Success and Happiness Secrets of 30 Families (Must watch) Hindi
Happiness starts from home; money, health, kids:
Whenever you see each other – with family and friends, see with full excitement/enthusiasm/zeal (even after 1 hour)
Tolerate – action/ habit/everything – in house/ out of the house; a little sacrifice of Me/ego. Me after/ We first; no argument
Self safety first (happy family); not too much sacrifice; aeroplane hostess instruction for oxygen mask (3)
One hour with family everyday; morning/evening walk/sport; movie/picnic/eating out – gives privacy; investment; bonding; availability; in busy time don’t forget each other
Write 2 good habits for each other/ play game/ paste paper on back
One meal together daily, family dinner, different ways, observe likings; families eat together – stay together; crazy dinner
What you expect from others; do by yourselves: kids follow parents; watching TV time etc, other habits, no early rise (7)
Act and feel at your children’s age – technology, bikes, movies, expectations, needs, concerns, interest; don’t impose; try to know kid’s interests; common questions help to know
Care privacy, telephone, room entry with permission, all family members are on facebook but not friends to care privacy - perhaps
Competition in appreciation; 100 cards equally distribute, give card on appreciation; count in evening; tea, shoes, clothes (10)
Give a chance to express/talk every one; over to next; over to next; over to next; in every matter consult everyone – important role; no stoppage/blockage/restraint/ suppression/ repression; for food/dinner – everyone feel winner; don’t poke
Joke family, for each other, not on each other; sense of humour, smile and make others smile – not laugh on others; all participate
Cooperation; helping each other more than expectation; cooking, cleaning, tea (13)
Share everything (never hide); crayons (sister) – given all to brother and slept well /chocolate (brother) – hide few and no sleep the whole night thinking may be sister not given all crayons. Play your part well.
Everybody sits in living/drawing room in evening (15-20 min); talk/share everything – design of the house interactive
Couple first, then family; then friends – once a while is ok but not in the long run. don’t let feel anybody ignored; don’t invite different families together (16)
Common taste hobbies/School going children activities; after school activities (not recommended); it is not family interactive; family bonding is more important
Traditional family celebrations in contrast with modern family – national flag, eid, facebook etc (18)
Father /Motherday, birthdays. Celebrations, wedding anniversaries, bed sheet, TV bought, clothes; simply wish
Low pitch in family; contribute in family happiness, high pitch dangerous, kids’ high voice phobia
Never fight in front of children; addiction in children, depression, suicide of children (rich), apologise if happen, sorted misunderstanding (no tolerance)
Regard each other; value emotions; love human being; don’t love his good traits, hate his bad habits;
Communication helps a lot – family group on whatsapp, small jokes/share info (23)
Celebrate in front of hotel; some nights; everyone will sing
Busy family (rich); every 15 days cook food; no servant involvement in that event; Youth participation
Extended family involvement, cousin/relative/ neighbours; every 15 days all 10-15 family’s all members; kids see each other, kids’ friends; we learn a lot; socially close (26)
Kids’ friends’ family’s get together
Dance on loud music; stop music and then still like statute; Copy famous TV shows,
Not a big deal – never mind on losses (big/small), repeat famous +ve statements, laptop stolen 29.
Adjust with changes, respect youngsters with the change of their status; instead of you say yourself with changes

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