Stop Killing Time - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi
Always keep yourself busy - versatile

An empty Mind is Devil's workshop!
Otherwise get Company with Idle people
Steve Jobes - along with computer - calligraphy
Continuously Learn / understand something
Be better and better by time
I am not as I was 6 months before and same will be after 6 months
I will be totally different as I am utilising each moment of my life in learning
If you are learning a bad thing that is better than doing good thing
If you have nothing to do, get out of home and talk to the people, observe people, invite people, make yourself busy, learning constructive, make growing your habit, you will be proud of yourself, observe yourself
Be away of laziness
Comfort zone / routine life is very boring
Never let stop your growth

13:00 Try to share and other people's experiences - now growing become your nature
In actual life - not all the time in your favour - then will you be unhappy for 9 days?
Sometimes one is successful, other time others
Companies are looking for team players - not for stars
Team players come from learning - teaching (will be humble), not in ego
Ego people stop learning
Apologise in appropriate way
People will say it peak, I would have started

Life of New Immigrant

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