Whomsoever learns two Hadiths to benefit himself or to teach others so that they may take benefit, then this is better than sixty years of worship.

Frustration, Causes and Solution

Student, relationship; mostly we people trap in mechanical thinking, with narrow minded approach; polluted with pre-condition suppositions. Do goal setting; but if that goal is not achieved, keep on moving; that is called open mind. E.g, Striking a nail into wall and it's not driving in; working around why it's not going in, is creative thinking. 
Four year studied; engineering course. No job found. Experienced needs of boarders. What problems I faced. Once you sorted out what is problem. Now thoughts and ideas started coming into mind while thinking the solution of problem. Experiencing and study is two different things. Start from range you can deal with; time, needs and margin. 
Doing, moving, learning, growing; 1 hostel to other and then whole campus. It's easy but people don't think in right way. The problem I am facing; I will come up with solution. I will not wait for any one else. Building team then reaching out funding agencies presenting them your business model. Finding no job proved into blessing. Now he is enjoying life and growing business. Other is dry in job, unhappy. Who is successful! 
Successful people find solution of any problem with clear thinking. Unsuccessful people are afraid from problems. They are praying for not facing any problems. Creativity and fear have no coincidence. 

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How Enemies Become Friends
Everyone has own point of view to look at things; all are correct. Once you comprehend it; now you are relaxed. Now you are not taking too serious. Root cause of the problem is that what is most important in life; is not clearly defined. Now we are stuck in non issues. We need to define clearly; why I'm alive. As far my concern; it's peace of mind. In case of conflict; mind your peace. Let others do according to their point of view. Once you are in a boat in an ocean and there is a storm. Now you feel yourself in danger. Polar star or GPS is a helpful thing. You can get direction otherwise you are not able to get out. Everyone is dissatisfied; rich, poor. Are you living for dissatisfaction. 
We, human, are happy when we are sleeping. We love our sleep. if we can't sleep for few days, we become unhappy. No one is there to stop and think; why we all are running a donkey race. Big dream house but if no sleep there with peace; what does it mean. We lost our peace and got stress. Showing power, winning arguments; gives temporary satisfaction. Winning the hearts is the real win. 
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

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