One Of The Best Speeches Ever By Simon Sinek (So Inspiring!)
Millennial (people born in 1984 or after); tough to manage, accused to be entitled, self interested, unfocused, lazy. Leadership questions; where you want to work, they say, at a place of PURPOSE, want to make impact. Want free food. Due to missing piece they are not still happy. 4 characteristics; 1) Failed Parenting strategies, parent all the time tell that they are special, they can get anything they want in life, only just because they want it, get honour classes not due to deserve but by the complaint of parents, A's, participation battle, when you get which one doesn't deserve, it leaves sense of embarrassment, in the job they face different situation; they know they are not special, you don't have just you want, with lower self esteem than previous generations 2) Technology; Facebook, Instagram world, good to show life is amazing even though I'm depressed, everybody portrays that he's tough and I can figure out; that's not true. Most senior people say, this is what you got and they don't know, what they are saying; they were dealt at a bad hand; social media, cell phone, release chemicals. This chemical is same as when we drink, smoke, gamble. Highly, highly, highly addictive. Age restriction on smoking, alcohol and gambling and we have no age restriction on social media and cell phones; high stress domain, parental approval and peer approval transition. We start relying on peer approval. Stress and anxiety grows. They don't know how to develop deep meaningful relationship, they caught by superficial, when real stress time comes, they don't behave like person, they behave like device. They go for temporary relief. Alcohol, gambling, social media; if balanced, it's OK but too much is a problem. When you are not present at dinner or meeting; texting somebody away, it cost relationship; low self esteem, no coping with stress mechanism 3) Impatience; instant gratification, no need to wait to buy, to watch a show, no need to learn anything, job and relationship satisfaction - slow and messy processes, need to learn patience; love, job, joy, skill set are not instant; journey is long and difficult; one can notice the suicide rate, overdose accidental deaths, kids drop out of school due to depression, just waking through life with no deep fulfilment of joy and love, tasteless job / relationship. 4) Environment; corporate, deal with numbers; short term gain, no feeling for youth growth, care about year not for life time, no learning for confidence, skill set, challenges of digital world, how to overcome instant gratification; youth blame themselves that they were not able to prove themselves; this is worst part; here is a total lack of real leadership to make them feeling the way they do. Society and parents have responsibility. Social skills needed to be taught. Don't compromise on trust building, relationship building; slow, steady, consistent process. Create mechanism for these small inoculations to work. Use of will power, removing temptation. Ideas come when mind is free but if it is engaged .. BUY alarm clock. Don't use telephone alarm. Make up the short fall. Make idealistic, fantastic generation. Build confidence, learn patience, learn socail skills, find better balance between life and technology, physical interaction and engaging with real world.

One Day of Success

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