Importance of Education
One day a lady came to Fatima (a.s.) said 'I have a weak old mother who does not know a few problems about her service (prayers). She has sent me towards you to question you (about them). Thus Fatima (a.s.) answered her (questions). And the number of her queries reached to ten and Fatima (a.s.) replied to all her questions. Then she (the woman got a shamed because of the high number of her questions. And said, 'Oh daughter of the Prophet (pbuh&hf), 'I do not put you to more inconvenience than this.' Fatima (a.s.) said, 'Ask me what you do not know. Have you ever seen a person who is one day hired to carry a heavy thing to the roof top from ground for an amount (equal to) a thousand dinnars (nearly a hundred thousand misqal (unit of weight - of gold) and he may feel himself tired.'

She said 'No'. Fatima (a.s.) said, 'I have been hired by Allah to get a wages which if the space between the earth and sky is filled up with pearls still (That wages) would he more than it for each of the questions I may answer you. Therefore, I deserve it that I must not feel tired exhausted.

Only Good People are Greatest Assets; the Rest are All Liabilities
44:00   Good leaders look to create more leaders, bad leaders look to create followers. The main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people who follow them while managers have people who work for them. A successful business owner needs to be both; a strong leader and manager to get team on board; to follow them and towards the vision of success.  
Winners see the gain; losers see the pain. 
One of the greatest fear in this world is the fear of Public Speaking. In fact, there was a survey done, which said fear of Public Speaking is considered to be greater than the fear of death also. 
Somehow, if we are not able to do a good job in front of the audience, we feel humiliated. 
Discipline actually gives you freedom. In fact, we need to find, what is discipline. 
Attitude; has potential to change a lot. 
Winners don't do different things, they do things differently. 
People are our greatest assets? Q? 54:00
Only good People are greatest assets; the rest are all liabilities 
Goodness needs to be cultivated, evil happens
To have a good garden, we must consciously plant good seeds of good flowers and good fruits; but weeds keep coming automatically
Nature of the beast: (certain aspects or traits of a person or thing that reveal themselves, either occasionally or on a regular basis).
Corporate world training is repair work; that means that we have not prepared otherwise no need of repair
We can prepare in schools and colleges well then there will be no need to repair youth later
Having professional qualification does not necessarily make a professional - distance learning award degree on the basis of assignment, not on the basis of assessment. What means a lot more than that?
A study at NESCom proved that 90% of the graduates are not employable; if you think a little more; the balance 10% have a question mark.
Research shows that 90% of the syllabus taught in schools and colleges is not needed in real life and 90% of what is needed in real life is not been taught in schools and colleges; teachers, faculty, trustees.
We cannot blame the system; the reality is that people are not ready to take the responsibility.
Who makes the system; we people; wherever you see things are running smoothly; leadership is good
Wherever you see the mess; the leadership is messed up; it always starts from the top.
Sometimes people say; leader is good but his advisers are bad; who chooses the advisers; always the leaders
Leadership changes; the entire advisory team changes
We don't get advisors in life the kind of people we want; we always get advisors the kind of people we are
A/An crooked/honest entrepreneur will have always attorneys, accountant as advisor (same nature) = comfort level is there; We don't get advisors/ friends in life the kind of people we want; we always get friends the kind of people we are
Sometimes exceptionally mistakes happen; then it won't last and if it lasts; it means; values match
Most of the time in this world; we don’t have business problem; people are problem
I can't do it; either I don't know how to do it (technical training is solution) or I don't want to do it (either I don't care to do it - an attitude issue or I feel strongly enough not to do it - that is a values issue)
Mostly in the world we have attitude issues and values issues.
You can see in the world; under same set of circumstances; some people break the records while others break themselves; Identical circumstances; there is something to do with attitude. 1:05
Harvard University Research; 85% of the time a person gets a job or a promotion is because of the attitude; 15% how smart they are what facts and figures they know and what degrees they have.
Almost 100% of education dollars go to teach facts and figures which accounts only for 15% of success.
The amount of information we get today in one day; we never got this much information in one hundred years.
This is the speed of change. Globally 50% businesses fail within the first 5 years.
In US 90% businesses fail within the first 5 years.
Only 180 days for electronics products to get obsolete; Knowledge is getting obsolete within 2-3 years.
In engineering by 4th year graduates the knowledge has got obsolete what they learned in first year.
Medicine; students while they studying in 4th or 5th year, it got obsolete what they learned in first year.
Heraclitus says; The only constant is if change either we are in deep trouble or possibly those who are prepared; it is a tremendous opportunity
Is there anything other than change which is constant; there are 3 things constant besides change
Master 3 skills which are constant to be successful; people skills, persuasion skills, prioritizing skills
We are hired for our skills but we are fired for our behavior.
Lower a person in the life 90% of the time; goes 90% in technical skills and less than 10% in people skills and higher you go up, reverse this.
Technology and technicians; you can always buy with money. But the wealthiest person in the world must build and create relationships. You can buy a dog but you cannot wag the tail.
Young generation is very tech savvy; positive side; flip side; they have become very uncomfortable with people.
Socialization has been redefined; 3-4 friends; they say; let’s go to the dinner to the restaurant; they go to the restaurant; all the time they are texting; after 1 hour they say; it was nice dinner; joke, disgraceful. No one is in present moment, the most worthy moment.
Gallup did a survey and they found; 63% of people who go to the work are disengaged; that means they don’t do their job; additional 24% are actively disengaged; they make sure that others don’t do the job. This only leaves 13 % of people who go to work actually do work. 
People on work put 2-3-4 hours on social media, on personal emails.
Is that what we are getting paid for?
Is it not an integrity issue? 4 hours; wages without work amounts to stealing. Are we entitled to the money – what we are getting? Not earning – we are getting.
Multinational Training; Sometimes we don’t need sales training; we need training in basic courtesy, etiquette, manners, integrity.
Running late on appointment and no courtesy to call that I am running late. Walking in late and no courtesy to apologise to keep you waiting. In case if they call they say I am stuck in traffic. We leave the home or start late and blame the traffic.
Only the first lie is difficult; 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th become easier and very soon you are dealing with a credit liar who deserves rascal. You will find, People who lie also steal. If this is your starting point, how long this relationship will last.
What are values; if you motivate an idiot, what you have? You have a motivated idiot which is worse than a demotivated idiot.
Business School Training; Difference between selling and marketing; repeatingly B2B B2C B2B B2C B2B B2C. Fact is that all businesses are P2P; people are buying things from people who are lying. People buy what they want to buy, not they need to buy. We need creators or we want creators. 1:25
In 2000, Singapore; taxi driver; $10 instead of $11. Difference between legality and ethics. Many lawyers and judges can learn from him. Tourism is big in Singapore; 2-3 days; taxi driving is their 1st experience; if pleasant the rest would be pleasant. An ambassador without diplomatic passport. That taxi driver was hired by that tourist for his multinational branch manager from last 16 years. After PhD and MBA we don’t understand this simple rule.
Persuasion skills; ability to influence/convince/ negotiate /sell. Job interview, business, marriage, politicians, speakers; 5000 years history
In life; results are rewarded, efforts are not; We judge ourselves by our intentions, world judges us by our actions.
Personality development opens the doors in life but without character doors close in the same speed.
Ability will promote and character will keep. 1:35
Prioritizing skills; priorities are based on values; universal (cut across country, religion, culture) and eternal (they were here before we came, they will be here after we have gone); No human is perfect but there is difference between 24-22 and 8 carat. We lose our priorities; we have unique time saving devices in history; yet we don’t have time. Somewhere we lost our priorities. Then we forget the distinction what is urgent /important in life. Urgent may or may not be important and vice versa.
Whenever we ignore what is important it converts into urgent; health is important, it needs regular exercise.
In life, relationships are important but they are not urgent. Then we need lawyers.
We lose our priorities; and we complain, we don’t have time. We messed up with urgent and important. How Time flies; is time aero plane? Who is the pilot? By losing priorities; we become passenger in place of pilot.
Suppose we are passenger and someone else is pilot; and they announce; we have good news and we have bad news. good news is that weather conditions are very favorable and we can reach the destination 1 hour ahead of time and bad news is that navigation system has broken and we don’t know where we are going, then pilot says; don’t worry, I have parachute for you, take it and jump down. By parachute we land in the middle of a jungle, 9:00 pm at night; pitch–dark.
Law of jungle; at 10:00 o clock, animals of jungle will come out and eat you up. The only way to come out of jungle is to run south, how do you know where is south? At this point of time miraculously; a salesman appears to you and says; sir, I can sell you a watch, it can tell you, how much time you have left before you get eaten up. Will you think to buy it?
All of a sudden, he says and shows a compass; it’s no brainer, you will buy the compass.
Let the compass be the guide, not the clock; life lesson.
When we lose our priorities; we forget to distinguish between making money vs earning money.
There is big difference between making money vs earning money.
Today most people want to make money, very few people want to earn money. 1:46
Skill development and competence: Skill (ability) and competence (ability along with willingness and desire to do the job).
Many skillful people are totally incompetent.
Preparation for job and for life is different.
Corporate should be interviewed and rejected; not students.
If students are failing; it means institutions/teachers are failing.
IT has improved the speed of communication tremendously; but if the people don’t know; how to communicate and what to communicate; only miscommunication will pass.
Cost of miscommunication is horrendous. 1:49
Sadly, most people are not able to communicate; not due to because they have lack of knowledge; they lack confidence.
We get into issues of self esteem!
The way we see/think ourselves – self image. Self respect / feeling proud / self worth /self evaluation is a component. Self ego is reverse of it. Self realization is needed to go for self esteem. How knowledgeable you are? --- Self motivation / confidence / being disciplined is a consequence. Self belief / awareness / having focused / consciousness leads to ….. . you look at yourself.
When we don’t feel good, world looks rotten, productivity goes down, annoyed of everybody. That is the magic of self esteem.
Self esteem is inversely related to egos. a)There are two kinds of egos; pulling down other human beings; all decisions they make is more to satisfy ego as compared to make sense. There are some people in this world who feel good when other person feels bad. They don’t want to lift themselves up but they want pull others down.
b) No team spirit, everything they take personally.
Interpersonal issues; How much you know; doesn’t matter, how much you care, matters.
We travel 10 miles to see our favorite doctor; is he more qualified – probably not. 1:57
We travel 10 miles to see our favorite mechanic; and leave many on our way, is he more qualified – probably not.
One says; I am dealing with right person; it is called trust.
Love is greatest thing in the world; in actual trust is greatest thing in the world.
We have people in our life; who we love but we cannot trust.
Goal Setting; individual and corporate is different; we address with holistic approach; people take family problems to work and work problems to their family.
You will not find split personality; different at work/home.
Behaviors don’t change; people who are honest at home; are honest at work. People who are dishonest at home; are dishonest at work.
No neutral leadership exists; either it is good or bad. Good leaders actively guide, bad leaders actively misguide. Good leaders create more leaders, bad leaders create followers. They feel insecure / threatened. They think, if others will learn; what will happen to my position.
Values and Vision; Vision is ability to see the invisible. Life is simple. 6th grade level stuff.
Values; our credibility determines our profitability in life.
Credibility and profitability goes side by side.
90 year old company doing $9 billion went out of business in less than 9 weeks; Arthur Hanson
Countries / civilizations are same; come up and destroyed; only on issues of integrity 2:05

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