Is Life Uncertain?

Life is full of uncertainties; we leave behind only memories. Positions, achievements; nothing is permanent. Death is a big reality. Any moment can come and will leave behind everything. All business will be left behind (short term business) but something will accompany me; would be myself (long term business). 
Why we are ignoring long term business? We have to take care for both businesses. Much attention deserving business should be long term one. We easily become ready to earn profit for short term business at the cost of long term business profit. Lie, mockery, deception, jealousy, try to leave others behind. We got material gains but lost happiness, satisfaction, relationship, love, health. Why we focus on short term business? People will call it success. Self is not happy. Needed balance. Earn wealth but not at the cost of happiness. Taunt, anger, all negative attitudes are being used to earn worldly gain. Soul power battery is the measure of happiness. The negative energy will come back. 5-6 to 10 people will create negative energy for me. 
Now when soul power battery is lowered in power, I will be more angry on more small things. Same will be the result of lying, jealousy. Hard work didn't worked; now I worked on dragging him back. 
Why our focus is on short term business? This is equation. Outside is high level but inside is empty. 
Now I need balance. If our inner (will power, positivity) is strong, it can help our outside business but vice versa is impossible. Coach subordinate, discipline him but no taunt. Now he will think good about us, will generate positive energy for us. 
What wealth brings? big house, 1-3 cars, doctors, treatment etc (a list) are all physical; wealth cannot bring; happiness, peace, health, love (a list); it needs energy, prayers. We make happy one person and earn prayers of many people and charge our soul battery and vice versa. These people will have a lot free time; they would be sending +ve or -ve energy / vibration for us. 
If someone somewhere is upset due to me then my happiness is impossible. We are using tea, coffee, smoke but still mood is not good. I forget but I triggered the process. Same is when we feel happiness; someone somewhere is happy due to me and sending +ve vibration for me. It's very easy to strengthen soul. Earn prayers; others did wrong, deceived but still talk softly and lovely and positively. It's in my advantage. We do opposite in routine life and unknowingly I was loser. Then we suffered with diseases, lack of relationships. Now we spent money to reinstate. 
The empty we are from inside, the more we need outside to make this up. We keep on buying properties, dresses etc. but still there is no happiness. Life is getting more complicated. Vacations, holidays remote areas, abroad. If we are happy from inside then we would need very little money to live happy life. Look at Ads. Buy more and more. Comparison and competition should be in happiness; not in show off. 
Owning big business but without any worth of life. Fights, doubts, conflicts, concerns. Why are we rushing to follow each other?Please spend some time on yourself and think whether these people are happy. I don't have time; is cheating to ourselves. I spent 50 years and all earned went to some one else in a moment. We are thinking that we don't have time. It's a deception. 
Successful is one who balance between health, worship, love and will do business at the same time. This table has 4 legs equal then it's in working condition. If one leg of table is taller then it will not be a good table. Our life is facing the same challenge. Allocate two hours every morning; one hour for physical health and one hour for soul empowering. In the evening, spend time with family. Otherwise stress level will increase. 
We are jealous; how someone got more successful. Race rule is that starting point must be same, here in life, it's not possible practically. We are not considering all parameters; we are just looking at the current moment. We are looking at the same hard work but not considering the rest parameters. 
One student was playing the whole day and the other was studying the whole day before exam; possibility that later failed and the first passed with high score. He studied 364 days but last day he was playing and the other did opposite. Life is like that. 
Many factors; our family tree, environment around and many things work to get result; not only current day. We notice in life that we were about to become successful but something happened. Then at some point of time for someone we did something to stop some one's success. 
We would have to care for our focus. Last day and days activities work for today's. Competition is not possible but considering ourselves a contender we ruin our current day too. We have to take out of belief; the competition; my business, my hard work, my honesty only matters.

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