Sandeep Maheshwari in Hindi Latest Video 2016 How to get Rich by Sandeep Maheshwari
3:00 infinite possibilities – absolute freedom – we follow the crowd; some cannot see, some see and cannot act, some see – act but not smartly – they do hard work and fail – then we preach for hardship and failure
6:00 Possibilities turn into reality with action – not for thinking, using reality with better understanding, vigilant vision; glasses, chair, stage, screen – now realities; before was possibilities; then improvement of chair; see – understand – then think about solution
Don’t disconnect from reality while considering possibilities – don’t be lost in imagination
10:00 chair - perspiration/sweat – problems – crying worsen problem: needs solutions - possibilities, chances to failure - solutions - possibilities, chances to failure are nil; cell phone with everyone, reality - repairs, warranty and out, simplify and go for solution; lowest price with quality service; dishonesty and repeated customer. Ego trap
2nd hand mobile buy and sell 
Versatile: capable of turning forward or backward : reversible 2) : capable of moving laterally and up and down. 3 : having many uses or applications 
Honesty, excellence, sharing 
First get success – then share your achievements 
Difference between animals and human 
Toys for kids – location (80/20 rule) – child specialist; balloons free of cost; logo of your toy shop 
80% rare selling, 20% mostly sold (start from there) 
Look and designate Demand with reality – from reality comes possibility – not vice versa 
Discuss with Versatile minded friends - not go behind imagination 

Not go for best case scenario

Life of New Immigrant

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