.
EMOTION is CREATED by MOTION. The WAY you MOVE, determines that WHAT you FEEL.

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