Overcoming Fear & Anger - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi
Anger: is big problem; is not good for your health / relationship; 1 second anger will ruin the whole life
A person deliberately becomes angry, anger / fear is not automatic
Anger is like dance, you can stop / continue
Boss does without reason, nobody respond him (here you are not practicing your anger, A coward, to denote incapability)
You do same at your home (here you are practicing your anger)
You can do anger / fear – moderate, high or low
All incapabilities are same
In case of Ghost (no in fact, it’s in our mind) – you can see back; use your choice
These ghost use your energy / power
You make it stronger and stronger
Look back at him with your full intention
Same is for anger and other incapabilities
15:00 Feelings and Imagination (judgements) are already in mind
Reaction comes immediately; we have to create a gap between these two
We have to stop and look into options, possibilities
Don’t run behind confusion (the state if infinite possibilities)
Two options: keep on running behind infinite options; other is aware move (success)
22:00 We have to stop and look into options, possibilities
Recent situation is like victim and hunter – if we put some victim in front of hungry hunter – it’s not waiting anything – we have to create gap
Some people create gap for food – many, many days – they use their brain power
If we are not utilizing our brain, we are even bitter than animals
10 years revise in a second – for 2 different friends different
27:00 may be situation altogether changed
Good become bad and bad become good (quite possible)

Life of New Immigrant

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