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Mujahid Hussain and Tasneem Zaman on Mainstream media (MSM)

Media is Promoting Standards of Beauty, Strength, Fame, Power and Wealth

Feelings of inadequacy may also be triggered or worsened by messages in the prevailing culture, particularly in the media, promoting standards of beauty, strength, fame, power, and wealth that are impossible for most people to attain. We may see other people as happy, successful, empowered, and good, and when we compare this image with our own perceived failings, we feel inadequate. In reality, we have no idea what really goes on in most other people’s lives and minds, and we often overlook our own strengths and successes, so such comparisons are bound to do far more harm than good.

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  1. Sorry to say but media is the worst spreader of terrorism and injustice in the world nowadays

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