Deathbed Theory

The iceberg phenomenon describe a situation in which a large percentage of a problem is subclinical, unreported, or otherwise hidden from view. Thus, only the "tip of the iceberg" is apparent to the epidemiologist.

Only 10% of any iceberg is visible. The remaining 90% is below sea level. The iceberg phenomenon is also applicable on human beings. 

KNOWN TO OTHERS (results / behaviour 10%); UNKNOWN TO OTHERS (Values, standards, judgements, motives, Ethics, Beliefs / Attitude 90%) - IMPACT 10% above

If one knows to die after 3 months; then he will free of stress / thoughts
No complaints; will Persuade (manana - cause someone to do something through reasoning or argument).
will spend left over
will spend quality time with family
will feel nature; Morning freshness

How to do small things with quality

Socrates; observing small things and you will get the personality
Peel and {guThali} = STONE of mango through far so that people who cannot afford cannot see to control negative thinking

Consciously spend 3 hours in hospital emergency without any reason
Visit prisoners (to change thinking paradigms)
Visit Fountain House; get retorted;
End up Crazy, Psyco, Mad
1) Not forgive (body / mind immune - get strong with forgiveness),
2) Mean, miserly, stingy (kanjoos); no courage
3) Purposeless life (unclear goals of life, no meaningful life); work hard on your kids
4) Not visionary (future foreseeing)
5) Not social (Price; time, attention, sacrifice); will increase when you spend

Remedy; Good uncle, good relationships, forgive evil around


Giver or Receiver Attitude Better

At the age of 25 started making list of goals (Importance of list of goals) - List of goals; transform life with better vision

We can design / plan our time / life with better objective / purpose at present moment

Physical environment where we live; let's contribute; hotel room; leave (turn off lights) as we entered (turn on lights) 

Learn to give and you will receive (may be not in the same way as you did) but in some mysterious ways; it's better to give than to receive; intelligent self interest; giving starts the receiving process 

Receiving is very limited; giving starts the receiving process from unknown resources - One of unique mysteries of life 

Turn off the lights in hotel room; Easy contribution; it raises your self esteem and self respect; not for average person 

Always leave better than you found it; a high %age of people leave apartment trashed after living 6 month / 1 year 

Commitment to your own self esteem; intelligent self interest 

Self interest says; I wish to be ruler over many 

Intelligent Self interest says; I understand how to do that 

Be faithful and you take care of few; some day you will get the position 

We can discipline ourselves from small 

Take your trash home and deposit it (toothpick from restaurant etc); build your self esteem / respect 

Most people through trash on highway and cleaning cost a lot 

Even Most of the people don't care; you care for self dignity 

Political, Social, Economical Environment is next 

1 mm off arch changes the whole story and results 

A plastic surgeon has measurements to make face beautiful with a difference of mm 

A little shift today can make big difference after a while (one year) 

Love people and contribute 

Use body and change focus 

Make yourself to believe; NOT affirmation (superficial) BUT incantation (Physiology) 

Incantation (physiology) with subconscious mind 

Successful people do what failures won't 

Goal Setting - Powerful Written Goals In 7 Easy Steps with Jim Rohn & Tony Robbins

A Glass of Milk

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