Apne Andar Ke Dar Ko Jeeto
Conquer Your Fear
Do some stupidities deliberately and on purpose to get familiarity with real scenarios. It will help you to learn, how to deal with the situation. Create some situations which you are afraid from. Learn swimming in safe environment. 
People enjoy to tease those who are afraid of teasing. Those who have no fear, there is no enjoyment to tease them.
Put in trial your weaknesses, seriousness is not good all the time.
In such case, if someone actually noticed our weakness, we will just have no anxiety and we were already prepared.
Accept that you are stupid too, not merely but.
If you fear from some action, work on it, be experienced then try to stretch more. Conquer your fear slowly.
Courage and stupidity have very fine borders.
Fears are of two types; physical and psychological.
People will laugh, they consider me stupid; psychological fear.
Finance is life line - the fear to lose money is logical, physical fear.
Earning money is a long process, wasting money is not wisdom. But again here come paralysis of analysis.
Excess of fear of risk will make you to do nothing - is not good fear.
Here comes calculated risk and mitigate the factors of fear to the possible extent.
We are not safe anywhere; risk is everywhere. We just assume that we are safe while not taking risk.
Tracking has big risk of falling down and die but sitting at home has bigger risk. It's like a prison, repetitive mode - robotic life.
Growing and change is life.
Don't expect unrealistically from others. Try maximum possibilities.
Speaking out is a step, it needs big courage. 
Relationship and possession are two main sources of fear.
Love makes us brave, fear squeeze us.
It needs a lot of courage to make a change decision.
Possessions fear; try to live without them, for short/long intervals; so called, lifestyle.
Mindset and lifestyle are two different things.
Making other people jealous make you feel happy. Driving new, big car is an example.
Sometimes try to live without resources.
Analyse yourself for possessions and relationships.
Addiction of a friend circle (picky friend's friendship is of no use). When you feel fear with friend's circle, that's not friendship. Don't live with these friends in fear. Live where there is foundation of love.
Ego; I am right, others are wrong; comparison, jealousy, myth, lie, no reality.
Who am I? Study your inner.
Trees are providing us oxygen - we cannot live without trees.
You will be so absorbed in energy of the universe that you will not feel anything outside. Everything is inside. This is cure of ego.

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