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What is Networking?

Networking is a matter of creating useful linkages – these linkages have benefits in progress of your job, joy, business and all walks of life.

Does our society has this level of systematic linkage or we are lacking?

If we are lacking – then what are reasons behind this weak linkage and as a result we are unable to have access to tremendous benefits of strong linkage?

Networking in Society, Organisations, and Education


Network society 

TV Channel Broadcasting – Why New Channel 

Forgiving Your Parents 

Community Challenges 

Build Bridges Not Fences

This is a good technique discussed in this parable. Do you think we have more than enough arrangement for our society? If not how this technique may be introduced?Pain is Manageable

It is test and responsibility of community to come forward and prudently look into the sufferings of neighbourhood. When this practice is not there, then it is duty of intellectuals to highlights causes why this practice is not there - the reasons and remedies?

Building Affordable Homes

From 2005, he is building and distributing homes (his cost $75k, actual cost $250k) to wounded veterans.

If this margin is possible there, why it is not possible on the other place?

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