Are you feeling lost, tired and hopeless?
Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone
Smart phone – to everyone – Steve Jobs – $119 Billion in 5 years – sitting cash in bank
Contractions – tightening
Don’t watch news, make news
Champions dominate
Don’t be a little bitch (blamer)
Not watch news, make news
6 days – God created universe
Not necessarily follow your parents, friends, slow pacers
Don’t be imprisoned in your thinking
Don’t hang around the people who suggest you to take rest
Tired – burn out – you lose your purpose
Real Estate, every 6 months write a book
Selling tone
Obscurity - Darkness
I write the books to be within minds of the people – my presence, not for income
Average American reads 1 book a year – top CEOs read 5 books a month
Change your ask
Change what you reading every day
Change the influence what you getting
10 times activity – phone calls,
If you are not sure of your value, of your goals, of what you want The world will never reward you with your value, goals or what you want.
Don’t put fence around pool, teach them how to swim
Be a player, not a spectator
Belief defined: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.
Write goals in Morning/Evening (25 years)
Success Formula = attention, criticism, haters, admiration
What does greatness have in common? 1) Immersion 2) Dedication 3) Total Commitment 4) Duty Driven
Warren Edward Buffett – reading most of his time.
1 Immerse yourself with books, audio and video daily
2 Test out your abilities with assignments / test / drills

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