Your help needed to build a questionnaire for different walks of life persons:

A street person
A professional
A scholar
A person who is managing an organization
A religious scholar
Service to Humanity - Helping Community through Community

e.g, A politician - To Politicians
We are lucky living in a part of world where one can enjoy democracy and freedom of speech. At the same time we see a lot of injustice examples on individual level and on international level.
International injustice examples: we see in some countries some other countries are violating that poor nation's sovereignty but Canada and other countries are providing arms to those countries. Some international banks are directly involved in funding terrorism.
International injustice examples: 10JUNE2016 burial of late Muhammad Ali Clay was a great evidence of interfaith harmony but exactly 2 days later on 12JUNE2016 the incident by Omar Mateen was more actively captured by media and politicians. If this is real democracy then people were more emotionally involved and attached with Muhammad Ali Clay's last moments (his burial), but with help of media people's attention was intentionally diverted from harmony to hatred.
As a human being and representing people in government policies do we feel some responsibility. What is your stance in that regard?

An actvist
A volunteer at a centre

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