Being Bliss 5 - Deal with Physical and Emotional Pain - BK Shivani (Hindi)
Choices are ours; happy or sad
We cannot control music; we can control ourselves to dance
Awareness brings responsibilty
Uncertainties increased; weather, day, traffic, office, colleagues, news, job (used to 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and retirement at the age of 60), health, marriages, combined family system, kids control; parenting (many mediums), depression, stress
Now demands are different so act accordingly.
Inside; uncertainties; we can control it 
25% have depression; will affect others; contagious; psychologically
Happiness is contagious too.
Obviously, naturally; is very normal; very important
Transition from choice to automatic
Outside chaos more
Inside needed more control
Anger; don’t keep it inside; throw it out; spit, do an exercise on boxing bag, hit photo who you hate
If we exercise on outside human; we face reaction; the situation deteriorates
Just keep it inside; don’t express; 1st step for the 1st time
Negative energy under control; stopped at level 4
Negative doing; I controlled; Words controlled; Physical violence
Car accident case; you take pistol; fired on other in a second
This family came out for picnic, now they committed a murder
News from paper; a mom was teaching a kid; the kid having difficulty to spell forty; she attacked and injured her son with knife; she was cutting some vegetable; it happens in micro seconds. 
The Temporary Insanity (Madness) Called ANGER. Heart, mind (thoughts), hands
Couple conflicted on Remote and husband killed his wife. Not intentionally; being, doing, in a microsecond lost the control.

Family Role; May Increase the Pain or Help to Heal
Thinking about others that they should care about our thoughts and follow us; we have to get rid off this out of our mind. Our mind and heart is like a baby. It needs to titillate, stroke (sehlana), otherwise it will keep on crying forever. My heart, my mind is under only my control. My child will only listen to me. When two kids fight, it's lot easier to control our own baby. But we are acting opposite in case of our ownself. I feel insulted when someone is not paying attention to us. Now I'm demanding to control other's child (mind). Impossible, impossible, impossible. My child (mind) will start crying. Now I have two choices; titillate my own child (mind) or request other to control their child. We are not doing right thing. We are begging others for they don't, they can't. We are literally begging for love, happiness and respect. Some people even steal what we have. 

We have given up to try to our own child, never even tried. Sit back, let's connect to ourself. 

Let's practice to change mood of others. Make others happy. 

Forget about, leave it, it's normal, it happens, let's go for coffee, let's go for lunch, let's go for shopping; excluding negative.

Imagine; we have power; if we talk positive, it will affect others. Let's practice it on ourselves.

We suggest others; forget about / leave. We say to ourselves; I will never forget / leave. We say to others, let's go for lunch. We don't eat. 

We love others, help them to amend their mood; and we torture ourselves. 
No one else torture us except our ownself. 
How easy it is to help our ownself; only four line; leave it, forget about, it's quite normal, let's go for tea. This is meditation. Sweet talk to our ownself and to the Creator Almighty. 
This will strengthen us. We have all power to make happy our own child (mind). We are not dependent on others. Perfect thinking is the solution.
People are not there for taking care of us. Eliminate the expectation. 
Everybody like these flowers but I don't like. Why, how? Like and dislike are different for different people. All have reasons behind. All are right in their situation. This is always, all day. People have their own circumstances. Choices, rights, wrongs, likes, dislikes, natural, normal, ordinary, extraordinary; are different for different people. All people are same, exactly right in their own way with different ideology. No question of right and wrong. 
The thought I will create, will generate same vibration. Which type of vibration we create for people around us. We don't accept them separate, we approve them wrong. This is root cause of conflict. Imagination has immense power and it uses whatsoever is fed to it. It will generate the whole book, whole library. We have to communicate / request continuously to the people when it is needed. Keep on suggesting, keep on inspiring others with positive vibration. But not at the cost of our own peace. When we reject choice of others; tagging question mark on others' choices; it will generate negative vibration. This vibration cycle recycles and recycles. What if we are living in the same house, office. This is vibration of disrespect, disrespect, disrespect. And on the other side we are saying; respect is the foundation of relationship. Rejection, rejection, rejection; acceptance is the foundation of relationship. We are not saying wrong to each other. This is matter of choice. Two totally different approaches. Difference of opinion with no disrespect. With foundation of respect; difference of opinion will not affect the relationships. We are declaring everyone wrong. The root of conflict. There is thin line in between. We are not aware the reason behind. Past event memory. I forget that scenario but event attachment is there. That's why I dislike flowers. Apparently we have 60 years age average. But we have a long long history behind, thousands years. What we have recorded in our memory. What is happening all around is going to record in our mind. All human are in the same type of process of observation and recording. It's unimaginable. We don't have right to reject anyone. 100 kids were targeted in army school in Pakistan. What they left at that last moment; it was full of hatred, no trust on people, resentment. The attackers entered the school and then there were cries, blood and fear.
The kids who were on the seen; will have those memories forever. They will feeling of fear with them for their whole life. They will be different from other kids. They will be afraid to mix with new people. They will need extra care. They will not sleep alone ..... Those kids are not wrong in their way. No body knows the reason behind. Rather those kids themselves don't know, why they are acting like that. Those moments are gone to the subconscious mind. He will forget the past. But experience is in the record. If someone at once enter his room, he will be afraid. We all experience this type of behaviour.
We don't know, why we are acting like that. Something is attached from the past. Without and with understanding the kids' school event background the parents' dealing will be different. They kids are already in fear and pain. At the top if they get taunt. This is not right. This is not prayer. It is opposite to prayers.
We are causing increase the pain, lowering the trust and confidence with this type of behaviour.
We have capacity to increase the pain or heal the pain. We have two choices; rejection, compare, ridicule; we increased their calamity. If we accepted, understood; helped to forget / adapted heal process; then we increased energy. 
This power we all have. I'm responsible for myself. Now imagine those who trouble us. We think and question others; why, how?
Others have long past history recorded in their mind. Just we tell and speak and that recording will change; IMPOSSIBLE. First we have to accept. As we rejected their recording, we increased their sufferings. 
Recording may be of any type; lie; stealing; ..... That recording is there; is there. 
Our focus should be; how to heal that. We focus to criticise their recording; wasting our energy and their energy. 
Observe all around; how people are living with what! This all comprises the environment. This is all recycling, we can see others but we don't meditate on ourselves.
Now kids are short tempered, not adjusting, not respectful etc.... We are seeding all around whatsoever we are. Kids are only costumes / dresses. They have a lot observations from all around. Our kids are actually elder than us. Grandfather came to our home as kid. Soul to soul connection. Pure divine soul. We taunt. We beat. We yell. 
Let's look at the soul. They have their own decision. Their own experience. Their own recording. This is acceptance. This will generate positive, pure vibration will empower them to execute their own thoughts. And this acceptance will to preserve our power. 
Rejection depletes our power. Accept. accept, accept; everyone. No WHY, HOW. First we accept them, then we help them to understand our suggestion. Family, environment, friends play major role. They may increase the catastrophe or help to heal. May put the bandage on cut or hit it to increase the pain.

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