Self Assessment
Self fight, self awakening, self lost and self found. 
1) Conflicts are all over; different people have different point of view. Stories have messages. We have to extract those messages. Self recognition is start. Holy message is all Truth. We people are trying to find Almighty according to our own perception.

2) Vehicle and driver; mind is driver, body is vehicle; Dream, body is sleeping, mind is driving. Status / position changed; servant became owner and owner became servant. 

3) Two extreme possibilities; apparently looking very materialistic person may be very spiritual and looking very spiritual may be very materialistic. Mostly dependent on thinking. There is no divided line between spirituality and materialism. We are entrapped in our misconceptions (imaginary world). Is it show off or real - our life style? Flower blossoms out of filth, soil, mud. Settling in the filth, soil, mud or elevating a little bit higher out of it like flower; which one is spirituality?

4) Focus / concentration is your choice; meditation is not in your control. Some people name concentration as meditation. Detaching is a practice. Same is in realistic and spiritual world. When human finds some thing big, small automatically moves away. Bike, car, aeroplane .... Spirituality is understanding of the truth (this is consciousness, knowledge, understanding). When it increases small stuff go away by itself.

5) Self spirit of inquiry is best work. Who I'm? Where I'm? Where am I going? Test of goodness; your inner and people around you are happy. 

The activities which are helping to control ourselves (our mind). Learning of swimming out of water will be tested in water. In the beginning you have to put efforts to control on yourself but by the time you will be able to make it habit and beyond. Mind control is the last one and very powerful to control. Now you are able to control letting something in or not. You have to win and control yourself otherwise everything is imagination. 

6) Experience of meditation in a remote area. Focusing on one voice depicted that it was a combination of many voices. Watching a video for 1 second displays 25 still photos. It will become clear when you play in slow motion. This is all mind perception. Same is everywhere. 

[Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch
Fold in / fold out
Elemental / Emotional Association
Organs are sensary apparatus
Body parts are involved in outgoing senses and other body parts are involved in incoming senses
They all have elemental association, they all have emotional associations
As a human being we can manipulate those body parts to work on the emotions, to work on our mind
Hands are associated with touch and also associated with manipulation which is outgoing sense of the air element
Wrist and hand issues having ineffective grasping; 
Powerless to grasp or to touch
Incoming sense related to the mind is sense of imagination
Our 11 Senses

Here self inquiry plays a role. Not only experience but also understand and comprehend. When you focus 1) it expands 2) once you focus, it was there, when you change the focus, no voice was there. You are being when I'm looking at you. Once I changed my focus and I'm not looking at you, you aren't there. Same is here with me. Once you are looking at me, I'm there; once you stopped watching, I'm not here. 

Now Physics; Quantum theory; speaking is observer effect. When one is looking is matter otherwise there are waves. When we look at, then things materialised. Are you there or it's just my imagination. Meditation; beginner or advanced level. Close your eyes. All people dream. Dream look true. Dreams are structured from wishes / desires. A girl can dream as healthy youth athlete boy. Sailing on boat and saw a golden fish. That fish is not other than this girl. That fish is also her imagination. Wish to be a fish, so that she can go into depths of ocean. Desire is root cause of existence. There is no time / space limit in dream. Now to become boy forgotten, now it's fish, not boy anymore, within seconds. Now she looked another fish with two small fishes. Now she desired to have two as that. Now she started swimming with family (two small ones too). Now her whole world is confined in those two small ones. All of a sudden, a hunter came and hooked one small fish. Now she is angry at large. Planning for revenge. These are layers of dreams and each layer is a complete new universe. Girl to boy to boat to fish to fish family. Now a revenge bearing completely burning entity. Now this revenge desire turned this fish into boy / athlete. Now this young man hits and kills that hunter. This athlete and hunter was same guy and it was the same girl. These all universes created are inside desires / imagination. 

The next chain is within her. Where she is? Where is past chain? Over there is no time and space. This is an important question. 

7) God; all beliefs about God are fact. All names are fact. People left the fact and put their desires in front. God is saying; leave the desires. They are suggesting in the name of prayers; fulfil our desires. I can feel soundless sound; in dream, in day; all the time. It's hard to accept, if accepts then self existence will be none. You have to drive your mind to a stage when mind accepts the fact. It's not easy, it's hard / impossible. Mind will surrender, desires will surrender, self will surrender. And then you will be the only there.

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