Some Points for Preparation to Discuss Interest Base System Vs Interest Free System Please add your input

If we take 50% principal and 40-50% interest (service charges), then property tax, mortgage insurance, home insurance, and utility bills are at the top in expenses in case of home buying.

So if one is buying a house for $500k, it will end up some where $1200 - 1500K.

And it's all bank controlled with all rights e.g, in case of 3 months mortgage payment shortage results in losing the property.

Instead of job security getting strong with age and experience, the corporate prefers youth to hire. So with the age one is losing financial security.

There is no doubt, good legal system, free health facility, a lot of help available for education; one can very easily observe some forced unrecorded cultural residential push outs; many emotional health issues and a good ratio of youth of immigrant parents without good education and forced to do odd jobs with degrees and without degrees.

Even apparently very resourceful and wealthy families have very rare chance to accommodate their parents in a reasonable manner.

Our community centres are striving hard to meet the spiritual and cultural needs but still a big gap between the demand and supply can be easily noticed with a little analytical study.

Banking system is doing very well in building high rise and other impressive installations but very few room for ordinary public to avail banking system and facilities.

0% interest in Japan, how they managed, study is interesting. Japan at one point recently had to eliminate the interest rate, i.e. bringing it to ZERO, in order to salvage her economy from being wrecked. Thus, the necessity to deal with banks which are service-charge based - not usury-based - is universally noticed.

China is exercising and introducing 0% interest in few areas of their policies.

The traditional interest-based banking system is less humane and more inhumane. To make profit it easily goes for such exercises which are not healthy for society. They may invest in night clubs, bars, lotteries and other non productive projects which eventually are not beneficial for the society.

70k raise in condo price gone to commission and taxes and the owner ended up with no gain (profit) after 10 years exercise.

Important to mention Qarz e Hasna through All Solutions Team and through affiliated centres and how can we make it secure to give opportunity to the beneficiaries to work with our institute to compensate the money. Because most of the time our new immigrants have challenge in finding jobs.

Grameen Bank - is a good example to be studied and as reference.

Points of Interest
a) A huge impact as a community we may generate if we launch and lead Affordable Housing (35% margin at least) on other communities.

b) Community managed student accommodation arrangements close to educational institutes in all big cities.

c) 24/7 Community helpline for addressing crises situation in family conflicts.

d) There are some families suffered with one member with disability challenge; then the whole family has to pay full attention to address the situation. Our team study getting some success to involve community in this type of scenarios.

e) Temporary residence arrangements for new immigrants and full fledged guide program for their real settlement in this new and totally different environment on community basis is underway.

f) Youth Matrimonial guidance / facilitation program on agenda.

All Solutions Team is working hard to analyse, resolve, figure out, highlight the community issues and finding experts' advice to address these issues on community level with the help of community for the community.

The above mentioned issues are getting priority as per team's research and evaluation. Your cooperation, guidance, participation would be highly appreciated.

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