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Dear Sir/Madam!

It is matter great pleasure to send you this message on behalf of All Solutions Team to introduce our TV Channel Broadcasting which you might have watched or heard about from one of our viewers. The project has already been successfully launched and has been drawing attention of many trustworthy class of people like you. This is not a secret anymore that most of our social and other important issues related to different day to day challenges have been highlighted through experts in print and electronic media. A responsible group of our team decided to contribute towards the noble cause of our society and finally we are able to launch a TV Channel Broadcasting to address the issues which can help individuals and groups of society to improve their life style and other social components which can help them grow in a steady and smooth manner. The professionals from different back grounds are kind enough to spare their time from their busy schedule and share thoughts and experiences for the benefit of community. We are very thankful for their kindness and contribution towards this endeavour for mass education.

The deserving class of society was looking for the solution of their existing issues to grow and be helped by professionals. With the help of our dedicated team members, we are in a position after spending plenty of time and other resources to make it happen. Which means that the long awaited dreams of the needy class became reality. We appreciate the help of all our supporters who are involved in this endeavour. Many professionals and philanthropists have shown their deep interest that they want this project to grow for the benefit of others.

All Solutions Team proudly announce that we have received testimonials by our supporters from all over including the respected professionals who are already related to the media and have praised our steps which we have taken to solve the problems of others by using this TV channel as a very effective tool to highlight the concerns of the community. You can always suggest us a topic and questions to ask to different professionals which from your view point can be a contribution of knowledge for everyone.

All Solutions Team appreciate all of you who are involved in this project directly and indirectly alike. We look forward for your kind feedback for the technological and technical improvements of this TV channel. Please do not forget to contact us, if you have any question or concern. Your feedback will be always considered which will be really a great asset for our growth.

All Solutions Team

Tel: (647) 951-4130

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