Role of Outstanding Personalities 
An excerpt from Imam Khamenei’s speech “No room for indifference in an economic war” 
People who excel at what they do are a source of joy, glory and hope, offering us delightful realities. Imam Ali AS said “Knowledge is power”. On reflection we realize that nothing is as valuable as the human resources of a country. Outstanding personalities play an important role in the planning and scientific progress of a country. They are a treasure and a great source of wealth, and the management or government of the country must do everything it can to motivate and facilitate them because like any treasure, foreign governments seize on opportunities to plunder poor nations of their brightest talents. 
With the right direction and cultivation we improve, even break the borders of knowledge at the level of humanity - beyond just the group or country level. For example electricity existed since the creation of the universe, but was discovered only a few hundred years ago illustrating the role of creative people in advancing humanity. 
There are many other energy sources in nature with the potential to equally influence human life, progress, and prosperity. In the past 200 hundred years, some nations have explored and attained more scientific progress than others. Some rulers and other influential people adopted ways that made our people dependent on other nations. Mutual facilitation and interaction between outstanding personalities helps their growth. They should employ their faculties, their talents, and their capacities in the service of humanity. Leaders should render services to them by eliminating obstacles for them. 
Outstanding personalities should be dynamic, and they should improve themselves. It is not enough to be an outstanding personality. Dynamic, progressive and active personalities are a great source of wealth for humanity. 
Human resources are a treasure and a source of great wealth for nations. The hegemonic apparatus and the system of domination by wealthy nations has snatched this source of wealth away from poor nations. 
The system of arrogance by dominant nations aims to monopolize scientific and technological innovation so they control assets generating wealth and power. They do this through physical measures, cultural and scientific means, by distracting and even assassinating outstandingly talented personalities. Not just in Iran but in Iraq as well. They have patented grain and cotton seeds which are a gift from God increasing the cost of food and clothing for all poor countries. They have assassinated our nuclear scientists as brazen examples of hegemonic tactics. 
Their System of Domination calls for the division of the world into the oppressor and the oppressed. The tools of domination include politics, media, weapons, money, and brazen assassination. I do not wish to scare you. But we must be aware. Our tools to restrain this domination are our religion, our morality, and our dignity. To prevent deception by the enemy of humanity; we must strengthen our national identity and idealism. 
Our exceptional people need to be proud of continuing our honourable and valuable traditions and history in sciences and philosophy. Their skill and their genius also place an obligation on them. Outstanding personalities, shoulder a heavy responsibility to return Iran to the days when we led the world in science and philosophy. This responsibility is a source of pride, honor, and dignity in this world and in the hereafter. Wiping out our ideas and our identities is a point of attack, and one of the goals of our enemy. 
Outstanding skills in a field manifests itself through specialization. For a Muslim, specialization does not mean divorcing oneself from the affairs of the world. We have an obligation to justice, independence and social progress. Our government must help to develop all the skills necessary to sustain our great country. Management of human societies is an important obligation in advancing social justice.We must have lofty values and lofty goals. 
Our enemy has imposed an economic, political and security war on us. We cannot be indifferent in this war. In a similar circumstance Imam Ali, AS acknowledged a pledge to Allah that the learned should not acquiesce to the gluttony of the oppressor and ignore the hunger of the oppressed, and he therefore accepted the Caliphate. Our learned people bear this same obligation to protect us from the oppressor. 
We must also master the media resources through which the enemy deceives public opinion and creates a false image of Iran. An image that, living here in this country we know to be false. Certainly their economic sanctions have made life difficult for all, and we are all aware of that. 
Our universities have done excellent work in providing guidance and support to industry and government in many diverse areas including, defense, agriculture and finance. We must increase the coordination between universities, industry and the government. We must focus on the country’s needs. You must play your part as outstanding personalities. Carrying out scientific endeavors under the flag of justice, breaking these monopolies, fighting against oppression, and attending to the various issues of those who live around outstanding personalities. 
There must be constant innovation and novelty. We need a significant increase in knowledge-based companies. We must increase our cooperation with universities in the East and avoid being used by organization in the West. We must try to benefit from our young talented and outstanding personalities. Today they are young saplings with Allah’s favour they will grow into fruitful trees and their achievements will be valuable to their country.

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